Are the Cherokee Racists Really Europeans?: Studying the Effects of Genetic Warfare on the Cherokee Nation – By (Amir) Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani

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Are the Cherokee Racists Really Europeans?

Studying the Effects of Genetic Warfare on the Transitional
Developments of the Cherokee Nation
By (Amir) Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani

Are the Cherokee Racists Really Europeans ?

“ In March 2007 the Cherokee Nation voted to revoke the tribal citizenship of an estimated 2,800 descendants of the people the Cherokees once owned as slaves.” – New York Times March 4th 2007.

Those rejected by the Cherokee are also known as “ Black Cherokees ” and or “ Freedmen ”. By 1835 the Cherokee were known to be the owners of more African descended slaves than any other Native-American tribe. In addition the Cherokee were often times known for the brutal mistreatmentof their slaves. An interesting point is that full blooded Cherokees rarely if at all owned slaves.

The Cherokee slave owners were the patrilineal descendants of British (European) descended males who infiltrated the tribe in a strategic policy of containment which targeted pure Cherokee males for genocide. The success of this crime against humanity is revealed in the DNA test results of present day Cherokee males of whom the vast majority are of Y-Chromosome Haplogroup R1B. R1B is distinctly a European Haplogroup accounting for 95% of Irish males and 80% amongst the British. Haplogroup R1B is universally defined by every accredited DNA testing center as the most common Y haplogroup in all of Europe.

As the inheritors of Y-Chromosome Haplogroup R1B, the modern day Cherokee male stands alone in the midst of countless Native-American tribes who are all defined by Y(MALE)Chromosome Haplogroups Q and C.( In accordance with the containment policies outlined by Willie Lynch the British descended Americans likewise targeted the African-American male with a campaign of genetic warfare which resulted in an entire generation of mulattoes who would pass on the R1B Y-Chromosome to the general African-American Male population. However due to the large numbers of African-American males entering the Americas the success or extent of replacing the original(African) Y-Chromosome which is E3A remains checked at about 30%).

Y-Chromosome Haplogroups Qand C are acknowledged as the only two authentic Native-American Haplogroups,while R is known to be the result of European admixture.

Native-American Testing of Genele Health and DNA, Accredited DNA Testing Pioneer Since 1987 stated:

“ Three major haplogroups account for 96% of Native-American Male Y-Chromosomes. The haplogroups are called Q,C and R. Haplogroups Q and C represent early Native-American founding male lineages. Haplogroup R lineages present in Native-Americans are believed by scientists to most likely have come from recent admixtures with Europeans.”

The published Y-Chromosome results of a Cherokee DNA Project recently started by family TreeDna have been posted at 100% for European Haplogroup R. MtDNA(Matrilineal) Haplogroups define maternal lineages. Native-Americans belong to one of 5 MtDNA Haplogroups which are classified as A,B,C,D, or X. Cherokee MtDNA results are dominated by European Haplogroup H. In fact acccording to the early test results of the FamilyTreeDNA, Cherokee DNA Project
only one Cherokee participant tested positive for an authentic Native-American MtDNA(matrilineal) Haplogroup(C),while the remaining results were all positive for a number of European haplogroups with the majority recorded as H.

All of the DNA results mentioned above support the fact that at one point the original Cherokee males of Haplogroups Qand C were exterminated and replaced by European males who are the carriers of Y-Chromosome R1B. The male offspring of the European fathers(Y-Chromosome R1B) and the original Cherokee mothers (X-Chromosome A,B,C,D,and X) would then bring European wives into the tribe thus accounting for the dominance of European MtDNA(maternal) Haplogroup H amongst the modern day Cherokee women. This process helped reduce the ratio or percentage of the original Cherokee women who were the carriers of the authentic Native-American MtDNA Haplogroups A,B,C,D and X and thus the genocidal policies of European genetic warfare not only targeted Cherokee males but Cherokee females as well. In the same manner that the freedmen are referred to as “Black-Cherokees” the so-called modern day Cherokee should be referred to as “White-Cherokees” for they are just as much European as the “Black-Cherokees” are African.

