Erotic artworks from ancient Rome – Inter-racial sex from classical times: presented by Oguejiofo Annu

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In numerous erotic images from ancient Rome depicting the sex scenes, if you would observe very carefully, you will notice Muurish so-called Black men having sex and dominating so-called white women.

Inter-racial sex between Muurish men and so-called white women has been an ongoing thing since Year 0, Anno Domini. Its been on for over 2000 years now, look at Southern Italy, Greece, France, Germany and Spain. All those brunnets…

Look again at the scenes above from ancient Rome.

However, rather very curiously, you hardly ever see any scenes depicting sex between so-called white men and black women.


That was in ancient Rome. Before the Muurs fell…

HEPHAISTOS & THETIS – Museum Collection: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, Naples, Italy Catalogue Number: TBA Type: Fresco, Roman

Roman Art . Eroticism in antiquity : Table has flaps with erotic scene between a man and a woman wearing a veil . A young man present at the taking stage . Mural , after 25 AD . From the Villa della Farnesina . Rome , Palazzo Massimo alle Terme Museo Nazionale Romano








Pompeii Brothel


Pompeii Fresco from the Secret Room in the Museo Archaeologico Naples Italy

Naples National Archaeological Museum, Accession number Inv.27686; Object history Provenance: venereum, private building, Pompeii

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6 thoughts on “Erotic artworks from ancient Rome – Inter-racial sex from classical times: presented by Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. I have been to pompeii. Out of all the pictures you just posted I would say 2 look like they involve Africans. You have absolutely no logic implying Romans were black. None.

  2. First of all: Romans were not black, nor were they were really white, they were brownish with some sharing more racially distinctive features than others, such as a sharp nose or black people hair ( I don’t now what else to call it) Anywho, who really cares about this? They’re all dead, and though they contributed a lot to today, their skin color doesn’t matter! We will all be one mixed black race in the future anyways!!!

  3. We will finish interracial sex in the world and we will not let to african have sex with white no longer. God will help us to clean this ugly behavior in the world as soon as God wants.

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