Hidden History: The White Slaves Of Americas – By – Nehesy

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In the new world there were many white slaves

English slaves : Convicts, Prostitutes ,Vagrants, Children [ The word Kidnapper ie Kid-Napper ; comes from the men (called “spirits) who use to steal children in London and Bristol in order to sell them as slaves in the new world] and others ( poor children, prostitutes children like in london, kidnapped Adults)

Scottish Slaves : Mainly prisoners sold by Cromwell, Aberdeen was a dangerous town for chilfren, there was a lot of kidnapping down there. Scotland was a hunting grown for slaves like west Africa.

Irish Slaves : Mainly Prisoners sold by Cromwell the butcher like the Scots. Irish were sold as slaves in the new world in order to made space for the English colonists into Ireland (Lands, Properties). They were called the “White-Niggers” in the United States and they went through many riots because of their nationality.

In Barbados they were the “Red-Legs” and they were the poorest they even survived because of the charity of Black slaves. Some white masters even called them “White Trash”….

The White slavery ( called falsely “Indentured Servant” or “servant”) was the capital and economic basement for African slavery ( see Eric Williams and Gabriel Debien). The people who sold white people and gained capital from this business like in Bristol or Liverpool turned to Africa and destroyed that continent with their former experience in selling human beings…

Spanish (Hispaniola) and Portuguese started first…The Portuguese used to send vagrant Portuguese children as slaves in India, in order to accomodate “well” with the climate….African could’nt have any chance against these professional , experienced criminals….Some slave traders sold both Africans and Whites in the new world…

They were whipped, raped, tortured, killed before the black men and women took their place for economics reasons….

There are many books who tell their story :

J A Rogers : Sex and Race Vol II (British west Indies and America)

J A Rogers : Africa’s Gift to America (America)

Eric Williams : Capitalism and Slavery (British West Indies)

Eric Williams : From Colombus To Castro (British West Indies)

Michael Hoffman II : They were white and they were slaves ( Very Informative but this guy is a big racist, he hates black people you can feel it when reading his book….)

Don Jordan and Michael Walsh : White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America , This the best book I’ve ever read about white slavery in the New world , very informative.

Gabriel Debien : ” Les engagés pour les antilles” for people who reads french…

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24 thoughts on “Hidden History: The White Slaves Of Americas – By – Nehesy”

  1. Whites in America must be informed about their true history. It is ashamed how much history is suppressed in the United States as well as Europe. It could only benefit us all if the truth could be revealed, not for the purpose of mockery, but for an awareness of actual history and education.

    1. Funny, most Irish in America know this history but we don’t let it consume us. Yesterday is past; we live for today and hope for tomorrow.

      1. White supremacy? Do you not read? Whites were Slaves even before the British took Africans to be slaves. I am of Irish desent where they lied and called them “Indentured Servants” NO, they were slaves. Blacks have been sold a bil of goals by the Progressives in Government in order to enslave them in the 21st century.My Conservative black friends understand this. The Democratic party was involved in the KKK and who does the majority of the black population follow like lambs to the slaughter…It’s sad really. Not matter what our past is we live in a country where ANYTHING is possible..

        1. May, please do your homework. The parties reflect the people and nothing stays the same. In the not so distant past (1800) the Republican party was considered the progressives and the Democratic party the right wing conservatives, thus the KKK, etc.. Due to stands that leadership took in regards to human and civil rights within the two parties, over time the people primarily switch parties based on like mindset. Current history, the Democratic party mindset is primarily progressive and Republican party mindset is primarily right wing conservative (i.e. KKK, etc.). You and your conservative black friends need to understand that you all are the ones that are the lambs being led to the slaughter.

      2. Very true. I’ve known this since I was 17yrs old. I don’t know how or where it came from. But I’ve never believed that blacks were the only slaves. I’ve never been able to consume that thought. Even after listening to all the white teachers Le about it. I’ve always known. I think it’s something from GOD.

      3. Absolutely, the Irish do not want sympathy nor special treatment. What went on during the potato famine was horrendous. What the English did to the Irish rivals the worst treatment in human history. But nobody alive today is responsible for that, and the Irish detest victim mentality.

    2. I agree totally. I actually came across this article, because I googled: why white slavery is hidden in the US.

      Our government has created the same system the slave owners did w the teatement of different slaves, such as house slaves va field hands. They told only part of history to us, because they wanted to create the divided mentality, making it like white people are the house slaves and black people the field slaves. This has ensured that we were always kept divided and presenting one another. It is disgusting.

      The sad thing is, most black Americans refuse to accept what happened to whites or just flat out deny it altogether. Both whites and blacks no nothing of the white slaves of Barbary, where blacks enslaved whites. Our government set this sytme up, to make the Majority (whites) , believe they won’t turn on us and that slavery only happened to blacks. Sad

  2. The truth can only be given to the people if they place down the pride and ego that comes along with white supremacy, and acknowledge that which is real and makes more logical common sense. However, everything hidden in the dark ultimately surfaces to light, so therefore time will be a revealer of all things.