The European genetic takeover of the Cherokee Nation began in 1673 as the English realized the value of developing a trading alliance with the Cherokee which would allow them to bypass some of the other Indian tribes who were serving as middlemen for most trade routes and transactions. In order to secure the trading alliance with the Cherokee many of these English traders began taking Cherokee wives. The number of these intermarriages were so great that it is historically acknowledged as the source of corrupting the native Cherokee
matrilineal clan system as the European husbands demanded full patrilineal rights thereby refusing the Cherokee woman’s tribal right to claim property,children and inheritance.

As the European male presence began to grow within the Cherokee Nation the original Cherokee males were being forcibly taken from the tribe for slaughter and enslavement. This policy was strongly supported by Governor Moore of South Carolina who decreed the right to assault,kill,destroy and enslave as many Cherokees as possible.

The destruction and or removal of the original Cherokee males from the Cherokee Nation resulted in the “ mysterious” disappearance of the traditional Cherokee social structure known as the Red-White system of elders. This system was based on a council which is divided into a peace faction (Talalewequa) and a war faction (Danawa). Debating between the two factions would ultimately lead to the appropraite method for addressing conflict.

Between 1820 and 1863 the Cherokee Nation fully transitioned to a European based social structure. 1820 marked the founding of the modern Cherokee Nation. In 1821, a Cherokee named Sequoyah introduced a written language designed to eliminate illiteracy. Sequoyah was the son of Nathaniel Gist and the grandson of Christopher Gist the latter being an English explorer who served as a scout for George Washington. Sequoyah’s great grandfather Richard Gist helped plot the city of Baltimore. Sequoyah was also known as George Gist. In addition to Sequoyah’s efforts a number of University teachers arrived from the Northeast. These were accompanied by a new influx of Christian missionaries. The Cherokee beneficiaries
of the “ teach and preach” policies became known as progressives.

In 1827, the Cherokee constitution which was modeled after the U.S. Constitution was established and a Cherokee version of Amazing Grace became the National Anthem. The following year in 1828 John Ross became the Chief of the Cherokee Nation. He was the son of a Scotsman named Daniel Ross. His mother was ¾ Scottish and ¼ Cherokee making the prominent Chief 7/8 White and 1/8 Cherokee. Ross served as Chief until his death in 1866. John Ross earlier served as a Lieutennant fighting under the command of general and future President Andrew Jackson during the U.S. War against the Creek tribe known as the Battle of Horsehoe Bend in which 600 Creek warriors were killed.

President Jackson later signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 which intended to relocate the Cherokee Nation to lands in Oklahoma. This led to the 1836 Treaty of Echota which gave the Cherokee Nation $ 5,700,000 and lands in Oklahoma in exchange for the relinquishing of rights to all lands East of the Mississippi. On May 26th 1838, 17,000 Cherokee and 2,000 of their Black Slaves departed for Oklahoma in what became known as the Trail of Tears.

Once settled in Oklahoma many Cherokees became merchants, bankers and lawyers while others worked with their African descended slaves on farms and ranches. The Cherokee Nation went on to establish the first free and compulsory school system and the first institution of higher learning West of the Mississippi River. The Cherokee were so successful that the people of Oklahoma would often say that “ The Cherokee all became White ”. This held true in both the literal and metaphoric sense,as the Cherokee Nation became both genetically and culturally White. It is also commonly stated that all Whites in Oklahoma are part Cherokee.

The original and authentic Cherokee Nation no longer exists and that which is recognized by the U.S. Government as “ The Cherokee Nation ” should be referred to as that of the “ White Cherokees ”.

According to David Cornstalk the son of a Cherokee father and a White mother and of whom is an advocate for the recognition and equality of “ Black Cherokees”:

“ The most common degree of Cherokee blood amongst the Cherokee Nation is 1/32 with nearly 90% of the tribe being less than ¼ Cherokee.”

In other words these peculiar arguments regarding Indian identity and preservation of blood lineages and tribal culture are being made by persons who are themselves of low blood degree and culturally not Cherokee and are for all intent and purposes White. In fact the dissenting justice in the Allen case Darell Matlock is only 1/16 Cherokee, yet in his dissent he talks about the preservation of Indian identity while he is married to a White woman,does not speak the Cherokee language, is not phenotypically identifiable as an Indian.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. But lets get real. If someone who is 15/16 White is going to make arguments about preserving Indian identity there has to be a laugh in there somewhere.” African-Native American Genealogy Forum, Sunday March19th 2006 By David Cornstalk a response to: Cherokee Chief Moves to Remove Cherokee Citizenship

In response to the racist decrees of the “ White Cherokees ” which denies citizenship and recognition of the “ Black Cherokees ” 25 members of the Black Caucus led by U.S. Rep. Diane Watson signed a letter requesting that the Bureau of Indian Affairs investigate the circumstances surrounding the discrimination of “ Black Cherokees ”. They have introduced H.R. 2824 which is a bill seeking to remove federal recognition of the Cherokee Nation and to deny them all government allocated funds.

