The Raped And Ravaged “White” Children Of Australia – A Psycho-Historical Retrospect

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The following article is not an apologia for rudeness and wickedness of the racist culture of Australia. But it does give one an inkling of where the thoughtlessness and heartlessness of it all arose…and it is in the horrible and heart chilling tales of rape and abuse that were so rampant in the history of the development of the so-called white culutre of Australia. Read below an excerpt of the unspeakable abominations routinely perpertrated by so-called “white” against “white” on the lost and stolen Black continent of Australia….

The Raped And Ravaged White Children Of Australia

The Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd apologized to the “forgotten Australians” – children who suffered in state care during the last century. According to a 2004 Australian Senate report, more than 500,000 children were placed in foster homes, orphanages and other institutions during the 20th century. Many were emotionally, physically and sexually abused in state care.

The Australian government has ruled out compensation, saying liability lay with state governments and churches that ran the institutions.

Andrew Murray, a former Australian senator who was a child migrant from Britain to an orphanage in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, called on Australia to pay reparations.

John Hennessey, 72, who was born in Bristol, England, and sent to Australia, said he was beaten and sexually abused at a Christian boys home in Western Australia state. He wants compensation from Britain, which he said had deported children to the other side of the world and then abandoned them.

The Forgotten Australians also welcomed the apology. Rod Braydon, 65, said he was raped at the age of 6 by a Salvation Army officer on his first night in a boys home in the city of Melbourne.

“When we reported this as kids, we were flogged to within an inch of our lives, locked up in dungeons and isolation cells,” said Braydon, who received a cash settlement from the Salvation Army for the abuse and is suing the Victoria state government for neglect.


A 2001 Australian report said between 6,000 and 30,000 children from Britain and Malta, often taken from unmarried mothers or impoverished families, were sent alone to Australia as migrants during the 20th century. Many of the children were told they were orphans, though most had either been abandoned or taken from their families by the state. Siblings were commonly split up once they arrived in Australia.

Authorities believed they were acting in the children’s best interests, but the migration also was intended to stop them from being a burden on the British state while supplying the receiving countries with potential workers.

A 1998 British parliamentary inquiry noted “a further motive was racist: the importation of ‘good white stock’ was seen as a desirable policy objective in the developing British Colonies.”

Australia had an immigration policy that favored British and white immigrants until the 1970s.

“We were used as white fodder,” Hennessey said. “The Archbishop met us at Fremantle (in Western Australia) and I can still remember his words. He said, ‘Welcome to Australia. We want white stock because we’re terrified of the yellow peril.'”

November 2009

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