Cultural and Literary Evidence for an Early African (early Igbo Nsibidi and Berber Tifinaghi) impact on Southern Europe: The African Roots of European Literacy

Tifinagh is the writing system developed and used indigenously in North West Africa. It is used to write Berber languages such as Tamazight, Tamajaq, Tamasheq, Amazigh, and some Hausa dialects which are spoken by about a million or so people in Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Algeria and Libya. read more

Similarities in the ideas and concepts of the ancient Igbo and the ancient Greek

By Jide Uwechia

Comparison between ancient Greek and ancient Igbo numbering systems and other fundamental concepts: by Jide Uwechia

I noted in my studies the great similarities between the numbering system of the ancient Greeks and the ancient Igbos of Nigeria. The Igbos are one of the major cultural grouping in Nigeria, and number close to 35 million in population. Modern Igbo is a remnant, a vestige of what was once a great and powerful culture, whose ancient but forgotten impacts are still seen in diverse and cultures places. Including perhaps, ancient Greece. read more