Oguejiofo Annu: Europe is about to burn over Ukraine

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The events of today in Ukraine have convinced me that a new war is about to break out in the heart of Europe. There is a struggle for the soul of Ukraine between its Russian protected ruling Party led by President Yanukovych versus the oligarchs puppets protected by the European Union led by Julia Tymeshenko, a billionaire ex-prime minister of Ukraine now in prison for corruption. Klitchko, the former world heavy weight champion is allied to this movement.

This struggle today is similar to one which occurred in Ukraine 10 years ago and was called the Orange Revolution. It began following false reports that the 2004 election between opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko and then presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych were rigged in favor of the latter. Ukrainians took to the street wearing orange ribbons in support of Yushchenko and a fair democratic process. But this was mostly a movement undertaken by the residents of the western part of the country. They are somewhat alienated from the residents of the eastern part of Ukraine.
See: http://blog.fora.tv/2014/02/how-the-orange-revolution-foreshadowed-ukraines-current-turmoil/#uItckMcK2PPERA84.99

There are ethnic Russian population in the east, and south of Ukraine, in cities like Crimea and Sevastapol. They have claimed that a genocidal plan by anti-Russian forces is in the works for them and have thus called for the protection of Russia. http://rbth.ru/news/2014/01/31/world_russian_peoples_assembly_calls_for_protection_of_sevastopol_reside_33719.html

The Orthodox Church of Russia, is solidly behind the ethnic Russians who wish to maintain continued religious and cultural contacts with Russia. The Orthodox Church is not prepared to loose a huge chunk of its territory to the forces of the Roman catholic Church represented by the protesters in the liberty Square who are demanding for “Europe”. Mr. Putin the president of Russia and the ruling elites of Russia (who wish to remain independent of the European elites) have drawn a red line in the sand over Ukraine which the European Union is not to cross. If they lose Ukraine, Europe would swallow Russia and their fortunes.

“Several organizations in Sevastopol have proposed forming a federative state, Malorossiya, and drafted an appeal to Sevastopol residents and to the local legislatures in southern, eastern and central Ukraine.”

The EU on the other hand is determined to bring Ukraine within its control. It tried a few years ago with the Orange Revolution which overthrew the present president Yanukovych and replaced him with EU controlled set of politicians including Viktor Yushchenko, and Julia Tymochenko.

That same group of politicians were soon discredited by their mindless corruption leading to a wave of counter revolution which brought back Yanukovych to power. He won power at the elections.

But the European Union wants Ukraine. The calibre of Europeans who I see going to Kiev to encourage the protesters tells me that war is imminent. Hard line European political master-minds like Bernard Levy, the philosophical master mind and apologist of European aggression has shown up in the protest ground. This man Levy is like the grim reaper. Any time he gets involved in any major project it is usually followed by war. When you see Levy, see war.

Levy talked of war in his speech to the protesters camped out in Liberty Square. He spoke of coming violence, even wars. He swore that Europe would not back down because that would signal loss of vitality which would be fatal for the European elites. Take Levy seriously, as I call him the treacherous angel of cowardly war

President Obama of United States has made threats concerning the treatment of what he calls peaceful protesters. According to reports, the United States expects Ukrainian protesters “to remain peaceful” but is holding the government of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych “primarily responsible for making sure that it is dealing with peaceful protesters in an appropriate way.” See http://en.ria.ru/world/20140220/187705063/Obama-Threatens-Consequences-if-Ukraine-Violence-Continues.html

European Union imposed sanctions on Russian officials. There is pressure on the Russian rouble as it suddenly begins to lose its value today.

In the meantime, “Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday condemned the violence in Ukraine but accused European leaders of refusing to admit that “radical elements” within the opposition are responsible for the carnage.” See http://en.ria.ru/world/20140220/187705063/Obama-Threatens-Consequences-if-Ukraine-Violence-Continues.html

The European elites and their American cousins are still smarting from their inability to finish their Syrian project due to Russian interference. This time, they have shown a determination to take Ukraine come rain or shine. They are able to reach certain segments of Ukrainians on a sentimental and emotional level.

The die is cast. The demons of war are gather to drink blood. The comets approach the earth and the elites are under pressure to make a last stand. Two grand Churches look each other eye to eye; two big powers are forced against each other by the influence of the times. none can afford to back down now.

If common sense does not prevail in the next few days, then be certain that Europe is about to burn….

Oguejiofo Annu

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