Earth Mother Against “Civilizations” – Voodoo Priest

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But the earth will get you all
in the end;
just look around and see
Where is Atlantis?
Where is ancient Greece
Where is Nebuchadnazzer
the one who made men to quiver.

Ask the souls sulking
in the sombre shadows, weeping;
all those who made desolate
their own times with hate.
They also will tell you sey
indeed the Earth gets everyone at last.

Others before you have come and gone
In their tombs lie their bones;
Cities more glamorous than your plasti-Cities
have raged and are now silent.
Deeper knowledge beyond your modern Universities
also existed thrived and passed.

Have you not scratched the Earth?
Did she cry out in pains?

O foolish generations
science and technology will pass away
fad and fashion must wither away
but love and justice shall remain always
the Earth also shall remain alive
and give live until tomorrow…

While your ruined cities
and fossilized bones
will stand testimonial
against those who run riot
with depravity.
Your future….surely

Voodoo Priest

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