Etymology of Black and Moor – Oguejiofo Annu

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Moor Westmoreland England Family Crest

Etymology of Black and Moor

The word ‘Black’ can be traced back to its proto Indo-European origins through the word ‘blac’ which meant pale, wan, colourless, or albino.

‘Blac’ was incorporated into Old French as Blanc, Italian and Spanish as Blanco, Bianca, Bianco, Bianchi.

In Old English “blac” person meant fair; someone devoid of colour, similar to the word “blanc” which still means white or fair person.

In Middle English the word was spelt as “blaec” same thing as the modern word “black”, only at that time, around 1051 AD, it still meant a fair skin, or so-called white person. The words “blacca” an Old/Middle English word still resonates with “blanke” the Dutch-Germanic term for white people of today.

Black in Old and Middle English

Thus, we can see that the Old English ‘blæc’ was relative to its ‘blac’ origin as it was predominantly used as an adjective to describe ‘colour pertaining to matter that was colourless’. Other cognates of ‘blac’ include examples like: Bleak, Blake, Bleach, Blanch.

Good examples of the use of “blac” as something that meant blond or fair can be seen in Old English literature such as K. Ælfred’s ‘Bæda’ from c.890 where the following phrase can be found: “hæfde blæc feax” meaning “have blond hair”.

Black’s Semantic Shifts

It was not till the sixteenth century that the semantic broadening of black occured- both figurative connotations as well as literal.

From ‘blac, blake, bleaken, blaccen’ and their literal meaning ‘to bleach out or make white, blond or pale’ came the figurative meaning ‘to stain someones reputation, or defame’ or darken. Literally “blac” by that time came to mean night-like colour, dark. One can say a very dramatic shift indeed. It was also the era, when the Vandals and the Goths were busy writing themselves into history and writing out the European Mauros (melan-chros or melanin people) out of history.

These additional meanings however was purely negative and as their influence broadened, the semantic shift of black began to mean having malignant or deadly purposes and even pertaining to or involving death- ‘black curse’(1583), and from previous centuries ‘The Black Death’.

Blac underwent a final shift as a K was added to the end of the word and it became a new insulting manner to address the Moors (today’s so-called Blacks) a people that had lived for thousands of years in Europe and around, but were now hated and hounded. They were called the Queen’s Black enemies, the blacca moors and finally just the adjective used as a noun, blacks.

It should be noted for the records that word used to describe the colour black in historical and classical Europe was the word Moor (also Melas). First used in Europe by the Greeks, as Mauros. Its cognates are found in every European language even if variant spellings are used. Thus you have Mohr (German), Maure, Mire, (French), Moor (English), Moros (Italian/Spanish), Mor (Old and Middle English). All those variants meant the same thing, the colour today known as black.

The Europeans took away our names, called us niggers, coloureds, blacks, negros, Africans, subsaharans, etc. All those are insulting names. We are none of those. Not Jamaicans, not Nigerians, nor Americans.

We are Moors, from the most ancient time. Umoros, Umorus, Muurs, Mawus, the children of light, the bearers of civilization and compassion, the golden ones, the first people, Ethiopians, Mauritanians and Mauritians.

Check ancient history, you will hear of the Moors, but you will not hear about negros. The pale ones (the blanks) stole our names, and pretended it referenced only some Arab Muslim conquest of Spain.

Nooooo! The Greeks knew the Muurs, the Romans knew the Muuros, the ancient Indians and the Chinese too. Because ancient Egyptians called their land Ta-Meri, or Ta-Muri, the land of the Muurs. They were the sea-men who navigated the globe and brought the light to all.

We are those Muurs. We are their descendants. We are not the blacks. The blancho people, the so-called white people of today, they are the blaccas.

Oguejiofo Annu


The Origin of the Word ‘Black’: How Black Entered the English Language |

Negro Law of South Carolina 1848: SECTION 4 The term Negro is confined to slave Africans (The ancient Berbers) and their descendants. It does not embrace the free inhabitants of Africa, such as the Egyptians, Moors, or the Negro Asiatics, such as Lascars. Negro law

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42 thoughts on “Etymology of Black and Moor – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. shukran to brother oguijiofo annu word is bond this is as powerfully put as it can be ,we give thanks to brother annu

    1. Thank you for this indepth report on our true culture, identity, as well as correcting misrepresentation of our true ethnic identity; I have studied the history of the Moors, since age 13, on the 5th of April of 2018, I turned 67. I’m the author of an independent feature film screenplay about the Moor conquest of Spain in the 8th century(711 A.D. – 713 A.D.), entitled; “Tarik”, aka (The Rock Of Gibraltar), the Moor calvary general who was the commander or supreme general of the Sultan Whalid I, massive army, called the tip of his spear, while tracing the history of the Moor back to Egypy, Abyssinia, and biblical time, up to their conquest of Spain, Portugal and the South of France.
      This is a wonderful article.
      Best Regards,

  2. I second that! Ndugu Annu, asante to you. My head is just reeling and I guess I need some space to absorb the full implications of this. Its so profound.

