Blue Blood is Black Blood 1500-1789 – Egmond Codfried

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Blue Blood is Black Blood – By – Egmond Codfried

During the Middle Ages Black peoples in Europe were called Blue men. There seem to be images of this period which show Bleu people. I know of a Renaissance crucifixion scene with a light blue Jesus. In the Renaissance we start seeing many, many images of blacks, called The Moor.

Mike Nassau writes about Nubians and Iranians which were brought to Europe in 50 BC by Caesar to fight the Germanic nations. They stayed on and had their own communities along the Rhine and the Danube. Nassau states that in the 17th century Europeans arrived in America who were called Black Dutch. They were not treated like the Africans who were held in slavery. Many Whites were also kept as slaves or slave like conditions. Later on Black and coloured families claimed descend from these Black Dutch to prevent re-enslavement or being treated as niggers. The point is that somehow Black and coloured people were present in Europe and managed to keep their Black looks through intermarriage till at least the 17 century.

I suggest we look at the Moor in European Art and take it from there. In European Art the Moor is always a Classical African: pitch black, frizzled hair, a flat and wide face, flat nosed, thick lips, and subnasal prognasty.

When you study the symbol of the Moor from The Renaissance (1500) you will find that it did not start out like a Black Servant or a Black Page. The Drake Jewel (1575) shows the profile of a Black King dominating the profile of a White woman. This symbolises Africa dominating Europe and Black superiority in Europe.

The symbol of the Moor shows a Blue man which is a Black man and means Blue Blood. We see many portraits of the nobility in which they pose very intimate with a little Black boy or girl which gives the sitter riches, mostly pearls which seem to symbolise Europe.The nobility was coloured, and some showed more African or Asian or White treats. These portraits are kept hidden or are destroyed around the French Revolution (1789).

Inside The Drake Jewel is a miniature of Queen Elizabeth I. Her father’s sister Mary Tudor was the grandmother of Mary of Scots. Mary of Scots son was James I who married Anne of Denmark. They were the grandparents of Charles II Stuart who was named “The Black Boy.”

He was described on a wanted poster issued by parliament as a tall Black man and I do not think they were fooling around.

Anne of Denmark had ordered a play “The Masque of Blackness” (1605) in praise of Black beauty which did not fade. The play was performed by members of the court and it explained how Blacks, The Sun People, came to Europe to look for a milder sun. In the play was a personage of The Niger River. The costume design shows a tall Black woman. Strange as this might sound; it took me after all three years to believe my own findings: Anne of Denmark which we know as a blindingly blond woman was almost certainly Black. As the whole Stuart dynasty was Black of skin.

When one looks for portraits of Charles II Stuart “The Black Boy” one finds many which show a White man, with long black hair and mustachio. But if one persists there are portraits which show black skin. Especially the National Portrait Gallery site shows many portraits of a Black skinned boy and later a Black adult. Still there is a lot of variations, but I have one pitch black portrait which show his classical African treats under a huge afro-like wig.

So there were Black Kings in Europe, who somehow traced their origins in Africa and symbolised their Blue blood with the image of a Moor. The portraits which show Blacks as White’s I would explain as propaganda to make them look as the White people they so despotically oppressed. Other white portraits are over painted authentic Black portraits, or whitened copies of these or outright fakes. All European museums show portraits of the European elite, with fake white skin colour. We know that all the European royal families were blood relatives.

The Black Boy’s mother, for instance, Henrietta Maria, was the daughter of Maria de Medici, Queen of France and the aunt of Louis XIV, The Sun King. The sister of The Black boy was Maria Henrietta Stuart who married the Dutch Stadholder William II. Their son was King Stadholder William III, who ruled Britain as William and Mary.

(All this can be verified in google)

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71 thoughts on “Blue Blood is Black Blood 1500-1789 – Egmond Codfried”

  1. A very interesting theory. I am a fan of Dumas and I am fascinated by European history and European monarchy thanks to him. What I have always found most confusing is his love for the nobility and his Royalist sentiments considering that he was an illegitimate child and a mulatto. You have just answered that question for me. He is in fact writing about the great deeds of his fellow mulattos in his tales.
    Your article about Jane Austen was most intriguing. Her preoccupation with complexions was like Dumas a result of her mulatto ancestry. Dumas’ most celebrated hero D’Artagnan was brown. The beautiful Queen Margot was a dark beauty. Her husband Henry IV of France and her lover La Mole were both very dark. His most formidable villainess “Milady” was very pale and had blonde hair and green eyes. Her paleness was conspicuous which is strange considering that Europe was supposed to be a white continent. Her son Mordant’s pale complexion was supposed to be nauseating for the beholder.
    About a year ago I came across a documentary called The Arrivals. It was about the New World Order but the reason why I’m writing about it is because they talk about how the Pharaohs’ bloodline is flowing in the European monarchy. If we do some research on Google like you said, you see that this is not a far fetched idea. Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Her successor Cleopatra Selene II, who was of Greek and Roman ancestry was the ruler of Libya. From here we see how the seat of power shifted from Egypt to Africa to Rome and then to the rest of Europe. We see how the Egyptian culture became part of the European monarchy. Egyptian practices such as face painting, wig wearing, embalming of dead bodies and storing the dead monarchs’ heart in urns became part of the culture of the Europeans monarch. Like Egyptians and Romans, the European monarchs also preserved their pure bloodlines by intermarriages. I recently came across the portrait of a french princess with a pyramid in the background.
    If you research on my theories, I’m sure you’ll find that all these things are connected.

