Meaning of Africa – Wally

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Cutting through the nonsense…

–Because the Greeks wrote “Hekipto” – the Egyptian name for Memphis – as “Aegyptos”- all of a sudden “Egypt” becomes a “Greek” originated word!

–then there’s the gymnastics involved in giving a Greek origin to an African region “Ethosh” by inventing a word that supposedly meant “Land of the Burnt Faces”; I could never find this expression in either ancient or modern Greek. The earlier Western scholars- early 1900s – had always maintained that the etymology of Ethiopia was from the Egyptian “Ethosh”

–Now, we come to our present topic where again, a Greek or a Roman origin for the name for the African continent is always put forth…Usually, it’s something like “the Afer people(s), there were many of these groups throughout northern Africa…” or having something to do with “dust”. Never mind that there is never the culmination of the demonstration as to where did the other part of the name “ka” originate; it’s certainly neither Greek nor Latin; (People + “ka”), (Dust + “ka”)…it’s all nonsense, of course.

There is no linguistic gymnastics nor any contrived methods needed here in order to demonstrate that the Ancient Egyptian expression “Afrikah” is the etymology of the name of the Continent – Africa/Afrika…

Afer, Afre, Afri –

The most obvious approach in solving for “Ka” would be the Ancient African concept of “Ka” or genius; or the other obvious one of “kau” for highlands. Although both would seem obvious choices, and neither would be invalid, it is really the more simple “kah” for earth or soil.

kah –

Standard usage for the expression “hot earth” would be “KahAfri” or “KahAfer”, but if you wish to say “heat of the earth” it would be “Afri kah” which is absolutely more plausible than the lame effort to make “Africa” derive from the Greek “(a)phrike” – land without cold!

The etymology of the name “Africa” is from the Ancient Egyptian expression “Afrikah” – the heat of the earth! …absolutely…

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24 thoughts on “Meaning of Africa – Wally”

  1. The Romans referred to the Northern wastes of Africa as the land of the Afri…..probably referring to some of the Hebrew or Phoneacian tribes living in that region after migrating from Asia minor. Unfortunately the Congoloid masses in central africa were as yet undiscovered, so perhaps the african continent would have had a different name had the Romans or Greeks traveled further south.

    1. Khalsha

      I suppose the “Congoloids” and the entire world were still waiting to be discovered by your boyfriends/lovers from Europe….at the very time your slave grandfather was moved from Pakistan to slave in “Congoloid” south Africa?


      1. Jahdey……once again u show your bigotry and ignorance.

        South Africa has an indigenous `Capoid` population that were first reported after the Indo-Europeans discovered the Cape. South Africa has absolutely no historical connection to the congoloid belt (read jungles of central africa) where the Bantu hordes that recently migrated into RSA first originated.
        Congoloids are historically a minority race in Africa, and are responsible for most of the negative stereotypes associated with Africans worldwide.

        1. Well, for a descendant of a former Pakistani slave in one of the plantations of Cape Town, you do sound foolishly hubristic. Is that the result of some brainwashing or “Stockholm syndrome”?

          Khalashoid, you still need to try harder to penetrate the simple truths of history. The systematic abuses, rape, wars and mindless murders suffered by your Khalshoid tribes at the hands of your very smae European lovers of today That was before Africa sent Ghandi to liberate your black and pagan Paki arse. But I leave you for another day… though…


  2. Check this other meaning of Ka

    In Luganda language

    ka means home
    eeka means at home
    aamaka means marital home or family
    owee ka means home boy or home girl.

    In Zulu / Swazi/ Xhosa

    ekaya means home
    Mkaya means home boy or home girl

    Note the KA

    1. Jahdey is right de name of Africa before de year 1836 was Eden so the name
      Africa to me simply mean Human’s dog we deserve slavery
      Eden was a rich nd fertile land like dis land of ours we need 2 find the truth

      1. Africa is the latin term for that continent. Looking up its meaning. It simply means a large landmass. Ethiopia was the name and they had different kingdoms in the interiors. Not Berbers or any other nomadic tribes They were culture raiders at best, check your history books damn it! Think pre pangea please. #youdonthavetheanswerssway

  3. Jahdey, u need a few history lessons but for now your envy and fear of the Indo-Europeans blinds your appreciation of how they have helped uplift Africa and transform South Africa into the leading country on the continent.
    Furthermore rapes, murder and wars are endemic to all nations and people so its pointless picking on me.
    I would advise Jahdey and other so-called rastas to learn a bit more about the rastafari religion, as many seem to sound like ‘Garveyites’ on a political rally.