    The more is revealed about eurocentric fabrications, the more I am comming to the conclusion that what is recieved truth is literally THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE FACTS.

    Then again why would one be surprised?

    The only way to conquer and keep subdued a great people, is to DESTORT THINGS COMPLETELY BEYOND RECOGNITION.

    Thus through time (over 2500 years since Ta-Meri fell) and space (worldwide conquering), many Afrikans reading the above facts will dismiss it as just rabid afro-centric nuance.

    Its not “mainstream” they would bleat in one way or the other. Just like most europeans anyway.

    Such Afrikans (actually Muurs!) would rather a source from europe to school them on things!

    This is lobotomy at its most evil manifestation: A complete memory erasure.

    We have some way to go, but we are getting there. The Universe is with us.

    1. Thanks for the above article, Rasta. That article has uplifted my spirit. Although i still use the world black when referring to africans, i add people at the end because i know when whites say “blacks” they are using it to mean animals, something not human. And when whites say “blacks” it is another way of saying nigger. Thats always been my feelings whenever whites use the world blacks.

      “The only way to conquer and keep subdued a great people, is to DESTORT THINGS
      COMPLETELY BEYOND RECOGNITION” The blueprint for whites conquering the world is in the prince by machiavelli. Something similar to the above quotation is written in The Prince by Machiavelli.

      1. Peace… I wouldn’t even refer to the people as “black people” at all. The word “black” is a descriptive word. It doesn’t denote a person, place, or thing. People groups can’t be a color. We are Moors and need to refer to us as Moors/Muurs. If we are calling ourselves by these slaves codes such as black, negro, African-american, Afro-portegues, Indian, colored, etc.. then we consent to being under the jurisdiction of the oppressor who put these codes in place. This articles talks about the entomology of the word black. We must understand that we are not black and should never refer to each other as such.

      2. Rite on?? The spells they out on our culture has to identified first then cast out reversed We are not B)Lack WE are Earth ? people original

    2. My maternal family are Germans with the surname Mohr. There are to this day some members who have dark good looks. Black hair, brown eyes, and a nice tan when they expose themselves to the sun. So, these articles ring true for me. I don’t resemble these relatives. Because my dad s family are Nordics and I am tall ,blond and blue eyed in appearance. I do ,however hold a deep respect towards African peoples. My kinfolk too.

  3. black is derived and transliterated from the Norse/Icelandic: blekk meaning ink, spcefically (black ink) if blak or blaek was used in old english to describe a person it was because they had complexion similar to ink, not because they were white, blank is derived from the Frankish word for negative space, emptiness void of physical matter, white is derived from the Norse/Sanskrit, hiviti, blanc and black are two different words with different etymological origins stemming from different languages.
    Moor is derived from the Hellenic word Mauros which the Mediterraneans used to identify the black skinned North Africans, similar to the way the Spaniards used Negro as an adjective for Sephardic Jews, Moors and black west Africans (Negro in its original context was not a pejorative term), Moor is an adjective which denotes complexion not ethnicity, there was no race Moors because even to this day North Africans are still known by their tribal names not Muurs as the ancient Egyptians were referred to themselves as Kam-au not Muurs. (Ta Meri) was ancient Meroe, also once the name of Egypt, it is not a Cognate of Moor, you are confounding names and their definitions simply because they sound familiar, as far as not being Jamaican or nigerian if you were born in those countries what then are you supposed to be called, if they are geographical terms denoting country lands birth, Nationality and tribal origins are two different things.
    You refuse to be labled by European names but Identify yourselves as Moors and Ethiopians, Latin and Anglicized words of Greek origins


    1. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography of Sir William Smith states of the ancient Mauretania

      “From the earliest times it was occupied by a people whom the ancients distinguished by the name MAURUSII (?????????, Strab. i. p.5, iii. pp. 131, 137, xvii. pp. 825, 827; Liv. 24.49; Verg. A. 4.206; ??????????, Ptol. 4.1.11) or MAURI, “Blacks,” in the Alexandrian dialect, Paus. i, 33 § 5, 8.43. [2.297] § 3; Sal. Jug. 19; Pomp. Mela, 1.4.3; Liv. 21.22, 28.17; Hor. Carm. 1.22. 2, 2.6. 3, 3.10. 18; Tac. Ann. 2.52, 4.523, 14.28, Hist. 1.78, 2.58, 4.50; Lucan 4.678; Juv. 5.53, 6.337; Flor. 3.1, 4.2); hence the name MAURETANIA (the proper form as it appears in inscriptions, Orelli, Inscr. 485, 3570, 3672; and on coins, Eckhel, vol. vi. p. 48…”

    2. I see what you are trying to express here. We are all Moors because the first woman was the Afrikan Moabite woman. We have all sucked from the same mother’s nipple. We must recognize and realize that tribal names are nothing more than Moorish family names. Just because we come from a different tribe, or have different tribal surnames, doesn’t mean we’re not a part of the same family. We are the mighty Moors that navigated all the seven seas and brought civilization to it’s highest point of being.

