Are the Cherokee Racists Really Europeans?: Studying the Effects of Genetic Warfare on the Cherokee Nation – By (Amir) Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani

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Are the Cherokee Racists Really Europeans?

Studying the Effects of Genetic Warfare on the Transitional
Developments of the Cherokee Nation
By (Amir) Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani

Are the Cherokee Racists Really Europeans ?

“ In March 2007 the Cherokee Nation voted to revoke the tribal citizenship of an estimated 2,800 descendants of the people the Cherokees once owned as slaves.” – New York Times March 4th 2007.

Those rejected by the Cherokee are also known as “ Black Cherokees ” and or “ Freedmen ”. By 1835 the Cherokee were known to be the owners of more African descended slaves than any other Native-American tribe. In addition the Cherokee were often times known for the brutal mistreatmentof their slaves. An interesting point is that full blooded Cherokees rarely if at all owned slaves.

The Cherokee slave owners were the patrilineal descendants of British (European) descended males who infiltrated the tribe in a strategic policy of containment which targeted pure Cherokee males for genocide. The success of this crime against humanity is revealed in the DNA test results of present day Cherokee males of whom the vast majority are of Y-Chromosome Haplogroup R1B. R1B is distinctly a European Haplogroup accounting for 95% of Irish males and 80% amongst the British. Haplogroup R1B is universally defined by every accredited DNA testing center as the most common Y haplogroup in all of Europe.

As the inheritors of Y-Chromosome Haplogroup R1B, the modern day Cherokee male stands alone in the midst of countless Native-American tribes who are all defined by Y(MALE)Chromosome Haplogroups Q and C.( In accordance with the containment policies outlined by Willie Lynch the British descended Americans likewise targeted the African-American male with a campaign of genetic warfare which resulted in an entire generation of mulattoes who would pass on the R1B Y-Chromosome to the general African-American Male population. However due to the large numbers of African-American males entering the Americas the success or extent of replacing the original(African) Y-Chromosome which is E3A remains checked at about 30%).

Y-Chromosome Haplogroups Qand C are acknowledged as the only two authentic Native-American Haplogroups,while R is known to be the result of European admixture.

Native-American Testing of Genele Health and DNA, Accredited DNA Testing Pioneer Since 1987 stated:

“ Three major haplogroups account for 96% of Native-American Male Y-Chromosomes. The haplogroups are called Q,C and R. Haplogroups Q and C represent early Native-American founding male lineages. Haplogroup R lineages present in Native-Americans are believed by scientists to most likely have come from recent admixtures with Europeans.”

The published Y-Chromosome results of a Cherokee DNA Project recently started by family TreeDna have been posted at 100% for European Haplogroup R. MtDNA(Matrilineal) Haplogroups define maternal lineages. Native-Americans belong to one of 5 MtDNA Haplogroups which are classified as A,B,C,D, or X. Cherokee MtDNA results are dominated by European Haplogroup H. In fact acccording to the early test results of the FamilyTreeDNA, Cherokee DNA Project
only one Cherokee participant tested positive for an authentic Native-American MtDNA(matrilineal) Haplogroup(C),while the remaining results were all positive for a number of European haplogroups with the majority recorded as H.

All of the DNA results mentioned above support the fact that at one point the original Cherokee males of Haplogroups Qand C were exterminated and replaced by European males who are the carriers of Y-Chromosome R1B. The male offspring of the European fathers(Y-Chromosome R1B) and the original Cherokee mothers (X-Chromosome A,B,C,D,and X) would then bring European wives into the tribe thus accounting for the dominance of European MtDNA(maternal) Haplogroup H amongst the modern day Cherokee women. This process helped reduce the ratio or percentage of the original Cherokee women who were the carriers of the authentic Native-American MtDNA Haplogroups A,B,C,D and X and thus the genocidal policies of European genetic warfare not only targeted Cherokee males but Cherokee females as well. In the same manner that the freedmen are referred to as “Black-Cherokees” the so-called modern day Cherokee should be referred to as “White-Cherokees” for they are just as much European as the “Black-Cherokees” are African.

The European genetic takeover of the Cherokee Nation began in 1673 as the English realized the value of developing a trading alliance with the Cherokee which would allow them to bypass some of the other Indian tribes who were serving as middlemen for most trade routes and transactions. In order to secure the trading alliance with the Cherokee many of these English traders began taking Cherokee wives. The number of these intermarriages were so great that it is historically acknowledged as the source of corrupting the native Cherokee
matrilineal clan system as the European husbands demanded full patrilineal rights thereby refusing the Cherokee woman’s tribal right to claim property,children and inheritance.

As the European male presence began to grow within the Cherokee Nation the original Cherokee males were being forcibly taken from the tribe for slaughter and enslavement. This policy was strongly supported by Governor Moore of South Carolina who decreed the right to assault,kill,destroy and enslave as many Cherokees as possible.

The destruction and or removal of the original Cherokee males from the Cherokee Nation resulted in the “ mysterious” disappearance of the traditional Cherokee social structure known as the Red-White system of elders. This system was based on a council which is divided into a peace faction (Talalewequa) and a war faction (Danawa). Debating between the two factions would ultimately lead to the appropraite method for addressing conflict.