If the “ White Cherokees ” continue to refuse the “ Black Cherokees ” the rightto integrate with full and equal access to the greater Cherokee Nation to whom they belong then the U.S. Government will only be left with two logical alternatives.

1. The establishment and recognition of two separate but equal entities being the “ Black Cherokee Nation ” and the “ White Cherokee Nation ”

2. The dissolution of the federally recognized Cherokee Nation in accordance with historical,cultural and genetic evidences which negate the existence ofan authentic Cherokee Nation.

The British policies of containment through genetic warfare have produced pockets of R1B Y-Chromosome in the Cameroon. Actor and son of a Cameroon Prince Yaphet Kotto sheds some light on the subject. Kotto recently revealed evidence that he is a descendant of British Prince Albert Edward the VII who had an illicit affair with Princess Nakande the daughter of King Doualla Manga Bell the relationship produced the lighter skinned Alexander Bell who is Yaphet Kotto’s great grandfather.

By (Amir) Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani
HaKhan Ibn Musa;SNP(M267)J1 CMH
Director of Research@
The Cultural Education Institute for
Innovative and Experimental Research

C.E.I. Press
Copyright July 2008

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76 thoughts on “Are the Cherokee Racists Really Europeans?: Studying the Effects of Genetic Warfare on the Cherokee Nation – By (Amir) Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani”

  1. christianity =slavery
    after 1492 for moors/muurs/on our land here
    enslaved on our own land by red indians ,but ub c their complexion aan u know who turns red,,land theft replacement era is over
    people should watch
    prince uriel bey axis grid consciousness-you tube
    incunabla[ancient people] section of library of congress
    state department,,meredith quinn time walker,sharaka nation,,,american history is robbery
    we have irefutable evidence backed by these govt agencies records .we know not to believe what they feed the public an i meam we know what the fez wearers know frozen in 32 degrees,who wore the first feathers or fez,as national headress unremovable in courtrooms.i know see why the cherokees that live in nyc housiong projects from peekskill res be soooo mad cause they arent respected as traditional cherokees cause they darkskin.everyone didnt get marched to oklahoma.people come off reservation an take european names assimilating into the public signing in as black or hispanic with ss card ,in marriage or not .the land given to shinnicock in long island was barren .they were denied gaming licenses on their own land until nyc you cannot sign in as native american an get welfare or health insurance given to poor people who sign in as black or hispanic or white,the indiginous aboriginal is not in the 13-14 amendment,so cannot be taken to city state courts only federal


    1. Oh yeah just to let ya know…. I am a Cherokee mixed blood from the Cherokee of Mexico where OUR story as Cherokees BEGAN, you see on the PACIFIC COAST of Mexico we are documented on the Mayan Pyramids that date back as far as 1,000 BC. And if anyone wants to disprove or prove it JUST take a trip down there and visit there Yourself in Person and reach out and TOUCH it, and then take a picture next to them. Many Blessings, Aho!

  3. Sounds like many of you are a bunch of loosers! I am a Melungeon/Cherokee/Saponi/Sioux/White/Black. Like it or lump it I am park Cherokee and will claim it all I want. Not all of us mixed Cherokee are looking for a hand-out of money or land. Nor do we care if you so-called “full-blooded” will accept us or not. But let’s set the record straight that us mixed ones are just as good as the rest of you.

