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British School Children think that the Queen invented the Telephone

According to a recent a survey of children’s science knowledge carried by BBC News, one in 10 British children thinks the Queen invented the telephone. Another one in 10 credits the invention of the telephone to Charles Darwin and Noel Edmonds.

The poll was carried out online with a panel of 1,000 UK children in early March by OnePoll.

One in 20 of the school children polled thought Star Wars character Luke Skywalker had been the first man to set foot on the Moon. Others argued that the honour was due to Richard Branson, the Billonaire playboy owner of Virgin Airlines.

Some 60% of nine- and 10-year-olds thought that Sir Isaac Newton discovered fire, while another 16% either said he (Sir Isaac Newton) invented the internet, or discovered the solar system or America.

Barely half of boys (49%) correctly pinned down gravity as Newton’s ground-breaking discovery, compared with 76% of girls. Eight out of 10 boys correctly identified Alexander Graham Bell as the inventor of the telephone, compared with 69% of girls.

Dr Pam Waddell from Birmingham Science City in response made the understatement of the day when she said: “While some of these findings will raise a smile, it suggests that school children aren’t tuned into our scientific heroes in the same way that they might be to sporting or music legends.”

“It appears children are losing an interest in science at secondary school, so more needs to be done to excite teenagers about the subject and rekindle some of their early childhood aspirations,” she added.


What this points to, is that the programme of creating a deliberately dumbed-down school system appears to be bearing nice fruities in England, Wales and Scotland.

Many of “Her Majesty’s” future scientist would rather learn from Barbie the Doll or from Lady Gaga sooner than they would learn from Stephen Hawkins, the famous British so-called scientist.

Well, at least one can take heart that despite all the dumbing down of knowledge in Britain, the loyal serfs still have complete faith and confidence in the Royal family, as evidenced by the great respect accorded to the Queen by the British school children who apparently believe that Her Majesty, the Queen of England and Wales, actually did invent the Internet.

OguEjiOfo Annu

March 14, 2010


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