    1. Kindly peruse my blog: Was Dumas illegtimate? His grandfather did not marry Dumas, the ex-slave woman, but he named his son after him, giving him a noble title. The grandson, our writer, had this name, and was a noble man, mixing with the nobility, not looking much different from them. According to Jane Austen the noble and bourgeouis elite were 2-5% (or 2-3%) of the population, and they were light brown or sallow, brown, very brown or black of complexion. The ones with classical African facial traits, like Austen herself did have, were ‘peculiar’ in looks, ‘distinguished,’ proof of pure blood and proof of having noble blood in the familyline. Not all looked classical African, but then again in Africa there are many facial types. The brown and the black Europeans were the first Europeans, the whites are Central Asian late comers of 400 AD. Because of seniority issues, the brown and blacks elevated themselves into a nobility (1100-1200). Austen wrote against the lost of power of these Blacks (1100-1848) who civilized and christianized Blacks, ruling the whites who were their serfs, using them as shoe leather. Whites were only emancipated in 1848 and whitened history, having all portraits either destroyed or whitened by over paint.

  2. Edmond Codfried you are a true scholar of the highest order. Your research is impeccable and worthy of praise. I have been studying the Atlantic Slave Trade and here is what I have discovered thus far. The Atlantic Slave Trade is nothing more than a rouge that never happened as we might think. The European settlers (invaders, not settlers) did not have to go to Africa to get one single black person. We were already here and a part of the indigenous and native populace. I have been fact checking the math and it does not add up. Each of the largest ships could only carry approximately 400 individuals per-trip with an average voyage time of approximately 2 to 3 months (1619-1865). If you take all the companies involved and the number of ships and of course factor in people on the periphery. I could not get past approximately 560,000 kidnapped victims. The question has to be asked, “Where did the other 14,000,000 come from?” When I checked other European explorers who visited these shores (North and South America) and they spoke all these black tribes/ethnic groups they encountered along the way, then everything began to make sense. One of the answer can be found in the Louisiana purchase of 1803…land that was not a part of the original purchase agreement, land which belonged to the Pre-Columbians. A great deal black tribes are still in South America today. US history books call them escaped slaves…they enslaved the native population and made it appear as though they brought them from Africa.

    1. I believe you when you say there were already Africans in the America’s before new ones were brought in. I read that the Brazilian ‘Indians’ as they are called had a more complex civilization, bigger cities etc, and numbered a lot more then we believe.
      But I kindly point out that slavery does not explain the position of Blacks today. Our history is strongly connected with the European Blacks (1100-1848), but we are not supposed to know about, as all their portraits are over painted. Anyone can go to any museum right now and look at the old masters, portrait and some genre pieces, and see the over paint.
      If we challenge this big secret, they do their utmost to keep, we will defeat white supremacy and racism. But you have to show courage and pay and go to a museum, and answer back to me. We can free ouselves without bloodshed, without rioting, burning and having shoot outs. We just quietly challenge the paintings, the one weak spot I have discovered in 2005, and am now promoting. We need chapters in all cities, two to three educated people, who will go to their museum, examine the portraits and start a campaign to discredit them. If Blacks want to be free in 2013, they need to get moving right now, Housenegroes are asked not to help this campaing, they are really the enemies of Blacks, hired and paid by the racist governments.

    2. I am starting to wonder if the underground railway is another white lie being used to account for black presence in Canada. And black historians are repeating the same white lie. I always found it odd that these so called runaway slaves not only made their way this far north but in no time they became prominent land and business owners in a very racist white society. Maybe the black people were always here and thats why they were promiinent members of society. Black Canadian history is not taught in school but around February of each year, you may find a few posters around that tells of black presence in canada. Nova Scotia and ontario we are told had black settlements. There was a black woman who was
      Executed in quebec but they act as if she was the only black person living in that province.