    1. Im German Swedish Czechoslovakian Lithuanian Black Dutch and Native American Cherokee from the great state of Oklahoma! But I’m most proud of being related to Wenceslaus II of Bohemia. My great grandfather from Oklahoma Anthony Sukenis owned a coal mine in the 60s in Oklahoma and fought tirelessly for the representation of workers rights. Does it really matter the content of your blood? We are all part of this great family of humanity and we owe it to each other to accept our lineages with humility. But I do have the cherokee bump and that is something i will forever be proud of. And yes i have a master mason fez hat eagle fathers and a marble beetle made by my ancestors 😉

  4. AS U NOTICE THE WORD CHEROKEE IS euro L;AST AN A WORD LIKE EGYPT MIS PROnOUNCED CAUSE THE EUROPEANS COULDNT PRONOUNCE I tsalagi RIGHT ,,NO ONE HAS ,MENTIONED TSALAGI .THE WOR THAT COULDNT BE PRONOUNCED THAT SOUNDED LIKE CHEROKEE ,NO ONE SAYS THEY ARE THAT OR SHARAKA ,SO IT LIKE NATIVE IS A CORPORATION TERM AGREED TO,HOW ABOUT aniYUNWIYA PEOPLE,SOMETHING THATS BEFORE THE LAND WAS INVADED IN 1492..THESE ARE NAMES NOT THE TITLE THEY WERE SWITCHED FROM..NOTICE THEY ARE TO CALLL THE EUROPEAN WHITE BY SKIN COLOR ON THEIR OWN LAND n call us black ,,this is camels eye treaty sellin out the muurs .dakota sioux never surrendered .,,the o nes called indians are the muurs.all post 1492 terms replave the ani yunwiya the real people of the land ,,all after is not real.tthe womb is taken to take the land .the word does have as a sacredness 2 them to it cause they name cars an trucks after those driiven off their land
    ethnicaly xcleansed s moors/muurs,grenada..cordoba, maxima cresada ,chief pontiac,,ajax,navajo,bonneville,cordoba/va/ an all army helicoptors except the cobra ,black hawk down

    whoever calls him white grants him ur land the oriiginal indiginous did not call no one white man like on tv ,thats from fear rapes stress duress coersion of da mind/ment
    chief buick

    1. Ali Bey, you are right we called ourselves aniyunwiya. The invaders were introduced to most tribes by their neighbors. The creek, I understand called us cherokee therefore the euro’s did too. I think this could be true of our towns too. Case in point we call each other name based on what one does. Your most recent notable feat. Unegas want to call us something, generally we give it no mind. We are now called cherokees, a name that could have been used by the Cheraw at one time. Also, during wars people were adopted. So what does DNA prove? We are a people, we know each other, I doubt that our early ancestors were mediterainian. This is just more attempts for the US to weasel out of more agreements. I ask that you join with us to fight tyrrany.

  5. The Cherokee Nation of Mexico accepts enrollment from ALL Cherokee descendants regardless or color or religious preference.

    The Cherokee Nation of Mexico is officially recognized by the Republic of Mexico, one of three countries – Canada, the United States and Mexico, which make up all of North America. The Cherokee Nation of Mexico and the Spanish Dominion was first recognized in the 1700s and was spiritually mandated in 1842 by one of the most influential of Native Americans, the great Cherokee intellect, educator and freedom activist – Sequoyah.

    Osiyo, welcome to every person of a good heart.

    It is with pleasure we welcome you and your families and friends to our tribe. We want to thank you for your interest in the Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah. We are a growing celebration of Cherokee heritage and look forward with great happiness to you becoming a member of our tribe and joining in the fun.

    Over the past 10 years, we have been a source for those who feel the need of wanting to enjoy the Cherokee culture and to take pride in its history, and the many wonderful stories about the Cherokee ancestors have come from people and families just like yours.

    All of every person’s stories are priceless among all Cherokees, as we respect all of those persons who came before us; their stories activate a commonality in the sense of belonging to a tribe and a bond of friendship through the experience of family historys. For this is the spirit which binds us all together.

    Our membership procedure is strictly a process that allows us to document and organize the large numbers of interested applicants. The first step is this simple membership application. This will allow us to contact you and learn more about you and your family.

    This easy to fill out application will allow us to create a Cherokee name based upon talking to you and reading your family stories, or if you already have a Cherokee name that you have outgrown, we can get to know you and, through the winds that carry all things good, we will work with you to rename you. Most people prefer our White Chief to name them, as that seems to be a correct name fit every time.

    All new members will also be a part of one of the seven clans of the Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah so that when you come to our festivities and gatherings, you will have a chance to meet with other clan members, the same as it was done thousands of years ago.

