Ancient African Kings Of India – By Dr. Clyde Winters

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Ancient African Kings Of India


Dr. Clyde Winters

Ethiopians have had very intimate relations with Indians. In fact, in antiquity the Ethiopians ruled much of India. These Ethiopians were called the Naga. It was the Naga who created Sanskrit.

A reading of ancient Dravidian literature which dates back to 500 BC, gives us considerable information on the Naga. In Indian tradition the Naga won central India from the Villavar (bowmen) and Minavar (fishermen).

The Naga were great seamen who ruled much of India, Sri Lanka and Burma. To the Aryans they described as half man and snake. The Tamil knew them as warlike people who used the bow and noose.

The earliest mention of the Naga, appear in the Ramayana , they are also mentioned in the Mahabharata. In the Mahabharata we discover that the
Naga had the capital city in the Dekkan, and other cities spread between the Jumna and Ganges as early as 1300 BC. The Dravidian classic, the Chilappathikaran made it clear that the first great kingdom of India was

The Naga probably came from Kush-Punt/Ethiopia. The Puntites were the greatest sailors of the ancient world. In the Egyptian inscriptions there is mention of the Puntite ports of Outculit, Hamesu and Tekaru, which corresponds to Adulis, Hamasen and Tigre.

In Sumerian text, it is claimed that the Puntites traded with the people of the Indus Valley or Dilmun. According to S.N. Kramer in The Sumerians, part of Punt was probably called Meluhha, and Dilmun was probably the ancient name of the Indus Valley. (Today some scholars maintain that Oman, where we find no ancient cities was Dilmun and the Indus Valley may have been Meluhha).

Ancient Ethiopian traditions support the rule of Puntites or Ethiopians of India. In the Kebra Nagast, we find mention of the Arwe kings who ruled India. The founder of the dynasty was Za Besi Angabo. This dynasty according to the Kebra Nagast began around 1370 BC. These rulers of India and Ethiopia were called Nagas. The Kebra Nagast claims that ” Queen Makeda “had servants and merchants; they traded for her at sea and on land in the Indies and Aswan”.  It also says that her son Ebna Hakim or Menelik I, made a campaign in the Indian Sea; the king of India made gifts and donations and prostrated himself before him”. It is also said that Menalik ruled an empire that extended from the rivers of Egypt (Blue Nile) to the west and from the south Shoa to eastern India”, according to the Kebra
Nagast. The Kebra Nagast identification of an eastern Indian empre ruled by
the Naga, corresponds to the Naga colonies in the Dekkan, and on the East
coast between the Kaviri and Vaigai rivers.

The presence of Meluhhaites/ Puntites in India may expain the Greek tradition of Kusites ruling India up to the Ganges. It would also explain the Aryan traditions of Mlechchas ( Sanskrit name for some of the non-Aryan people) as one of the aboriginal groups of India. Many scholars associate the name Mlechchas with Meluhha.

The major Naga tribes were the Maravar, Eyinar, Oliyar, Oviyar, Aru-Valur and Parathavar. The Nagas resisted the invansion of the Cholas. In the Kalittokai IV,1-5, the Naga are described as being “of strong limbs and hardy frames and fierce looking tigers wearing long and curled locks of hair.” The Naga kings of Sri Lanka are mentioned in the: Mahawanso, and are said to have later become Dravidians, as testified to by the names of these people: Naganathan, Nagaratnam, Nagaraja and etc.

The major gift of the Naga to India was the writing system: Nagari.  Nagari is the name for the Sanskrit script. Over a hundred years ago Sir William Jones, pointed out that the ancient Ethiopic and Sanskrit writing are one and the same.

William Jones, explained that the Ethiopian origin of Sanskrit was supported by the fact that both writing systems the writing went from left to right and the vowels
were annexed to the consonants. Today Eurocentric scholars teach that Indians taught writing to the Ethiopians, yet the name Nagari for Sanskrit betrays the Ethiopia origin of this form of writing. Moreover, it is interesting to note that Sanskrit vowels: a,aa,’,I,u,e,o, virama etc., are in the same order as Geez.

The Ethiopian script has influenced many other writing systems. Y.M. Kobishnor, in the Unesco History of Africa, maintains that Ethiopic was used as the model for Armenian writing, as was many of the Transcaucasian scripts. Dravidian literature indicate that the Naga may have introduced worship of Kali, the Serpent, Murugan and the Sun or Krishna. It is interesting to note that a god called Murugan is worshipped by many people in East Africa.