    LOOK FOR THIS IN GOOGLE UNDER MY NAME.*4JQxS7Ml2QeXDesxTOtf5nMhyXEgBnigLAV3In-b5vLCHi1JYMwwI-mBikaAhecw0*vBvhVLjFUa3ST5g58vuEkA/2DeStaalmeestersfotovanvrderetouchFirmaBraun.jpg

    [Syndics by Rembrandt: this is what all old master portraits looked like: Black Europeans who were the masters of the white serfs]
    My eight year Blue Blood is Black Blood (1100-1848) research has come to fruition, and I have now started a International Campaign against falsified, over paint portraits by old masters in all museums. You may start your own local chapter to end white supremacy and racism. All you need to do is go the museum near you and look at the old masters and notice they are all ugly, over paints. All of them. The brown and black skin still visible under the fake beige and pink layers. The Black contours, lips and noses, and frizzled hair they did not alter. They have painted around the pearl necklaces, and you see a gap. The facial hair is repainted on top of the fake layers, as you cannot paint beige between hairs. The face layer is higher then the surroundings. The hair is lightened by highlights. Because of my dedicated research Blacks need not holler, loot, burn, have shoot outs and rape to have white supremacy ended. You just start a great rumor about the paintings all over the world. This is the secret they are still keeping from us for the past 160 years.
    Our enemy is ourselves. The whites see Blacks hacking each other to dead on TV and do not want to hear about racism. Nor can they believe that Blacks can be agents of civilization. So we will not talk about racism anymore but about scientific fraud, scientific misconduct, hoaxing the public with falsified portraits. This whites will understand fraud. They can see it also once pointed out to them, and once you have seen them, you cannot go back. So the struggle has been moved to another arena. A more civilized, genteel., cultured arena. The enemy are the housen*ggers who have constantly sold us out. The Black History Month was created for them, by the racist state so they can get some money too, while they teach and mentally enslave Blacks that they are slaves, come from slaves, always be slaves. We are not slaves, Blacks were nobles, kings and emperors. But their folly was the infighting between the nobbles and the bourgeoisie, and the oppression of whites. The whites fought until 1848, were given universal suffrage , and had all portraits altered to resemble whites, extirpating brown and blacks from history.
    The relevant source, though incomplete is the study: Alison Macqueen, The Rise of The Cult of Rembrandt in 19th Century France, 2003. She shows how History was falsified by deliberately choosing Rembrandt as a revolutionary figure head, claiming he painted whites, the third estate. Which he did not. But they also claimed the paint had darkened and retouched the hell out of the brown faces, making the noble and bourgeoisie elite white. Do not argue with me, even if you are a white person: just go see the museum and look at the faces and hands.
    Hope to hear from folks who want to free us from racism right now in 2013. We have a window of opportunity right now. We have the internet, so we can do it right now. We need to point at the fakes and shout FAKE. Start a local Chapter, of three genteel, educated persons, and do what needs to be done, never harming the precious portraits that are our proof that Blacks ruled Europe (1100-1848). Just be beware of the housenegroes, do not include these fat cats in your operation or it will fail. .

    Egmond Codfried
    Curator Suriname Blue Blood Is Black Blood Museum
    The Hague.

  4. How can you fight a race of devils who are using pseudo science, statistics, the media, laws to defame, demonize, and dehumanize black people, and set them up so that the world can hate them. How do we combat the invisible war, a nameless a war when all you know its damaging you psyche but you cannot pinpoint the source because you will be inflicted with further onslaught and be called a racist? Like the late great Robert Nester Marley said, “Babylon release the chain but now dem a use dem brain.” And, “They don’t want to see us unite. ALL They want us to do is keep on killing one another, top rankin,”

  5. Its n longer pinkness of skin that gives one entry into Club Caucasian. Black/Brown people are being reclassified as Caucasians and a few reasons come to mind. One, to increase the dwindling world wide pink population. Two, to further the lie that Africa has never made any significant contribution to the world i.e. neither the Egytians nor the Ethiopians were black. And that great Empire that Zimbabwe once hosted, they had Caucasians behind them. Yes, I have heard white racists claiming the original Zimbabweans were white and that’s the only explanation for their great civilization. The Olmecs look like negro male faces and NOT
    Native North Americans and the sphinx looks like a negro female face despite the nose being destroyed. Im not sure which Pharaoh the Sphinx is suppose to be but in my opinion, the features are distinctively negroid and female.

    To further explain a lack of representation of pink people in the hot Eastern sun, whites reclassify the black/brown people of that region as Caucasians to further their manifest destiny (the only winners in all this will be the pink squatters of Europe) and Agenda white Supremacy and destruction of the black race. Another reason for this new classification is to create one single human race (Caucasian) and a race of subhumans aka subsaharan Africa, and aka niggers (another class of animals in the animsl kingdom).

