Tekrur: North African Genetic Profiles

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Maghreb, Berber, and North African gene frequencies:

* H1 & H3 _________ as European
* M1 & U6 & L3e5 ___ as North African
* E-M35 ___________ as East African
* E-V13 ___________ as North African
* E-M78 & E-M81 ___ as North African
* R-V88 ___________ as West African

North African people of Berber background are primarily African per their uniparental DNA as witnessed in population genetics reports.

Even by Eurocentric measures the raw data still shows Berbers are primarily African.

They are what J.A. Rogers called a “fixed mulatto” type.

They are blackest south toward the Sahel and are whitest nearer the Mediterranean.

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