    Muwanga, thats a good point about the Ka……..However, I think Africa has deeper latin and Greek origins……as ‘aprica’ means sunny, while ‘afri’ is associated with an Indo-European tribe (Afridi) that may have mixed with Arabs and North Africans to form the Berbers. Also, ‘afar’ is the Phonecian word for dust….which sums up North Africa……which was the first part of Africa that was discovered in atiquity.

  4. Khalsa,
    Your concept of uplifting
    is highly subjective.Has this planet
    really been blessed by the expansion
    of “Indo-European” civilization?

    1. Artificial chemical foods which destroy are health

    2. Filling up the earth with garbage to the point that
    they have to pay other countries to use their land fills.
    Not to mention litering the heavens with “Space Junk”

    3. Polluting the waters with contaminated Aids infected

    4. Distributing their corrupted side-effect infected
    medicines which often kill more than cure.

    5. The destruction of every family based
    culture and structure.

    Indo-European expansion is based on the
    principles of murder,theft,deceit,greed and
    perversion. Time is running out on the
    Indo-European society which is now full of guilt
    as they attempt to convince the world that they
    have repented of their crimes against humanity
    and nature. They now hide behind the faces of
    others such as Kofi Anan, Barak Obama and
    Condolezza Rice because they know that their
    faces are no longer trusted.

    Only the Indo-European civilization could
    invent something as wicked as an abortion
    machine that sucks the fetus out of the womb.
    Plagued with infertility the Indo-European now
    travels the world looking to adopt the children
    from the societies that they destroyed. They
    are obsessed with sex while remaining in
    desperate need of viagra. They have invented
    sex change operations(Gender reassignment)
    and are hoping one day that a man will give
    birth. Uplifting and advancement are highly
    subjective terms. The downfall of European
    civilization is written in the prophetic words of
    the Qaran and both the Old and New Testaments
    concerning the ultimate destruction of Gog and
    MaGog. The English acknowledge their descent
    from Gog. MaGog means the ones who came from
    Gog. This refers to the United States which came out
    of England. Along with Gog and MaGog is Rosh Mescech
    (Russia,Moscow) and Ashkenaz(European Jews).

    United States
    This is the Satanic culture
    that emerged from World War II
    including the false Israel(Zionist State)
    which came into being as the result
    1.Zionist Movement(European Jews)-Ashkenaz
    2. Belfour declaration(England)-Gog
    3.The first country to recognize
    the Jewish State(Russia)- Rosh Meshech
    4. Protected and funded by(United States)-MaGog

    1. Ishaq,

      While the Indo-European cultures are largely responsible for many of todays environmental and political problems they can also be credited with many of the advances we have today. The ancient Greeks and Romans developed for the first civilizations and set the foundations for modern governance for instance.

      Social problems are endemic to all people not just Indo-Europeans.
      The Arab people for instance still marginalise woman and sponsor terrorism, Mongoloid Chinese are hijacking the world economy and playing their part in destroying the environment. Congoloid people in USA, Carribean and Africa are mired in crimes such as rape, murder and hijackings.

      But, Africa was discovered and developed by the Indo-European. Africa remains the most diverse and beautiful continent in the world and much of this has to do with Indo-European culture.

      1. …I’m going to be very respectful, and I’m going to be very brief with you Khalsa. While, yes, none of these problems are endemic to any one ethnic group on the planet, your claim that the ancient Greeks and Romans developed the first civilizations is Eurocentric bias born out of an inability to see the truth that is accepted: what we now call “civilization” all points to its beginnings in Mesopotamia as well as East Africa, stretching from present-day Egypt through present-day Sudan, a.k.a. Ancient Kemet and Ancient Kush (Nubia)…

        All of which predate Greece, and most definitely beat Rome to the punch by a long-shot. Much of classical Grecian culture derives from Kemetic ideas about philosophy, truth, spirituality and magic. This is not to say the Kemites were superior. This is to say that the Greeks became inspired. There’s nothing wrong with cultural exchange and cultural rearrangement to fit the linguistics of one’s own people. But there is something deeply wrong when the credit never goes to its originators, when the boon that is their due is never seen nor heard from in the history books because they don’t fit the molding of what society deems as normal and acceptable whiteness.