    Every year there will be gatherings and ceremonies performed by the tribe, and all family members of any age are welcome, for that is what the Cherokees are about, “togetherness of the people”. In ancient times, should the parents die, it was impossible to be an orphan, for the Cherokees had no word for orphan; all the adults are the mothers and fathers of the children– in fact, grandmothers and grandfathers were interchangeable as needed by the circumstances of life’s changes.

    Please return this application via email or postal mail and the White Chief, Waterhawk Garrett himself, will read it and respond to your application, and be in communication with you, to lead you on the white path back to the tribe of your ancestors.

    “Look forward to uplifting times.”

    Regan Waterhawk Garrett
    The White Chief of
    Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah

    copyright © 2012 Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah

  6. pace quod insula regan water hawk garrett an to harold
    shukran for your overstanding chief waterhawk an harold gratias/shukran/wah do where is the application that you speak of located,i will connect with you through your face book through the our ngo office after i comment here,,for the record can you explain to the people what white means in the text that your are using it, an what is the white path ,in mayan astrology im the white cosmic wind by born day ,the born traveler i afrikan astrlogy ,and set in kemetian astrology i have 6 fingers on my leeft hand ,but they cut off the sixth when i was born ,yall have read this tricky language carfeully so you can see how the people in america are not white by skin color an you are by the land that is yours ,now the moors in africa can se the trickery of 1314 amendment color of law an why the muur sstripped to negro mstatus claimed them se;lf forcibly out of the white status,,from what i conveyed this would mea that afte 1865 genocide on the indiginou not signed into negro increased into the west with kkk activiy attacking the south .kkk attacking negroes indians siciians catholicks, the army an negro buuffalo soldiers attacking the indiginous wet of the must read time walker by meredith quinn,not on internet.
    the language is very high llevel beautiful language before english 1828 , yes i will be honored to join you cause we already one fighting imperialism an european jurisdiction on our land as e a;lso close ranks to HELP FIGH GLOBAL SLAVERY TODAY OF INDIGINOUS PEOPLE WITH OPTIMUS DIVINU REGINA GENE MATER VENITA BENITEZ SO IT S SAID I IS DONE THT WE CALLCOME TOGHEHER TO FIGHT WITH HAROLD ,VENITA BENITEZ AN FORM AN ALLIANCE with cherokee nation an be an honoray member being i am minister of information of all the nations in the ngo at this time an am unifying with all indiiginous muurs from our united nations seat disputing the doctrine of discovery there an from oas ,,organization of american states , in which mexico is one ,al the countries are the original states beforeth 48 -50 state of chaos us land grab by private corporations fraudulently operating under demo color of law admiralty maritime tht fund this vortex an foces the flesh an blood to cllaim its dead by bbreaching a trustt hey dot kow they have ,,they are told its jus a birth certificate an social securiy not its just a situts trust an a lien an insurance on that is he ss card who numbers on back match th numbers under the dollar bill blaack seal of frb banks in 12 states,,everybodys adress is rally 55 water street..we wil be ooperating out of indiginous offices at the embassy au gansuul andd xi hau nasub on face book
    shiek minister chief cacique noble terrell ali bey MINISTER OF INFORMATION AMUURICAN GANSUL EMBASSY NGO 37801 UNITED NATIONS ,NEW YORK GENEVA
    seat #215 washitaw nation yamasee nation 9eocm noge 145 street edgecomb fort greene al muurs/moors estate executors secured party creditors,, once again wah do

  7. shukran gratins to optimus rex jah dey an the staff at rast livewire for bringing all of us muurs/moors back together its now or never we close rank,rasta livewire is posted om stormfront antheey not here denying much any moor .we occupy there intelligence with them having no defense o our first move o ches board ,,to take back the white position an put the bleac on color defense is a blance buster for them to adjust to be without thier create illusion being inferior cause of pale skin being strawmen

  8. I totally disagree with the fact that all the Native American males carrying Q were totally eliminated. I carry the Q chromosome. However, I look African American. The truth is the most Native Americans originated from places like Egypt. You can not believe everything Americans put out their. My mother’s grandfather was white but according to dna I have no European ancestry; however I have European cousins that does not have Native nor African American ancestry. Now this is with a 96% accuracy. This is possible because of the African admixture in the European continent being classified as simply Eastern or Western European which basically is deceptive.