    Yet another reason for this new classification is to dehumanize, mentally criple, psychologically terrorize the truth authors if civilization. slavery, christianity and islam was used to further the above agenda but the black people came out seemingly unscathed and are now making a come back. “They even have black scholars like James, Bernal, and etc whom we have used intimidation and terrorism on to stop them from telling the truth and that doesn’t seem to work. ” So whites came up with a longer lasting method that they can spread using media now that many have access to it. ” let’s kill them [black people] before they grow [mentally stronger].Despite the varying genotyopes and phenotypes amongst so called Africans (supra and sub saharans) and black people still giving birth to whites, facial features is being used as a classification. LIES are not exact science ( how many times did Bin Laden die) and thats why even east asians with wider noses and fuller lips are being reclassified as Caucasian so to reevent one human race of caucasians.
    The one drop of black blood rule no longer applies. The brilliance of great scholars like Dubois (Darkwater), Booker T. Washington (Up From Slavery) and Paul Laurence Dunbar (Sympathy, brilliant poem by a brilliant poet) will be explained away using whiteness whether or not they had immediate white ancestors.

  6. Since, “You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time,” not all suprasaharan Africans are falling for this trick. Despite a great majority of suprasaharan Africans accepting entry in Club White, there are many who are refusing entry and are saying,”I am a black African.” I have been fortunate enough to meet a few proud suprasaharan Africans who are not ashamed of being an original hue-man. The proud suprasaharan Africans are being labelled as Afrocentrics, a label that depicts some kind of mental defect for wanting the truth to be told – a demonization and ridicule for seekers who refuse to be clouded by Eurocentism, lies, darkness, unhealthy, diseases state of mind that leaves non pinkoids in a state of darkness and self hatred.

    1. Dear friend Sailor Moon,
      I have read most of your replies, and I will tell you something I was not prepared to accept and you might want to reject out of hand: at first look. As I’m travelling the world on a virtual speaking tour, I entered many, many forums. And the whites do not accept any charge of racism, genocide, exploitation, nor oppression. They point to what Blacks are doing right now in front of CNN and BBC camera’s: hacking each other to dead. We cannot deny it. The only answer I can think off, is that Blacks are not unlike others, humans just love killing each other. If the killing in Europe has stopped for now, for the past only 65 years, they make up by killings in Asia and Africa. So, we need to go about this another way. BLACKS ARE NOT VICTIMS. Whites do not owe them a thing. So as I suggested earlier in a post, we are going to look for scientific fraud, falsified history by falsefied portraits. I assume as whites and all people were aghast as the doping biking scandel unfolded, or the mad cow disease scandal of cow farmers feeding dead cows to life ones, or the present horsemeat scandal, a lot of people might object to be shown falsefied art, portraits that have been tampered with. Now if we pour our anger in that, we might see a change. Do not you agree? So no racism and woe is me, but denounce false portraits and scientific misconduct by the museum people, on our tax payer money too.


    The Hague, 14 March 2013.

    Dear Sirs, Hans Chang, and Theo Mulder

    This is to inform you about my discovery of a massive scientific fraud and institutional scientific misconduct through the alleged scientific management, the so-called scientific description and by misleading the public by exhibition of falsified old master portraits in all museums. Our restorers, our museum directors and our Directors are therefore criminal organizations at the expense of the taxpayers. All old master portraits and some genre scenes were in the period 1848 -1960 whitened.

    This followed immediately after the emancipation of the Third Estate in France resulting in universal male suffrage, and our own major constitutional change that took away some privileges of the nobility. To avoid relapse the revolutionary governments decided that all portraits of the Ancien Régime must be painted over with beige and pink paint. They claimed that the paint had darkened, while the painter wanted to depict white people. So all the old master portraits were supposedly restored or whitened.

    Rembrandt was deliberately, against all evidence proclaimed to be the revolutionary painter of the third estate, while his figures around 1880, were re-painted, as whites. This is evidenced by a photograph of the original Syndics. This can also be derived from photos from 1934 of un-retouched portraits of Van Aerssen-Beyeren collection, the richest family in the Republic.

    This concerns the true brown and black complexions of the noble, bourgeois or regent Masters (1100-1848) who were using the skin of their serfs as shoe leather. The good news is that this is still highly visible by the naked eye on the faces and hands. The facial hair was re-painted on the false beige face layer, the hair lightened by blonde highlights, the skin layer was re-painted around the pearl necklaces, and that the false face layer is higher than the rest. The hands often look like claws, while the classical African and frizzled hair were maintained.

    This is even worse than the Professor Diederik Stapel scandal, the Bicycle Sport Doping scandal, the Mad Cow Disease scandal and the present Horse Meat scandal put together and is very damaging to the reputation of the Netherlands, and the majority of the brown and black complexioned world population. Kindly sent your response within two weeks.

    Your obedient servant,
    Egmond Codfried,
    Curator Suriname Blue Blood Blood Is Black Museum,
    Eemstraat 36/2515 VS The Hague.

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