        In today’s world, things are changing slowly, but the adage still has its proverbial foot pressing down on our chests: if it ain’t white, it ain’t right.

        Furthermore, just because one’s culture has significant advancements doesn’t make it inherently “better”… this notion of superiority is a poisonous delusion that has humanity running around ripping off its own tail with teeth that are so abysmally brittle from all the vitrol and stupidity that passes between them because we just can’t seem to get along.

        People like you make it sound as though Africa was just a nameless, unplottable lump on the face of the planet until the graces of good ol’ white people descended upon it, therefore “uplifting” it… Indo-European explorers only penetrated North Africa to begin with. Much of what was happening below the Sahara desert (I refuse to say Sub-Saharan because it has inherent negative connotations) was unknown to THEM. They didn’t know the languages, or the people, or what was going on. So, apparently, according to what you’ve stated: “if you can’t speak the tongue, the people must be dumb! If you can’t understand, the place must have no name!”

        Yes, because that totally makes sense…Since you can’t see me, note that I’m rolling my eyes.

        Surely, South Africa is the most successful country in Africa. But, why is that? Is it because of organic and honest development? Fiscal fairness brought on by social harmony? No, it’s because of colonization, deforestation, violence, hysteria, religious fervor and ethnic tension all in the mighty fists of, let’s guess it, white settlers.

        It’s sad that in order to be a “successful” nation, one has to invade, destroy, disrupt, unsettle and systematically dehumanize and demoralize the native people as well as their culture. Things have improved, but a lot has to be done. Those racist feelings don’t die, Khalsa, at all. No that easily. I speak on this as an African-American and as a human being.

        Africa achieved its diversity and beauty without the help of Indo-European culture. But because it wasn’t in the social nature of many African ethnic groups, kingdoms, states and tribes to explore, much of what went on is only known due to European settlers during first contacts as well as postmodern apologism from the now “oh so interested” academicians.

        It’s always been the business of the establishment to speak its prejudiced, racist and sickeningly outdated views of African development behind the face of “academia…”
        The contributions of Kemites and Kushites are, without reproach, clearly evident. Highly-developed irrigation, the beginnings of chemistry, sacred mathematics, codes of ethics which shaped much of classical Greek and Roman philosophy…I could go on and on. And they did it without the assistance of Greeks and Romans. In truth, the Grecians–well, more so the Romans–contributed to the systematic destruction of Ancient Kemet.
        The fact of the matter is that much of our present-day advancements do NOT come just from Indo-European cultures. ALL cultures have contributed to modern advancement, be they small or largely recognizable. For instance, we wouldn’t have Picasso if it weren’t for such ‘savage’ artforms wrought out of West Africa, which showed a didactic usage of abstract expressionism and cubist forms to represent the inner state of man.

        The Art History of Yoruba is romantic. Its bronzes are some of the hardiest materials from which to make sculptures. The ornate attention to detail, the scope and grandeur of the pieces predate naturalistic sculptures coming from Europe by a long-shot. These are just a few examples, and I mean only a few, of the cultural diversity which is Africa that has nothing to do with European involvement.

        Thank you.

        1. Thank you for sharing knowledge, I’ve recently been introduced to the subject and struggling a bit on what books to read or sites to visit, can you enlighten please if possible, I know this might be a long shot seeing as its an old post.

        2. im have recently developed the interest in african philosophy / history. kindly enlighten me about which books (+ its authors) to read & websites to visit. i will appreciate any notes / essays / research & what u deem neccessary for me to learn.

      2. Stand up for the beast!! Whoooooooraaaa its never ok to kill a gang of people,take over their lands and cultures so we can have the irs nato amd iPhones? Wow you’re a real intellect.

  5. I so appreciate other Africans for the way they positively looked at Africa-as the home of knowledgeable people who believed that Africa and Africans developments lie in the hands and minds of Africans ourselves and not some white men and women-but in my country(Liberia), many have been blinded with believe that western world mainly united States can solve all Africans particularly Liberia and Liberians problems. May God bless you.

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