It is interesting that Krishna, who was associated with the Sun, means Black, this is analogous to the meaning of Khons of the Kushites. Homer, described Hercules as follows: “Black he stood as night his bow uncased, his arrow string for flight”. This mention of arrows identifies the Kushites as warriors who
used the bow, a common weapon of the Kushites and the Naga.



The Naga or Ethiopians were defeated by Dravidian speaking people from Kumarinadu. Kamarinadu is suppose to have formerly existed as a large Island in the India ocean which connected India with East Africa. This landmass is mentioned in the Silappadikaram, which said that Kamarinadu was made up of seven nadus or regions. The Dravidian scholars Adiyarkunallar and Nachinaar wrote about the ancient principalities of Tamilaham, which existed on Kamarinadu.

Kumarinadu was ruled by the Pandyans/Pandians at Madurai before it
sunk beneath the sea. The greatest king of Kumarinadu was Sengoon.
According to Dravidian scholars the Pandyans worshipped the goddess Kumari Amman. This Amman, probably corresponds to the ancient god Amon of the Kushites.

The Kalittokai 104, makes it clear that after the Pandyans were forced to migrate off their Island home into South India, “to compensate for the area lost to the great waves of the sea, King Pandia without tiresome moved to the other countries and won them. Removing the emblems of tiger (Cholas) and bow (Cheras) he, in their place inscribed his reputed emblem fish (Pandia’s) and valiantly made his enemies bow to him”.


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158 thoughts on “Ancient African Kings Of India – By Dr. Clyde Winters”

  1. Why is Naga spelled with 2 “as”, only in the Nile Valley?
    Example: All over the planet the word is spelled “Naga”, however, in the Nile Valley it is spelled, “Nagaa”, and there are about 110 locations in the Nile Valley that begin as such (Nagaa-” etc “). This would imply that The Nagaa are indigenous to Nile Valley, and “Naga” are from outside the Nile Valley and possibly extended family of the Nile Valley “Nagaa”.

  2. //A reading of ancient Dravidian literature which dates back to 500 BC, gives us considerable information on the Naga. In Indian tradition the Naga won central India from the Villavar (bowmen) and Minavar (fishermen).

    Answer:No your Statement is wrong Villavar and Minavar are also Nagas it means Maravars(Villavars) and Paravas(Meenavars) are also the subsect of Naga

  3. The Nagas were Tamils from the sunken continent Kumari Kandam. Therefore they are not from Africa, this text is undocumented and looks like some kind of propaganda to steal other culture’s achievements. Africa has It’s own culture so stop trying to claim what you admire, just respect it. The Ethiopians are a Tamil’s colony sent to Africa, you could clearly see that they do not look like the Bantu’s. The Pharaoh’s were black indeed but of Tamil’s origins. Do some research instead of repeating continuously what you do not understand !

    1. Clearly you do not know that Africans do not all look like Bantus and that Africans populated the entire earth. Africans are very diverse in their appearance. Those people who inhabit East Africa today are African. Tamils did not populate Africa, but Africans populated India (Hindu/Kush; Eastern Ethiopia). Incidentally, the entire African continent used to be known as Ethiopia and the Atlantic Ocean was the Ethiopian Ocean. The language, culture, religions, place names, etc. in India today still evidence their African origin. The pharaohs of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) clearly stated that they came from the South, from the Mountains of the Moon where the god Happi dwelt – i.e. the region of the Nile Valley – (modern day Uganda, Kenya & Ethiopia). The high culture moved from the South to the North and culminated in that great civilization in Kemet. Africans from the Nile Valley as well as other parts of Africa built Kemet. Nobody needs to steal anything. Africans invented the wheel, science, mathematics, agriculture, architecture, language, script, medicine, shipping, we invented the second of arc (so you can thank Africa for you being able to tell time today), astrology, astronomy, coinage, etc., etc., etc., and yes, yoga. Go look on the temple walls in Egypt. The oldest medical and mathematical texts are from Africa, as well as the Lebombo and Ishango bones which evidence mathematics from an even more ancient time. As Africans moved out of Africa and populated the entire earth they took their knowledge with them. The Japanese, Chinese and others know that their DNA, language, etc. trace right to Africa but some people are still in the dark.