      1. Islam, yes you are right we are moors. The problem right now is how ower own people still embrace those European slave names with pride and will run from the truths.

    3. Temu, you’re completely right on the etymology of “black” – the similarity to “blank” is coincidental, the two are not cognate. While I appreciate and support the political drive of the original post, these are wild suppositions and not supported by true scholarship or evidence.

    4. ISLAM….
      Muurs, Mauers, Moors/Moabites are of nations/tribal indentities, NOT referred to ethnicity/race, which do NOT exist, except in sociological engineered concepts. Race and ethnicities are labels given by social engineers dividing the human family by subspecies.
      Moors, Muurs, Mauers NATION/TRIBE Canaanites, Moabites, Hitites, Cushites, Hammites.
      Moor is NOT an adjective (adj)
      Moor is a NOUN/even used as a VERB.


  4. Maurusi is merely an extented form of Mauros, it may have originally been pronounced and transcribed: (Mauros’oi), the Latins abridged it to Mauri. Mauros is still the Hellenic word for (black).
    it was an appellation used by foreigners and not the indigenous people, it was later erroneously idenitified as an ethnic title similar to the usage of Nigritian, Negro, African, Arab and Jew. All terms once used to describe unfamiliar Homogeneous and heterogeneous people, because they shared phenotypes or cultures, some as Temu stated are geographical terms

    1. Can you provide me with citations for your statements? I provided you with citations attesting that the ancients knew the inhabitants of West Africa as Maurisi. The Black Africans are the ancients. Pink-whites are relatively new people.

      I do not have to accept your empty words. Please back it up with some respectable peer reviewed research work. Thanks Temu.

      I am waiting….

  5. To Jahdey

    I do not understand what you mean by empty words, the truth is self evident it needs no creedence, wether you chose to believe or not is insignificant. Find me a North African Tribe who identify themselves as Maurisi.
    These (ancients) whose works you cite visited north Africa in different periods of time, after the earliest outsiders, the Mediterranean or Hellenic Ionion Greeks used the term (Mauros) which was borrowed by later explorers. Similar to the Portuguese and Spanish explorers of West Africa who first used Negro as an adjective for the Inhabitants, a word which became common amongst later English and Dutch Explorers to the region.
    Your parochial view of history has you thinking that Greek is synonymous with White.

    Search the definition of black on Google in Greek translate from English to Greek,
    See: definitions of Moor p.614 Johnson’s English Dictionary, by Samuel Johnson, John Walker.
    Herodotus in his Histories also wrote about the Arrival the first Mediterraneans to North Africa

    Note that Mauros and Melas may just be Cognates of one another with the Alveolar trill in Mau(r)os becoming the the Coronal (L) in Me(l)as, and only a small changes in Vowels.
    See Charles Duke Younge’s Greek-English Lexicon p.49, for the Term Melas

    1. Temu

      You changed the question I asked you, then answered a question I did not ask you. I showed you ancient authors, talking about even more ancient people. They claimed that from ancient time, the West Africans have been known as Muurs. I asked you for a citiation that supports your argument. You ignore my request, pulled out a very irrelevant question (which African tribe today calls itself Moor?), then proceed to post an even more irrelevant citation, about Melas and Muuros.

      First answer my question, if you have no answer then own up.

      Please cite some credible authorites that support your claim that Muuro is a word foreigners called Africans. I gave you my authorities already showing that from ancient time the so-called Black people have been known as Muuros.

      Oh, by the way, did you know that 50% of the words in ancient Greek came from another more ancient language? Egyptian!!! See Martin Bernal.

      Did you know that today’s Ethiopians trace the origin of their name from Ethiops, their mythical ancestor. It was not the Greeks who named them Ethiopians. Ethiopians have a 3000 year old written records, and since the most ancient times, they have known themselves as Ethiopians. See Kebra Negast.

  6. you already cited the fact that Moor was term used by Greek and roman travellers, you listed Strabo, Virgill and Lucian.
    Please properly reread what I wrote to find the references that I have listed, since you repudiate the facts give me the etymology of the word Muur, where did it originate.
    It is true that the Ancient Egyptian vocabulary contributed to the Greek Language but the ancient Egyptian word for black was neither Melas nor Mauros it was Kam or Khek

    Eithiop derived from the Greek Aith (burnt, scorched) and Ops (face), countentance. Aithiops was used as a reference to different tribes and nations in different geographical regions one of which were the Kushites of the Sudan and Meroe not modern Ethiopia, neither Homer, HerodOtus nor Diodorus ventered that far into Africa, The Kushites did not refer to them selves as Ethiopians, and since the Kebra Negest (which is not three thousand years old) was Written by men who claimed descent from Shem and the ancient Israelites, who were not Kushites, a people which the mighty Kushites preceeded as a Nation, them claiming a mythical ancestor called Ethiops does not fit into actual history. This also shows the influence of Greek scholarship

    You are confusing yourself first you claim ancient Africans were known as Muurs, Know you are saying they were Ethiopians.

