Obama and the Swine Flu Encounter – The “Indestructible Obama” – Mazi Omeife Jideofo

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According to reports from Mexico City, Felipe Solis, one of Mexico’s leading archaeologist, and one of the curators of Mexico City’s anthropology museum died a day after showing Mr. Obama around the city’s anthropology museum. He died from flu-like symptoms suspected to be swine flu.

Mr. Obama visited Mexico City earlier this month. Mr Solis met the President at a gala dinner which was held at the museum on 16 April, before Mr Obama travelled on to the Americas summit in Trinidad and Tobago.

The President’s doctors actually confirmed that Mr. Obama had come physically closer to persons suffering from swine flu than almost any other dignitary from United States and was even for a while considered to be at danger of contracting the virus.

The museum has been shut, since the death of Mr. Solis. Mexico’s Health Minister confirmed that Mr Solis had died but he thought the cause of death was more likely to be pneumonia – although swine flu was not positively ruled out.

Meanwhile in the US, the President’s doctors had given him an all-clear. Mr Obama showed no symptoms of swine flu after the usual incubation period, his spokesman said.

After all is said and considered, only the good lord herself can explain to us the mechanics and dynamics of this seeming miraculous encounter involving Mr. Obama. Is the President of United States immune to Swine Flu or is he just plainly one of the old type indestructible god-men? Is there really a growing Swine flu pandemic or is it just the same old boring pneumonia symptom?

Keep asking these questions, we will keep you posted.

By Mazi Omeife Jideofo


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2 thoughts on “Obama and the Swine Flu Encounter – The “Indestructible Obama” – Mazi Omeife Jideofo”

  1. a man once said that if a blacvkman becomes President Of The United States Pigs Will Fly…….well lo and behold 100 days after Obamas inaugaration….”swine flew”!!!!

  2. no hes not idestructable he just has the antidote…. hes a owner of a chemical industry that makes vaccines .. called ” baxter “…..

    and I wonder why hes not saying anything about the jets spraying all those chemicals in our precious blue skys…….
    I dont know i anybodys taking notices that the fumes there spraying all over the world are not contrails from normal jets.. ~

    its a biochemical virus… and now everybodys getting sick… tho this is only the begining… how can a owner of a company that makes vaccines get rich and wealthy……????? by masses of people getting sick……. thats how… look up to the sky every day and night there spraying some chemicals / virus.. in the air… !!!
    all over …. its so plain to see its not jet contrails !!! better hope your immuned or get your gas masks…. cause there spraying this stuff over all major citys…… but the worst and most wicked part is that the real killer is the vaccine !!!! …. im not surprised to know that many havent heard how some ” deadly ” strain got “accidently !!!!!!! ” mixed and shipped out all over the world with the so-called antidote…. from who ??? ….. BAXTER. MR OBAMAS BUSINESS. !


    I love the earth and all righteous beings and im just concerned…. and I want everyone to to know whats going on and just to be aware and not caught up in the webs and nets of people who want to dominate and control the worlds population.

    may the MOST HIGH CREATOR of all things ~ be with us all.

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