    1. That’s right you can’t believe everthing the white scientists say, that is why the Native Americans oral histories all say they came directly from the Earth or clay, created by their own Gods, and NOT Egypt. Why would the indigenous people trade one false history for another?!

  9. The R1B haplogroup is dominant in Western Europe but is also found in Central Asia (to the East of the Caspian and the Urals) and in the Middle East and South Asia. It is also found in Africa, which represents the return of some Asian population or other to the homeland of all modern humans. The R1b group is not limited to Cherokees regardless of what Cherokees may have done to their slaves or Europeans to Cherokees–it is spread across a vast area of North America, just as the C haplogroup is, and much the same territory, in fact.

    Look at a map of the distribution of R1b among American natives–they stretch across most of Canada and the Eastern United States in a giant cornucopia-shape of Alkonquin peoples. Not only are they far too numerous to be the result of breeding with Europeans, they are clearly spread out in the same pattern as the C haplotype which you acknowlege to be “Real Natives”–pointing to their origin in Asia. The Q group was the earliest into North America and South America and evidently followed a coastal route. It dominates heavily. The C haplotype and the R1B haplotypes came later and followed an inland route that ended on the East Coast.

    No genocidal policies were inflicted on the natives of this vast area. Some Europeans may have breed with native women but they were probably the widows of men killed in war or by diseases inadvertantly carried to the New World from the Old.

    There is no evidence of sysematic genocide anywhere although some particularly divious persons may have desired it and suggested it, such as Lord Amherst, a French Canadian nun (!) and some of the authorities who did give smallpox infected blankets to the Indians in XIXth century Manitoba as part of their treaty goods. But the R1b haplogroup covers an area as large as the Great Plains. The French were not genocida and they barely had any slaves, about half of whom were black, and half natives purchased from the natives. In total there were only about 4,000 of these, half and half, as observed.

    Slavery, fur trading, plague and constant low level warfare, which is known to oblige the pre-agricultural tribes that practice it to increase their population by taking women and children from their enemies may have spread some R1b genes from Europe but the French freed all Dutch and Englsh slaves which they bought from the Indians and did not practice genocide dispute some grumbling from racists. None of the factors which lead to the spread of European genes in native populations were universal in the area where R1B dominates or where C dominates (very much the same regions with a lot of overlap), so there is no way the majority of the native R1b genes could be European, the result of racism and genocide (on the whole) or anything like responsible for this native gene pool’s existence. On the contrary, the native haplotypes, A, B, C, D and X, as well as R1b, all originated in Asia and you can see how they spread from a glance at a map of their current distribution.

    Indo-Europeans constitute the bulk of Old World R1b groups but ironically, some of the Indians of the New World ARE related to Europeans but not because of anything genocidal. Some of the original Central Asian R1b haplogroup bearers are still near where they originated, others went West to Europe, South East to Pakistan and Indian, East to North America and one group left a comet shape spread across the Sahara and the Sahel.

    In short, R1b is as American as pumpkin pie. You can not distinguish between R1b haplotypes from Europe or from the other six continents (including scientists in Antartica unless you look at recent mutations and sub-clades not shared by the other populations in Asia, Europe, the Americas and even Indonesia and Western Austalia. Odd that. The Europeans settled Australia from the East. Who settled it from the West? The ancestors of the Aboriginals, that’s who. In North America, the naive R1b men came from the North West, the Europeans from the North East.

    There are many plain errors in this article. H does not dominate Cherokee females–it is quite as rare as Jewish genes among the Cherokee. I can not accept that genocide was widespread enough to change an area the size of a sub-contient and stretchng from the northern territories of Canada (where the population is well over 80-90% native and unmolested until very recently by any white policies including well-meaning ones). There are simply too many R1b natives today for European males to have fathered them all or even most of them. Cherokees are only one population in this vast trumpet shaped zone. The Ojibways of Canada and the North East are related to them, but the Navaho are related tot the Athabaskans of Canada according both to their genes and their oral history. The Cherokees are peripheral to this giant but thinly populated area.

    I am sorry the Cherokee expelled the descendants of their slaves. Our own native tribes in Canada have been expelling many people as well (mostly those white men married into the tribe recently or people of both sexs descended in female lines). Male sex confers race to this mindset, apparenty Mothers do not (which is very odd in matriarchal societies such as the Seven Nations of Canada). This sort of thing does involve serious racism but so do overblown concerns of racial purity and national homogeneity. So do claims of genocide and genocidal intent aimed at anybody, even white people.

