The Coming Regime Change in Iran: by Abdulkadir X – Rasta Livewire Commentator

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The Coming Regime Change in Iran – By Abdulkadir X

US President Barack Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that Tehran had admitted to the UN nuclear watchdog that it had built a second uranium enrichment plant. This announcement was followed by urgent calls to Iran to accede to stricter international supervision and monitoring of its nuclear program.

This latest revelation has also raised war tensions and fears of a military strike against the Iranian nuclear facility by either Israeli or America forces. However, the US Defense Secretary Robert Gates last Friday, ruled out the possibility of random military strike against Tehran’s nuclear program, as this would only delay the program by about one to three years.

Gates however stated that,”… the only way you end up not having a nuclear capable Iran is for the Iranian government to decide that their security is diminished by having those weapons as opposed to strengthened,” he said.

In decoded terms he is saying that there remains only the option for regime change in Iran, if the regime does not volunatarily and convincingly demonstrate that it has eschewed its goal to develop nuclear technical expertise, then there would be a war to change and replace that regime. The only way the Iranian government would decide that “their security is diminshed..” is when its very existence comes under threat by international forces.

This is the very essence of the Bush doctrine, “you are either with us, or against us…” and “if you are against us, you get the preemptive strike!”

The Attackers, the facilitators:

I am getting convinced that the Iranian government will have to face the regime change test soon enough. It may come from Israel, it may start with the U.S. but it appears that with the revelation of another secret Iranian nuclear facility, the hour may have passed for any meaning diplomacy and trust-building. The count down begins October 1, 2009.

President Obama has also ramped up the heat by giving the Iranian regime notice of the ultimatium it will be facing come this October 1st 2009 from the international community. This might be that first “major test” of Obama that V.P. Joe Biden spoke about during the election campaign. The then V.P. contestant had initimated that shortly after the inauguaration of the President Obama, there will be some major crisis incidence to test his mettle and resolve.

The E.U powers of Germany, France and Britain are illuminati controlled systems that has been set up to ensure the continued dominance of a so-called white supremacy system. The old colonial powers of the world are simply not going to roll over and allow some new “off-white” kid on the block (like Ahmedinajad of Iran) to become the new bully of the region. Iran is damn too close to Europe, even closer to Israel to be allowed to become some sort of sovereign threatening power block.

Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu has been going back and forth like the proverbial devil of the old seeking whom to convince and where to commence this anticipated catastrophic battle.

Russia has waffled on several occassions about its true intentions and loyalties. It appears to want a diplomatic solution, but then it appears to be miffed by Iranian intransigence, but then again it appears it sees a business opportunity in the arms sales that would result in the wake of the wars. Russia is already in a contract to upgrade Iranian air-defence system and in line with this obligation, it is due to delivery to Iran some dozens of S300 anti-aircraft missile system.

China says one thing and does the other. What is clear however, is that China is prepared to go along with any ultimate decision reached between the west and Israel on the fate of Iran. It would want to demonstrate that “it is a responsible member of the international community which is keenly aware of the weight of that very responsibility”. In decoded terminolgy, China is another highly westernized (read communist) illuminati controlled illusion. When the chips are down it always sides with the West. In this coming hulf war fracas, China would not want to side with the obvious losing side against the obvious winning side. The Chinese are simply that practical. They are good business people even if they are also communists.

Last Chance for Diplomacy:

All said, it appears that one last chance for peace hovers in the horizon on the 1st of October 2009, and that is that if Iran accedes to Western demands there will be peace. It will be a bloodless coup for the West and the rude boy of the region would have been humiliated and the older bigger boys gratified.

That is not likely to happen. The mullahs are too entrenched in their positions to back down now.

Gates suggested that said while the United States would not rule out the use of force, there was still time for diplomacy and sanctions to persuade Iran to give up uranium enrichment work that Washington believes is designed to develop nuclear weapons.

“While you don’t take options off the table, I still think there’s room left for diplomacy.”

There may be room, but the space is getting perilously thinner with each passing minute. The whole world should watch with anticipation as President of the United States of America, leads the “free world” to deal with this nuclear crisis. Considering how close Obama has become to the Kennedy family, how he has been often compared to John F. Kennedy whom Obama also confesses to admiring a great deal, isn’t this Iranian-made nuclear crisis just sooo reminiscent of the days of John F. Kennedy and the Cuban/Russian missile crisis? Isn’t it?

AbdulKadir X
September 27, 2009

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