    I’m still waiting for you give me the etymological origin of Muur from which language did it stem

    1. Temu

      You still have not posted any authority for your empty claims.

      Meanwhile after I have cited you many authorities, you resort to the logical fallacy of “poisoning the well”.

      If you want an honest discussion, then start being honest. If you don’t then go look for some Negro like yourself to play with.

      You asked for a tribe in Africa that call themselves Muurs, search no Muur! IN North Africa, there is a country called Mauretania, land of the Muurs. Was this country named by Greeks?

      WE have Muuro cco. Was it named by the Romans?

      Muurish Ethiopians like us do not need distraction from Negros with low self esteem. here read this line from the article above:

      “We are Moors, from the most ancient time. Umoros, Umorus, Muurs, Mawus, the children of light, the bearers of civilization and compassion, the golden ones, the first people, Ethiopians, Mauritanians and Mauritians.”

      Now you know why we mentioned Ethiopia in our response.

      When you have found an authority, come back and we will discuss. I will fill up your head with hot facts and back them up with solid authorities like I have been doing so far.

      In the meantime, do your studies. Familiarize yourself again with the article above to discover the etymological roots of the word Muurs. Hint… Egypt was call Ta-Muri, land of the Moors.

      Welcome to Rasta Livewire, where we shock out ignorance with true knowledge.


      1. I believe the origin of the term “Muurs” comes from the civilization of the Lemurians. Which would be out ancient ancient ancestors.

  7. pace quod insula deus
    the albion being bleac is fact , verbum est vinculum ,it is in middle english an the movie eyes wide shut ,its a code u may not know of but it exists,no argument unless belief is the fact cant kill another . ,,middle if u really feel the way you do e mail queen yaffa bey an tell her what u are saying , matter fact ,fact is fact not belief.,is your language before latin ,is africa really in the east in the time you are speaking any of your information from the library of congress or the state dept.are the books designed to tell us we are all from africa whern it was akebulan.the acid language english is kills the alkilinity of harmobnny into chaos,AXIS CONSCIOUSNESS GRID CHANGES,,ROME ITSELF WAS CALLED MAUR BEFORE ROME AS AKEBULAN WAS AFRICA .this started about the word bleac ,that yaffa bey said was the first bleac people .in her dvd piercing the fog .we gonna go with what she said not u about that an u may contact her to make ur point but for now hers stands an they took the c awauy an put the k for black a moor ,whats the etymology of muur,,afrikaan =conquered 204 ad .i havent the time to explain this again i will let the others muurs do this . put in search engine
    a muur is a moor is a mor by ali a. el amin
    this offers facts etymology right an exact .i will send it to rasta livewire .good facts for internet.there are words the originated also in the west thats not included in etymology ,,we are not from the east ,,was not the earth called the land of mu …muurs …
    lemuria,,muurs ,,before pateiarchy then we see the o ,,lord of the rings ..muurs fighting over religion .the religious comes from us but we were not religious worshipping one penis god.moor was tuirned into a christian surname in america from europe.the oo came after the uu an the au of rome when we ran it an astarted catghlocissm in carthage.the dead people the negro was the speaker of the dead language ,, latin ,they made us forget we spoke , an we are hidden in the false white wash of that by false color lies of faces places races spaces that leave no traces of origin covered up in bible sin how it starts is how it begins an how it begins is how it ends many cushites have we really been able too tell us what they refered to them self as when that may all not have happened in the east .morocco used to be called philadelphia before it was in the east ,, cal;led pennslyvania from transylvania prophet muhammad killed vlad the impaler dracula,took his head,,wont find that on internet but its fact .we ran europe an thats hidden ,,where they tried to lose us muurs/moors to negroes ..we did metu neter considered pagan after bibvle was used to hide horus maat an all it was copied from besides matriarchal bible stolen from west after 1492.while we were taught egypt an africa we still were lied to about romans being blanco ,am bout negroes neing backwards an mmoors being initiated into white race as stanely lane pool put it in 1872 we cant be intitated into what we created so they had to recreate us negro which is a a magic word recreation ,brand us negro ,wreck creation o means created by a man a is the feminie america negro latino the moon godess sin ill na na ptah rose in primordoal watewrs of nuun changed to nun by church none nothing created from rib added to0 time froom patriaarchy nuun /noon ,no zero in europe until they met us in west ,add in 4 lettters to alpha bet yzwj
    500 years on gregorian callender .arguments based on all civilization beginning in the east do not hold the same factual weight it did 25 years ago when it was niot revealed africa was named after roman general afrticaanus after 204 ad an jesus christ was created at nicea council 324a.d from serapis likenesss horus vs set accounts ,icelandic etymo isnt wrong but neither is yaffa beys cause they didnt just opop up on eazarth or come ready madeit too 1-2000 years for them to walk upright or speak an i am giving them time to stand up an be taught to speak , before they start conquering the moors ,

