The Drug Peddlars and the Medical Health System – OguEjiOfo Annu

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The Drug Peddlars and the Medical Health System – OguEjiOfo Annu

Asthma may be over-diagnosed in Canada

A research study carried out recently in Canada concluded that asthma may be over-diagnosed by as much as 30 per cent in Canadian adults.

Researchers used accepted clinical diagnostic guidelines to re-test nearly 500 Canadians who had been diagnosed with asthma.

Current clinical guidelines recommend that doctors test for asthma by using a spirometer to measure lung volume and airway flow. However, many family physicians appear to diagnose asthma based on patients’ reported symptoms and in the process misdiagnose and mistreat thousands of Canadians.

The researchers also found that 30 per cent of those 500 subject patients did not asthma, and two-thirds were able to stop taking asthma medications without experiencing adverse health effects.

Asthma medications are expensive and can have serious and lasting side effects. Inappropriate diagnosis of asthma could obscure the true cause of a patient’s symptoms.

“Asthma” rates have nearly doubled in the last 20 years. Pharmaceutical companies have made a literal killing off asthma medications.

Doctors bury their mistakes.

The findings are published in the November 18 edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

He who has ears should hear.

Who has nose and lungs should smell the fishy odour….

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  1. Some asthma meds are extra costly and can cause adverse side effects,also remember doctors,pharmacists,and the corporations have to keep people over-medicated to make profits.Deceit and thuggery is what it is.

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