    I have read quite a lot about haplogroups and genes as part of the background to my family tree. My own direct male ancestor carries an E1b Y-chromosome which means the densest populations of my male clan is among Somalians, Moroccaan Berbers, and the Tuareg tribe built and are now seeming set upon destroying the great private libraries of Timbuctoo.

    I see a lot of racism on sites that discuss the new genetic data, from those who share my haplogroup and from those who are from other haplogroups But remember, the Y chromosome only has 17 genes and the tests do not touch those–they look at the junk DNA–the genes are virtually identical in all men and many other species of mammal for that matter. We share genes, virtually identical genes, with apes, horses, mice and even bananas and bacteria. They do much the same jobs in every species.

    Please, drop the racism and errors, all of you. Only one of my our 1,024 ancestors in the 10th generation before us gives a man his Y chromosome or a woman or man their maternal DNA. At 20 generations that becomes on person in a million.

    Most of our ancestors don’t leave us any genes. Every time the DNA is mixed, half of it is lost to the lineage. Most lines leave no descendents. Those of us lucky enough to be alive are the winners of a great lottery. That is why we can all trace our ancestry to the same Y-chromosome Adam and the same mitochondria Eve, both Africans who lived not far from where my African E1b 1b1 etc., ancestor was born.

    Note also that there are may E haplogroups still entirely in Africa and the 30% of Afro-Americans who carry some European DNA are matched by a mixture of other African lineages of the E type, as well as Arab, Asian and other ancestors, including that anomalous but sturdy lineage of R1b African males who share their ancestor with the Cherokee and many other nations and tribes of the world from Ireland to Australia, from Quebec to the Sahara, and beyond.

    Again I am sorry native Americas are being so racist to people who should count as family, neighbours and friends. Don’t be like them.

    1. How dare you blame the Native Americans for being “so racist” . Are you Crazy or something?! They are not racist, why should they continue to support the descendant their slaves forever? Does America? Has America ever paid reparations for their slavery days?! No, they haven’t , and why should the Cherokee! They have plenty of members that have African ancestry! Also the USA did commit genocide on the Native Americans thru out right murder and ethnic cleansing , to genocidal policies and legislation. The reason their is so much one sided mixing and natives with haplogroup R1b is because of the genocide of the men and the rape of their women. R1b is NOT a Native American haplogroup. If it was it would of been found in the thousands of remains found in the Americas since Haploid testing first started. The Oldest true Native American haplo is Q and then C only. But Q and C can also be found in the old world with different haplo types. Instead of blaming the Natives for being racists, why don’t you blame the whites who brought these racist policies and invented blood quantum and forced it on the Natives!

  10. To be short and succinct, this article is one of the most unscientific pieces of junk I’ve ever seen, riddled with illogical assumptions and predetermined conclusions. The author really needs to research this more to understand genetics. The R1b haplogroup is VAST in the native population across the North American continent. There is no way under the sun that a select few Europeans interbred with them and produced that result. What a crackpot of an article!

    1. Are you forgetting that there is Zero evidence for R1b in the Ancient remains found? Thousands of remains from thousands of years at all time periods? There has never been r1b found pre Columbus time. You are also forgetting that in the beginning from North America to South America in the at first contact and before when there was sporadic contact it was just men , making contact with the Natives and their women, the Hudson Bay co., the Dutch trading co , there is more but I can’t remember their names. There were thousands of traders on their own who made contact to trade with different tribes so it is completely possible to spread R1b, especially because with the Native Men were dying off from Genocide, Wars, and disease. If the Haplogroup R1b was one of the founding genetic markets it would be found in pre contact burials from Berengia to South America, it would not be the Same exact R1b with the same subtypes as the European explorer/settlers. It would be closer in appearance to the Basal haplogroup R found in the Malta -1 child found in Siberia, at 24,000 years old who the Native Americans are autosomally related to, think about it for a sec, if it was in the Americas for thousands of years like Haplogroup Q, it would look nothing like the modern European R1b , with No diversity because it is only at most, 500 years old.

      1. So the Europeans made sure only R1b
        (not R1a, G, or I) mated. They only chose tribes that spoke a certain language, and they only chose the European x haplogroup women to be in the same tribes. Geneticists can tell what family you came from in what country. They could easily tell if the R1b is
        European or not. R1-173 is not in Europe.