  8. the burned books or other ones smithsonian took to the ocean an dumped fact had the information they had to reverse ,we have muur evidence many have not researched cause they couldnt see it .rasta livewire has seen it an posts what they know as people come to argue what they believe,the moor that is spoken anout muurs the moore lies will be in mourning ,,they made a word meaning dead out of it to ,english is chaos acid eleectric language an we challenge all in amexums to take back your national language alkalline moorish latin that raised mankind long after we were civilized,they only speak vulgar in church from our classical .civilization didnt start in east like bible says that comes from kemet , bible is book of isis gen isis

  9. the burned books or other ones smithsonian took to the ocean an dumped fact had the information they had to reverse ,we have muur evidence many have not researched cause they couldnt see it .

  10. brother annu,rasta livewire posts right n exact facts bout bleac bleach =clear pale reverse curse to steal l,lands by callin men white from europe so they can rape an claim soveregnty after one child like pocahontas killing

  11. Mauritania, derived from the latin: Maurus or (Mauret) and the suffix “an” or (anus) meaning “pertaining or belonging to the Maurus”, Named by a colony Romans who arrived under Claudius Ceasar, after the Greeks,
    The Mauritania of the Romans was ancient Fez and Morroco, it later expanded further into the interior,
    The people once known indiscriminantly as Maurusi because they were black skinned and Barbaroi (beber) because of their strange language and customs, roamed the Norther frontiers of Africa,
    neither the Greeks nor Romans could communicate, because they did not speek their language, so they could not have known to call them by a tribal name “Muur”” you claim is indigenous to the ancient North Africans.

    “You asked for a tribe in Africa that call themselves Muurs, search no Muur! IN North Africa, there is a country called Mauretania, land of the Muurs. Was this country named by Greeks?”

    If it was not named by outsiders where did the name originate? (you still have not posted the etymology of the word Muur

    Moor and Ethiopian were not ethnic titles, indigenous Africans already belong to tribes with their own names.

    But i realize that because I do not conform to your misconceptions and misunderstandings i am a negro, that cool because i am, black,

    1. No Temu, you are not a negro, that was meant for real black people with self awareness.

      You, I hear you and I know you are just another pink-ass boy masquerading as a black man. We have constant visits from KKK peckerwoods like you from your hate sites.

      If you cannot post a sourced authority, then you will have to stop posting here. Your empty words stink like hot air, and all I ever really asked you for is some authority, but none you can produce.

      Muuroco, comes from the Southern Ethiopian Semitic term Mara (also pronounced as Moro) and kesh. Mura. It means house builders, or free masons.

      Marakesh, the house of Kesh.

      Among the West Africans of Guinea Coast, Omor, means the Son. i.e. the Benins and the Warris.

      Among the West Africans of the forest region, Mmoor, means Angelic, divine. i.e the Igbos

      Taking back to your silly lies again:

      In Icelandic Norse, Svarti is the word for black, not Blek.

      Svarti means same thing as Swarthy, or Swartz. It still means black, in German, and in English.

      The word Blanc, Bianca, Blanke, all come from the same root Blacca or Bleac. The was the word used to describe your pink ass tribe. You are the Blaccas. Don’t come here with your silly lies.

      In any event, can you tell me the relationship between Nordic and old/Middle English?

  12. Igbo: bwa lu Fa, divine
    Marrakesh conventionally thought to be derived From the North African Berber: Murt-Akush, land of Akush ( Murt derived From ta’mourt meaning land though this is debated.

    From Wikipedia Article on Marrakesh
    “In spoken Arabic the term is Mer-reksh, the exact meaning of the name is unknown according to some but according to Susan Searbrigt, the towns name was first mentioned in an 11th century manuscript of the Qarawiyyin Library in Fez and meant country of the sons of Kush.”

    Jahdey, your best defense of sidestepping the point is to lable me as white,
    I use to be interested in some of the Articles on this website, but my respect for you has dwindled, I see you have little regard for truth and instead of engaging in an intelligent debate you resort to writing inflammatory remarks, I could have responded with the same negative energy but instead I stuck to the subject matter, every definition of you have given of your made word Muur, are different words from different languages with different meanings, your only credibility being they just sound similar, your twisted logic is no different from the Eurocentric lies about the ancient Egyptians being Caucasian, you know very little about Africa and its diverse peoples.