Between 1820 and 1863 the Cherokee Nation fully transitioned to a European based social structure. 1820 marked the founding of the modern Cherokee Nation. In 1821, a Cherokee named Sequoyah introduced a written language designed to eliminate illiteracy. Sequoyah was the son of Nathaniel Gist and the grandson of Christopher Gist the latter being an English explorer who served as a scout for George Washington. Sequoyah’s great grandfather Richard Gist helped plot the city of Baltimore. Sequoyah was also known as George Gist. In addition to Sequoyah’s efforts a number of University teachers arrived from the Northeast. These were accompanied by a new influx of Christian missionaries. The Cherokee beneficiaries
of the “ teach and preach” policies became known as progressives.

In 1827, the Cherokee constitution which was modeled after the U.S. Constitution was established and a Cherokee version of Amazing Grace became the National Anthem. The following year in 1828 John Ross became the Chief of the Cherokee Nation. He was the son of a Scotsman named Daniel Ross. His mother was ¾ Scottish and ¼ Cherokee making the prominent Chief 7/8 White and 1/8 Cherokee. Ross served as Chief until his death in 1866. John Ross earlier served as a Lieutennant fighting under the command of general and future President Andrew Jackson during the U.S. War against the Creek tribe known as the Battle of Horsehoe Bend in which 600 Creek warriors were killed.

President Jackson later signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 which intended to relocate the Cherokee Nation to lands in Oklahoma. This led to the 1836 Treaty of Echota which gave the Cherokee Nation $ 5,700,000 and lands in Oklahoma in exchange for the relinquishing of rights to all lands East of the Mississippi. On May 26th 1838, 17,000 Cherokee and 2,000 of their Black Slaves departed for Oklahoma in what became known as the Trail of Tears.

Once settled in Oklahoma many Cherokees became merchants, bankers and lawyers while others worked with their African descended slaves on farms and ranches. The Cherokee Nation went on to establish the first free and compulsory school system and the first institution of higher learning West of the Mississippi River. The Cherokee were so successful that the people of Oklahoma would often say that “ The Cherokee all became White ”. This held true in both the literal and metaphoric sense,as the Cherokee Nation became both genetically and culturally White. It is also commonly stated that all Whites in Oklahoma are part Cherokee.

The original and authentic Cherokee Nation no longer exists and that which is recognized by the U.S. Government as “ The Cherokee Nation ” should be referred to as that of the “ White Cherokees ”.

According to David Cornstalk the son of a Cherokee father and a White mother and of whom is an advocate for the recognition and equality of “ Black Cherokees”:

“ The most common degree of Cherokee blood amongst the Cherokee Nation is 1/32 with nearly 90% of the tribe being less than ¼ Cherokee.”

In other words these peculiar arguments regarding Indian identity and preservation of blood lineages and tribal culture are being made by persons who are themselves of low blood degree and culturally not Cherokee and are for all intent and purposes White. In fact the dissenting justice in the Allen case Darell Matlock is only 1/16 Cherokee, yet in his dissent he talks about the preservation of Indian identity while he is married to a White woman,does not speak the Cherokee language, is not phenotypically identifiable as an Indian.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. But lets get real. If someone who is 15/16 White is going to make arguments about preserving Indian identity there has to be a laugh in there somewhere.” African-Native American Genealogy Forum, Sunday March19th 2006 By David Cornstalk a response to: Cherokee Chief Moves to Remove Cherokee Citizenship

In response to the racist decrees of the “ White Cherokees ” which denies citizenship and recognition of the “ Black Cherokees ” 25 members of the Black Caucus led by U.S. Rep. Diane Watson signed a letter requesting that the Bureau of Indian Affairs investigate the circumstances surrounding the discrimination of “ Black Cherokees ”. They have introduced H.R. 2824 which is a bill seeking to remove federal recognition of the Cherokee Nation and to deny them all government allocated funds.

If the “ White Cherokees ” continue to refuse the “ Black Cherokees ” the rightto integrate with full and equal access to the greater Cherokee Nation to whom they belong then the U.S. Government will only be left with two logical alternatives.

1. The establishment and recognition of two separate but equal entities being the “ Black Cherokee Nation ” and the “ White Cherokee Nation ”

2. The dissolution of the federally recognized Cherokee Nation in accordance with historical,cultural and genetic evidences which negate the existence ofan authentic Cherokee Nation.

The British policies of containment through genetic warfare have produced pockets of R1B Y-Chromosome in the Cameroon. Actor and son of a Cameroon Prince Yaphet Kotto sheds some light on the subject. Kotto recently revealed evidence that he is a descendant of British Prince Albert Edward the VII who had an illicit affair with Princess Nakande the daughter of King Doualla Manga Bell the relationship produced the lighter skinned Alexander Bell who is Yaphet Kotto’s great grandfather.

By (Amir) Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani
HaKhan Ibn Musa;SNP(M267)J1 CMH
Director of Research@
The Cultural Education Institute for
Innovative and Experimental Research

C.E.I. Press
Copyright July 2008

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