Fire burns Canadian Town “Slave Lake” to the Ground: News Report

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Wild fires jumped out of the woods yesterday afternoon Sunday May 15, 2011, and burnt the entire town of Slave Lake, Alberta to the ground.

It did not spare the police, nor the city, churches or kindergartens. Sunday morning May 15, 2011, Slave Lake was a beautiful town in Alberta, Canada.

Afternoon May 15, 2011, within a span of three hours Slave Lake was a ghost town. A wrecked char of its former self.

More than 7000 have been evacuated. More will follow shortly. 65% of the town is burned to the ground.

Rasta Livewire reporting from Canada…

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One thought on “Fire burns Canadian Town “Slave Lake” to the Ground: News Report”

  1. Some error corrections. The Police station and hospital only sustained minor damage. The south east section that was mainly residential is heavily damaged (50% of houses totally destroyed and almost all the others damaged. All schools fine though the high school may have light damage. The Mall in the centre of town is gone and the residential west of it (SW section) is heavily damaged but not as bad as the SE section. Industrial area in NE section seams mostly untouched. The churches in the SE seem to be gone.

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