    I wrote that The Icelandic blekk originally meant inK not black, Reread my posts and stop letting anger cloud your mind.

    I do not understand what you mean by southern Ethiopian Semitic, when there are hundreds of languages in Ethiopia and you do not cite specifically which language the term Mara comes from. the ancient Kushites did not speak a Semitic language.

    If you realy consider yourself a disciple of Emperor Selassie you need study his life to learn something about humility and egalitarianism.

    1. Bwoy shut your pink ass with those humility crap! We are far from the days of slavery.

      You are the one disrespecting yourself here with idiocy and evasiveness. You cannot cite any authority, you cut and paste from Wikipedia, you use different pseudonyms to write and cheer-lead your writing. Shame on you.

      The word Muur has been explained to you many times and we have provided you with evidence that across Africa, it has many cognates among the many nations of Africa.

      We took you through a tour of Guinea, Nigeria, Ethiopia. We provided you with living words in living African languages and all you can do is cut and paste what another lying pink ass fool like you put up on Wikipedia? People that rely on Wikipedia to counter arguments from Classical Scholars are not very smart.

      Strabo already confessed that the Ancient Ethiopians called the people of Mauretania, Maures!

      And because the Maures lived ubiquitously in ancient Greece, the name Maure was adopted by the Greeks as a synonym for Africans.

      Ancient Greek language contained 50% or more African language; and the rest of it was Asian.

      Where then in your twisted mind did the word Muur rise from into ancient Greek?

      Why do you still insist that Greeks invented that word when you have been shown that it had an etymology longer than even the Greeks. Where did the Greeks get the word Muur from? From the Ethiopians ofcourse!

      Ta Muri means the land of the Muri, the ancient Muurs. That is Egypt.

      Respecting your whine against Ethiopia, I advise you again that Ethiopians had 3000 years legacy of writing. By Ethiopians I am talking of the Ethiopians of Axum, the Ethiopians of today. They were also known as Ethiopia even in the ancient times.

      A heathen like you should not pronounce the name of his Majesty in vain or else thunder, earthquake and lightening will do you in.

      Welcome again to Rasta Livewire, where ignorance is burn out!

  13. ethnic =race there are no ethnic titles .free white siovereign does not mean caucasion race aryan race.,,race is a brand except for those who created it to rukle for self on other peoples land.when u say etymology u to must be aware of what u are saying an if its confounded dead then you are creating chaos with an illusion that there is is color title when claim of color means the lose of title ,of nobility wit no claim of nationality.theres no black whiteyellow purple king in united natikions an muur/moor is a universal nationality not cant use wikopedia opiniom encyclopedia ,look up atmaurium on their ,muaritania is south north dakota in ancient time .u are not mentioning the geographical shift taking names from the west an puttimg them on maps fro m akeubulan if they changed from akebulan in 204 ad then they changed they names of the territories within the continent .first slave trade was north to south america in columbus took 500 out of terra incognita before any were bought in by the marranos just kicked outta spain like rivera an cant argue from internet what muurs/moors in aakebulan have been raised on .you cant use what european wrote abouit their researtch when we have the source in flesh an blood to tell us as they have me to speak about the hidden lies of the west b an us muurs being here first when hizzzztory books create morocco an us after religion in the east .we from the west an morocco /marrakesh was philadelphia where moors started the first stock market then in nyc,,ffirst buyer of stock on record brirtish east/west india company .nobody is black like ink .the only noun for black in latin is carbo .we are carbo carbon an element now called melanin black colored by those tricked into calling them self superior an opposite today cause they skin is pale..the 11th century is when normandy was conquered an albions began havving last names now called surnames from our titles iin europe,susan seabright doesnt go back far enough to define us . we come from the sky an water ,our skin gets scales when dry like a fish,thats why the catholick church symbol is the fish that bites they catch ,smart fish dont bite the line ,resist temptation,but those caught must sacrifice an be sacrificed .we are learning from men born in /on the land we asre speaking on ,are u from africa or morocco or even nigeria ,do u have an sopurces from akebulan or jjust euro etymology as if they are official an they never got the classical but rule with the vulger latin the pope speaks we taught ,,,,,,,moors enslaved muurs with patriarchy an other 2 patriarchal religions.we fell fighting over religion an color created to steal land by penis god albion protestants from bleac stock purged from europes jails ,,

  14. Education develops the intellect; and the intellect distinguishes man from other creatures.
    Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war and until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation, until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes
    Tafari Makonnen

    “Bwoy shut your pink ass with those humility crap!

    We have decided to bring to an end the most unequal, most unjust, most barbarous war of our age, and have chosen the road to exile in order that our people will not be exterminated and in order to consecrate ourselves wholly and in peace to the preservation of our empire’s independence.