  11. Factious garbage born to confound the state. And your wrangling Arabian talents, formed for herding sheep up for a debate. Curtail your tongue, nor logically vain and empirically mad, tirade the sovereign reign. Do we not know terrorist! The man who does the least, upbraids the most? Dont compare us to your fiefs, Or let your lips profane the name of chief. While the miscegenated granted wealth on the general load, what besides detraction have yours’ bestowed? Suppose everyone their rapine might resign, are you that man? Could your spoils been mine!

  12. This post isn’t historically accurate, and contains quite a bit of theorization that I wish was stated as such, rather than as fact. But hey, you can’t always get what you want.

    I’ve read elsewhere that Cherokee DNA test results suggest European ancestry. This is like due to just that: European ancestry.

    That doesn’t imply that Europeans, as a tactic of genetic warfare or out-breeding, infiltrated* the tribe at large to insert their genes. People did not simply infiltrate, though the ancestors of the Cherokee welcomed many outsiders into the tribe, simply assigning them to the clan specifically designated for outsiders (since clans are denote family of origin). The clans intermarried (for a long time, custom dictated it) but a systemic genetic infiltration would never have been possible either under the practical political circumstances or* ancient tribal custom.

    There is* an instance in history that is close to what the OP suggests, though, and that is the mass rape and breeding of Africans and African Americans, which did cause European ancestry to be introduced primarily during times of slavery and on the male side.

    Cherokee ancestry shows European lineage going wayyyy back before all that. It’s also noteworthy that the eyes of the Cherokee are creased in a way that is common to those who are not primarily of Asian descent.

    This is contradictory to the theory/generalization that all Native Americans are descended from Asian migrants… given the genetic evidence it’s more reasonable to deduce that the migrants were not all Asian, though no doubt lots of mating and genetic mixing did ensue, changing and making similar much of the “look” common to indigenous Americans today, despite separate and distinct tribes and tribal groups retaining their integrity as such.

    That would explain why you might find DNA common to people of Asian descent in the mitochondrial DNA but not so much in the rest of the Cherokee genome. It’s important to note that any time a woman has a child, she is the provider of the child’s mitochondrial DNA, sometimes referred to as matrilineal DNA… and that is passed down from her own mother…So during the natural mating and migratory processes that went on over time, the only DNA that would remain virtually unchanged would be the mitochondrial DNA which is pretty much the same mitochondrial DNA that belonged to our most distant grandma. And that could easily be markedly different from the majority DNA existing within a group which is is genetically distinct from the majority around them. Think about it. Every time any woman of Asian descent entered the tribe all* of her children would carry her mitochondrial DNA and all* of her girl children would pass it on. Asian ancestry could be a small portion of most Cherokee’s DNA and yet the mitochondrial DNA might be mostly of Asian descent… the same way that an African American with two black parents could have mitochondrial DNA which indicates Asian descent. If that is the only DNA they liked at they might be confused to be identified as Asian BUT if any of their mothers’ mothers’ mothers were Native American with Asian ancestry… then that would explain it.

    That ruling that excluded the descendants of Americans of African descent who were Cherokee slaves from receiving tribal benefits might be seen as weird or exclusionary from an outsiders perspective but did you ever wonder how many of those descendants of Africans/ African Americans enslaved by the Cherokee now automatically meet federal requirements of tribal inclusion after generations of tribal membership and genetic mixing? You only need a single relative who registered themselves as Native during the Dawes period to legally receive tribal benefits… that means just one marriage or instance of mating with a member of the tribe whose family wasn’t enslaved… to automatically qualify. Making a special ruling which was meant to include the descendants of the enslaved (and separate paperwork and federal tribal status) no longer a necessity for including all members of the community in tribal benefits.

  13. Also where the OP got the information that the Cherokee were especially cruel to those they held as slaves is not supported beyond slavery itself being cruel. They were not on the same level of violence, restriction or degradation and dehumanization as their white counterparts. African Americans enslaved by the Cherokee were considered citizens and even those who practiced the form or ‘style’ of slavery so popular in the south (which dictated keeping the enslaved in shackles) have been noted by white observers and historians at the time to have kept them unusually loose and unfitted compared to the whites. If you’re going to write fiction, mark it as such.

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