      1. You drinking the coolaid prety hard over there… invented everything huh ……. yoga too …

        It would seem, that the direction of information or disimination … would be FROM the location of the place with the oldest and or most, of the thing is question, …. TO, the location of the least of the thing in question, and thats just for starters… … …. .. … … …. … … … … … . … … and also, … … … …. … … lets say you invented the telephone, in ny in the 1900`s and speak english, and you happen to have traced your origins back to africa acuratly, and found that it was your tenth great grand father that was born there … …. …. … … my question to you is ….. ….. ….. Who invented the Telephone … and Where ….. …. ….. …. …. … ….

        sooo….. how bout that coolaid, we mess around with that stuff … thats how we stared acting like the colonists, covetious, …….. thats there thing, stealing other ppls cultures, land and ppl, thatsthere thing … grasping at straws, thats there thing, trying to rewrite history for there profit, race purposes and pleasure, to try to make up for there many short comings …. …. thats there thing.

        Logicaly speaking, all human beings originated in Africa, (this is our DNA, though not nesesarely our ABC’s) through time and cirumstance and leaving africa, the children, grand children and great grandchildren of the original africans, (the origina humans), have become, the most beautiful spectrum of diversity … and the inovations there of … (the range and variety of HIS work, is amazing) …. …. …. an a mi se … “Out of one, many” .. because they love fi turn our things upside down, to make us act upside down, and buy into there system one way, or another, willingly or un willingly ….. wittingly or un wittingly …. …. …. sometimes you dont even know your doing it … . … … dont hate the player, hate the game ….. ….. Stop playing THEIR game, … ….. sometimes you dont even know your doing it, … leave the, race, racing and racism skism to them.

        Be sensible, stick to logic and facts, this leads to truth …. … … we de ya pan di lava grounds … and nuff a dem a hype up machine …….. ….. …… …. … …. remember when bob marley se, hippocrites and paracites, will come up and take a bite
        …… so who the cap fit ……..
        … yu betta let dem wear it …

        Leave the ism skism game alone, Humble yourself, and give thanks to others …. get your head out of the “we invented, created and so eventualy own everything game” the supremecy race game, a highly pompus norrow racist covetious piont of view, its imensely stupidand destructive, not to mention greatly embarasing, to say the least, given the paradigms of diversity, predicated upon, almost anything and everything, including (and or) time itself, remember the golden rule and Forsake not, lest ye be forsaken. Give thanks, not covetiousness.

      2. Boss its interesting that you mention south and say south is africa. If only you know abt Tamil culture and its history you would understand that from Kumari kandam tamils moved to different part of the world. Kumari continent is to the south of present day tamil nadu and india. We have siva named dhakshinamurthy= god of south. Tamils=Naga migrated to africa (and after various parts of world)after tsunami.Core group which can read and write the original naga language which is tamil is in Tamilnadu.all the tribes mentioned by author is in Tamil.we can relate to it in current day tamil too. Changam literature is with Tamil. Its part of misinformation that to say from africa naga came to tamil land. Chera king has the bow and arrow as their flag. Lets be clear Naga is tamil.we have names like naganathan, nagaraj, nagappan and a place in deep south tamil nadu called nagar Kovil.

  4. it is interesting to note that sanskrit belongs to africa i would like to know more about this. the name Nagari given to sanskrit has cleared a long standing doubt of mine.
    thank you Mr. Clyde

  5. i would like to know more about the Dogons and their beliefs. particularly of their knowledge of Sirius and how they acquired such knowledge. i would like to know more about their medical texts and the VAI lang script and phonology.

  6. William Jones cannot be referred to all the time since many of his findings have now been judged to be wrong and erroneous including finding the antiquity of the Indian civilisation, and is seen as a deliberate “fraud” that was also given strength by Max Mueller. Now, gradually those accounts are being proven wrong.

  7. I guess you Africans can claim whatever you want in your blogs ok. BUT not a single Indian believes any of this and there is no historical record to prove it. Ethiopians have no connection to india or south india except for trade relationships with an empire that spanned North and East Africa. Some of Ethiopians look similar to Indians but that is because of mixture with Arabs, and anyway we Indians can always tell the difference very clearly 100% of the time.

    1. Who told Boss.. what he narrated is from Silapathigaaram and Kalithogai which has written centuries ago.. and still unknown mysteries are still in our land TAMIL NADU – birth place of everything.. u will realize it one day abut TAMIL Language..

    2. not true.

      India has a very diverse population…… much or even more so than Africa. There are actually Indian ethnic groups that look identical to Africans of all types……

      the ancient conncetions are obvious ad have been verified by Indian scholars.

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