    Tafari Makonnen showing humility

    You cannot cite any authority, you cut and paste from Wikipedia,

    similar to how you cut and past from the article above,

    The Kingdom of Aksum was founded by Kushites, Arabian Sabaeans and other indigenous Africans, who did not refer to their kingdom as Ethiopia, THATS WHY WE CALL IT AKSUM from the ancient land of AKSUM, this region didn’t become known as Ethiopia until the portuguese and Spaniards began exploring and trading with the natives, who culturally and physically resembled the people of the Sudan (the Ethiopia of Antiquity) they just referred to it as the Ethiopian interior, before the Arabs simply referred to the mountainous region as Al Habash which became Anglicized into Abyssinia, your looking at modern maps, and you keep making reference about 3,000 year-old documents without citing your own sources. (The same thing you accuse me of doing)

    The word Muur has been explained to you many times and we have provided you with evidence that across Africa, it has many cognates among the many nations of Africa.

    Among the West Africans of Guinea Coast, Omor, means the Son. i.e. the Benins and the Warris.
    Among the West Africans of the forest region, Mmoor, means Angelic, divine. i.e the Igbos

    These explanations do not suffice since there are hundreds of languages in West Africa and all you have done is take and make up words with different meanings to postulate your theory (WORDS CAN ONLY BE COGNATES IF THEY STEM FROM ONE PARTICULAR LANGUAGE AND HAVE THE SAME ETYMOLOGICAL ORIGINS NOT IF THEY JUST SOUND SIMILAR THATS LIKE SAYING THE LIQUOR GIN IS DERIVED FROM THE CHINESE WORD JIN BECAUSE THEY SOUND SIMILAR

    Strabo already confessed that the Ancient Ethiopians called the people of Mauretania, Maures!

    please write where Stabo made this statement

    And because the Maures lived ubiquitously in ancient Greece, the name Maure was adopted by the Greeks as a synonym for Africans.

    WHATS YOUR SOURCE, now you finally admit the Greeks were the ones that applied the term mauros to the people of North Africa, if Mauros was synonymous with African Herodotus and other Classical Greek scholars would have referred to the Egyptians and Ethiopians as Maures instead of using alternative names

    Where then in your twisted mind did the word Muur rise from into ancient Greek?

    From Google language translater, Greek term for black: ??????- M A U R O S
    From online Etymological Dictionary: from Greek Mauros, perhaps a native name, or else cognate with mauros “black”

    Why do you still insist that Greeks invented that word when you have been shown that it had an etymology longer than even the Greeks.


    Ta Muri means the land of the Muri, the ancient Muurs. That is Egypt.


    Respecting your whine against Ethiopia, I advise you again that Ethiopians had 3000 years legacy of writing. By Ethiopians I am talking of the Ethiopians of Axum, the Ethiopians of today. They were also known as Ethiopia even in the ancient times.


    A heathen like you should not pronounce the name of his Majesty in vain or else thunder, earthquake and lightening will do you in.


    Welcome again to Rasta Livewire, where ignorance is burn out!


    1. A pink primape quoting HIM. How ironic considering the quotation refers to the savagery of your own race. What barbarous war was HIM referring? Certainly no one of Africa ancestry has ever waged wars of that wiped out or near wipe out any segment of humanity. And before you start to claim that one tribe in Rhawanda (whites’ example of black on black genocide) dont forget the number.of native american tribes that were wiped out by barbaric savages, the crusade, french revelution, spanish american war, the civil war, vietnam war, opium war, wwi, wwii, and the many other wars and genocide barbarians had declared on their own people.

    2. You keep posting your white diatribe here as if you think anyone on this site will be swayed by your whites (major lies and distortions). After 500 years of eurocentrism, we want the truth to be told. 500 years we have living under ignorance and whites. We don’t need to distort the truth in order bring about a false sense of supremacy. Methinks whites really do feel inferior hence the need to heighten their ego. I am not even sure come to this site because as we know whites cannot tolerate the light (truth or sunlight). Here is another of white lie… African would no winter (periods of darkness) is considered to be the dark continent when it is europe that is the dark continent. Oh and acts of aggression that is occurring in Africa has europeans behind it thats a fact. See WHO murdered Africa. Thus, i find it that whites with their history of aggression will claim that anything from africa (i.e. african bees) and anything that is dark is naturally more aggressive than their darker counterpart i.e. black rhinos vs. white rhinos. Why do whites so much of their energy discreditting black people? Why do racists whites claim to be either mixed or another race ( usually online) to drive home their racist.points. for example, “im mixed but i believe all niggers are monkeys). Why are whites such violent racists?