  3. In a nut shell we are all human beings. Some amongst us through history till today will use all obfuscation to divide and rule. Skin colour, gender, religion etc. By any means at their disposal.

    Africans all over the planet however have a special place in the misery ladder. The fact is even the most liberal white person will almost intuitively back his own white government when push comes to shove: when black people really demand equality of opportunity. This fact must be appreciated by Africans and dealt with accordingly through study of their real history and science and technology to rebuild Africa.

    Mysticism & magic -whether foreign or homegrown or hybrid will never build Africa. Hard (yes hard serious study) will .Period

  4. Regarding White bondage in America please see also :

    Abbot Emerson SMITH, “Colonists in Bondage. White servitude and Convict Labor in America (1607-1776) ” . 1947

    Richard Brandon MORRIS, “Government and Labor in Early America” . 1946

    Two very good books , Morris gives exhaustive references and samples of Judicial archives of that period.

    You can find used copies on Amazon.com.

    America is a nation of former convicts ( some of them were the scum of the nation , others were ordinary people sent to jail for little offences : stealing food, cattle etc) , war, political and “religious” prisoners , loose women , kidnapped people ; poor people ( who sold themselves for 4 or 7 years service) enslaved by Merchants, Planters and The British Monarchy.

    Thomas Jefferson called “Rattlesnakes” the white convicts deported by English into America. English jails were emptied into the new British colony called America. It was the same for French Louisiana, and the first settlers of French Canada who were “Jailbirds”.

    After American Independence the Jails of England were about to explode until they created a new colony (nation) of convicts called Australia.

    Many “good families” in Virginia had “lewd women” into their family tree. The loose women of London streets, Scotland and other parts of great britain were sent their , for a breeding purpose…

    See also this link : Butler, James Davie ; “British Convicts Shipped to American Colonies.”


    It must be said that white servants were slaves for a limited period , and black people replaced them by becoming perpetual slaves even if they first came in 1619 as Indentured servants too (See Anthony Johnson)

    Some White servants died as slaves during their indenture period, because their master were very tough on them.

    Others died as slaves and became perpetual slaves because they lost their indenture contract /Paper.

    We have also many instances where their indenture period were lenghtened for different reasons (mainly “criminals”) : Running away (Maroons), stealing ( they were hungry so it was mainly food stealing) , having a baby (specially for women), Revolts .

    When they passed this indenture period , they were supposed to get “Freedom Dues”, generally acres (property) or special quantity of Sugar or Tobacco.

    Some of the Indentured Servants had good masters and thay had a chance to be educated. They were the luckiest…

    But generally speaking they were treated like beats. For instance when they escaped they were branded by the letter “R” ( R for RUNAWAY) on the cheek (or the forehead) as a punishment…The masters could sold the family members (white servants) to different people.

    The names “hillbillies” or “Rednecks” remind us or their existence.

    The Indentured Servants are a neglected part of the history of the United states

    US president Andrew Johnson for instance was an escaped servant (see Michael Hoffmann II).

    The white bondage stopped for economic reasons, Firstly it was more profitable to get a slave for life with no salary to be paid.

    Secondly America was independent from the mother country who used to deport all the unwanted people in their colony . This solution was not possible anymore.

    Thirdly ,Mercantilists were against white bondage as well, they thought that after freedom they could get enough skills which would permit them to compete against the mother country economy or production.

    Nevertheless the treatment applied to the black man in the USA was worst. White bondage in America was for a limited time [Temporary], Black slavery was for the entire lifetime [Perpetual]. This is the main and most important difference.

    After indenpendence we had a new form of white slavery specially in the south , the miscegenation was so high that white slaves were among the black slaves on the cotton fields.

    They generally fled in the north and “passed for whites”, many advertisements of the 19th century in newspapers described (by their masters) these type of slaves as white with fair skins, blue eyes and sandy hairs.

    Please see the book :

    The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War: A New Look at the Slavery Issue by Lawrence R. Tenzer

    Many advertisements for the recovering of white slaves but define as “niggers” because of the roman law adopted by racist American slave drivers “Partus sequitur Ventrem” or “One drop rule” ; are available.

    Octoroons and even some Quadroons could be white as snow but define as negroes.

    During this period white children were kidnapped in the North and the South and sold as slaves in the South plantations.

    1. Not all Irish were indentured. They were slaves for life just like the blacks. Those that came of their own fee will were indentured. Those captured and sent were slaves

  5. I’m from Dublin, Ireland and am now living in ATL, GA. I ‘m am first and foremost a history buff, and for as long as I’ve remembered, I’ve had a great interest in the History of Irish slaves in America. I’ve been to Jamaica and was amazed by the Irish influence in that country, especially throughout the Caribbean. Thank you for getting the word out. It is frustrating when this is overlooked in History class at school. And most Americans need to understand their roots, as well as British West Indians.

