Icons of the Black Saints of the British Isles and Ireland: The Pre-Islamic Muurs of England – Oguejiofo Annu

A picture depicting the numerous black and brown saints who used to own and rule the British Isles. The period covered by the personalities depicted in the picture, ranges from 50 AD to 1450 AD. After 1450 AD in England and the rest of the British Isles, the Muurish dominance became increasing precarious, and over the coming centuries was completely usurped, by the tribes of the pale skin ones living there today. read more

Caucasoid Features – By Tukuler

Why are certain features Caucasoid? – By Tukuler

Because the inventors of the anthropological term say so.

That’s it, pure and simple.

The Anglo division of Indo-European speakers who
so love the words Caucasian and caucasoid neither
speak the languages, originate in, nor look like the
peoples of the Caucasus Mountains who are not Indo
Europeans nor hardly much related to Indo Europeans
in any way. read more