      1. What make you think that languages in west africa do not have the same origin. Please provide proof. This is coming from a pink snake who believes he and east indians speak the same language because of the w sounding like v in eastern european and hindi. The japanese and yoruba has more similarity than do called indo european language groups but dont expect a white to make that dustinction because its not their benefit. Especially, when whites are working hard to deny african contribution to the
        world. They more notably focused on denying so called sub saharan (new deragotory
        term) africa’s ability to maake contributions (more white semantics and psychological abuse or like someone else pointed white witchcraft), and even humanity. What other race is conducting scientic studies as a means of psychologically damaging a race but whites? Name one group who gets billions in sponorship and support from their to prove that black people are not human or is less human. Thats more example of white irony. Behaving like aggressive animals yet have the gaul to deny another race’s humanity. Why are whites obsessess with all things black? I had a teacher who once told our class its normal to hate. I thought maybe for her because she’s white.

        1. Actually West African languages do have a common root.

          That Temo pink ass boy is welcome to check Theophile Obenga’s work on African language groups, then he will begin to learn.

  15. SailorMoon and Jahdey, your insolent attitudes and prejudice remarks remind me of white supremicist propaganda, you use the same diction a Nazi would use to try and fabricate a supremecy that does not exist, like a Eurocentrist you use the actions of a few unjust to characterize an entire people, you have the same state of mind as those tyrants that terrorized Africa because they thought the people were less than humans.

    I started this post trying to explain the Etymology of a single word, I pointed out to the Author that his connection with other words are merely HOMONYMS, and the feedback I have gotten are nothing but insults, from people who cannot eloquenty argue their case, You go off on a tangent about languages because of the difficulty of sticking to the subject matter


    1. Heathen, don’t use the name of InI Lord in vain! You don’t know his majesty else you woulda known he was no lamb for slaughter. His majesty is the conquering Lion! Seen? The Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah!

      So tek wey your durty pink ass, and gi’wey!

    2. Im not a rastafarian. And white religions like christianity, islam and judaism is offensive because they do nothing but encourage darkness, ignorance and white if you think you can subjugate me using religion think again. Im from a new breed who doesn’t turn the other cheek, if you kick us, we will kick back. We believe in an eye for an eye – the code of Hammurabi. Now, black people canno be racist. Lying cave apes like you spread lies that white savagery has ended and the new racists are black people because black people are lashing out against pink ape terrorism. The fact that you called me a racist for exposing you for the lying swine you are does not bother me. I have never physically harmed anyone, i have never called for the death.of anyone of a different race and no one of my si called race has terrorised any living ir none living thing on a macro level. Please do not bring up rhawanda you know that whites have caused more wars on a macro level than any tribe in africa fighting each other for europe. Every war in Africa and the world has whites behind it. Do what most whites do, defend massmurder and claim it was necessary for the advancement of the white race. Anyone who agree with such a statement is pure evil. Whites have caused more bloodshed and suffering than any other race. Now, whites want to expand their numbers to include the very people they have damaged. Im sure you are aware of the miilions of websites hosted by degenerates like you who live and breath hate. White racism is a mental disorder and it should be classified in the DSMV.

      You act as those whitw terrrorism and classification of black people as subhuman are a thing of the past. Go and check in with your white brethrens at chimpout, niggermania, stormfront or just niggers aids or niggers apes and you will have millions of white brethrens who are expousing venomus hatred toward black people. And two wrongs do make a right. Yoy cannot possibly expect to wave a campaign of murder, genocid and degredation against a people and not have them retaliate. Black people do not have the power to be racism. Name calling is not racism. Whites make laws, conduct pseudo science studies, use statistics, have campaigns of psychological and physical terrorism ti destroy black people and you are worried about a little name calling. Do black people have the power to cripple whites? Black people say white people do.

  16. The subject goes far deeper than you might think. There are so many different Moors and ways to spell the word but the one that sticks out the most is God/Lord. This was your Crimean Mur/Muur also known as Mauren.
    These Black guys were collecting White slaves (sklaven) all day long and making them call their master God sometimes Lord. Later they put their money together and started Christianity and Monasteries ran by Ethiopian Monks.
    Virgin Mary was a 11 year old Maurin who got pregnant by God (Maur).
    Maur means Black, Mauren is plural for black men and Maurin is plural for black women. God is a Black man. Wow!!!
    These same Negrus started freeing their white sklaven in exchange for west African prisoners of war and shipped them to the caribbean. They forced the slaves to build Plantations and then they would flip them fully stocked with slaves.
    Then purchased criminals as slaves from West Africa, Scotland & Ireland, shipped them to the negro south and did the same exact thing.
    Some stayed in the US as owners of slave shipping Briggs and the wealthy ones lived in Denmark running a shipping company called British West Indies Shipping. They are also known in America as African Americans / Afro-West Central Europeans or you can call them Afro-Russo-Germans (Negrus) Black Sea slave trader. They are multiracials that are part Ethiopean-Yemen, Nigerian, Russian, German, Papuan (Scythians)…

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