    1. A lot of people do. Some people are just sick. It doesn’t matter what color you are. Sickness comes in all colors. Some people just hate! I’m guessing you’re one

  6. Neheshy,
    Why should any blackman or blackwoman give a damn about another cracker enslaved another cracker. There is no difference between them,they’re just evil.They killed all Men,Women and Children in Tasmania to steal their land.Don’t forget and forgive the African Holocaust.These evil simulated race are not our friends.
    I don’t give a damn about irish slaves and you can shed your crocodile tears.
    To hell with the pinkman(european),you are all evil.
    Visit this site and see how they killed black people.

    1. This “article” was one of my comment. I think the main purpose was to learn people that the basic foundation of Black or the African salve trade was based upon the white slavery.

      Whipping, Raping, Branding, Tortures were already inflicted upon the white slave from antiquity ( Rome and Greece) until the Middle Age…And even further because the last white slaves were freed in Russia in 1861 ( and later in many parts of russia).

      The purpose is to show to african descendant that the slave by definition was a european or white man from Antiquity to the 16th century. In the Middle Age , Spain was full of european slaves from Greece, Sardainia, from Eastern Europe. We could find the same situation in Italy ((Greeks, Tartars, Slaves ) , Portugal and France (mainly the south).

      The African slavery oppression system has been studied and applied for centuries in Europe against white folks, this is the most important thing to understand.

      The Belgium sholar and international reference about white slavery during the middle age i.e Charles Verlinden showed in his impressive research that Spanish and Portuguese and Europeans generally speaking has exported their colonial and slavery habits into the new world.

      SO THEY LIE WHEN THEY SAY THAT AFRICAN USED TO ENSLAVED EACH OTHER SO THEY JUST BOUGHT SLAVES FROM THERE… They also kidnapped people on African soil ( John Hawkins and many others) and they set people one against the other in order to buy them and sell them.

      You can verify this last fact by reading books about Native Indians slavery (the first slaves before the europeans). Europeans applied the same slave catching techniques in the Carribean ( Cuba, Hispaniola, PR, Jamaica etc) , in South America, and North America : LIES, VIOLENCE, DECEPTION…

      Africans didn’t have a chance when we see the fate of many Native Indians in many carribbean islands, or in the american continent ( north, central, south)…They were already trained for many centuries…

      PS: By the way I’m 100% African and the Slave trade is THE REASON why we still have problems in Africa. Any people in history have suffered what we suffered

    2. Tibikimi Wasini

      It is no wonder that so many view our people as ignorant morons, with such RACIST HUMAN GUTTER TRASH as you claiming to be a black man. Our people do not hold an exclusive right to being oppressed by others. However, we do hold the exclusive right to oppressing ourselves.

      You are if anything nothing more than an ignorant little black boy parroting your masters oppressive views. A slave is a slave no matter the color of their skin, nor the color of their masters skin. It’s not any white mans fault that your Mama chose to be a two bit slut,

      Get up off your bigoted knees boy, it’s time to stop acting like the ignorant slave boy that you are, the time has come to start acting like a real man, and stop acting like your Daddy, who had to have been a worthless N.I.G.G.A. to give life to a vile little worthless nobody like you. Don’t like it? Tough, the truth is what it is boy, and it defined the likes of you and your “Down Low Boy” Shabazz a long time ago.

  7. im asian but my adopted grandmother would tell me stories about ireland and how horrible the british were to them. at any given point in history almost every single race, culture, religion, gender ect. has been enslaved. to point the finger at one , you must point the finger at yourself as well.my biological mother from thailand would buy thai slaves just as easily as she would rice. slavery over there did not officialy end until 1950’s. Nehesy i think its wonderful that you wrote this. Slavery has been around forever, sadly, it is still going on today, please keep bringing to light the unkown history of the world that has stayed covered up, hidden, repressed and ignored by so many.

  8. The lack of informative information and current mindset regarding white slavery can only be attributed to Publishers and Literary Agents. As a writer, due self-censorship by Publisher and their Agents for sake of Political Correctness, I am hampered and restricted when it comes telling the truth as to the realities of the past. Political Correctness is not a Government thing, Political Correctness stems from pretentious Publishers and Agents that in the last fifty years have blocked the truth all in the name of morality and their view on society.
    Publishers and Agents have for years have practiced a self-censorship ideology as to what they will print and not print. The idea of forced sex on a female or even a male slave is inconceivable to these men and prohibited in their literary guidelines.

  9. There have been many different thoughts and responses to chattel slavery. For a human being to be treated as property by another is utterly dispicable. I wish that the masters could have been enslaved to see how it feels

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