Make Love Not War! By Lion I

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Rasta says make love not war. For love making is the invocation of the life force whereas war is death and destruction.

Thus I Lion say to Babylon, have more great sex and spice up your wretched lives. But keep it clean, keep it safe keep it loving and rspectful.

Sex is joy, it promotes health and it is great for rejuvenation. The body releases many joy inducing chemicals durning sex. The ones most studied are known as Endorphins.

Beyond the gardens of pleasures, Endorphins released during orgasm also stimulates immune system cells, helps target illnesses like cancer, and promotes youth by fighting wrinkles.

Orgasmic chemicals like oestrogen,testosterone, endorphins lower the risk of heart attacks and help people live longer. They are also crucial in the prevention of mild illnesses like colds and aches.

Sex with a little energy and imagination provides a well rounded workout worthy of any athlete. With the right poise and flexibility, it makes for great yoga practices comparable to the famed erotic tantric exercises of Kemit and India.

Moreover, sex requires the use of every muscle group in the body. It gets the heart and lungs working hard, and burns about 300 calories an hour.

Many warmongers like the types of politicians and business executives we have in power today (the Dick Chenneys, Dubyas, Blair the liars, the Ken Lays, the Condis of this world) are sexually unfulfilled, challenged, repressed and/or frustrated.

As a result, their mental balance is not stable. I Lion would recommend more sex for the mental health of major decision makers such as business people and politicians since scientist all agree that sex has benefits for mental wellbeing courtesy of sex hormone endorphins.

Regularly, from Time to Time

Regular indulgence is fine. Regular and timely sexual exercise routine produces a great body and a more youthful look. Sexually starved men and women often have a dry and haggard look. They are highly iritable, angry, vengful and malicious dragons. I lion recommend sex for those with such symptoms.

Sex will also make your hair shine, your face aglow and your skin smooth like a baby’s. Thanks to the increased production of endorphins.

Regular orgasms such as testosterone hormones help prevent frown lines from deepening and lessens wrinkles. Additionally, testosterone is good for improved muscle mass, strong healthy bones, soft and luscious skin.

Sex helps in pain management as orgasmic chemicals release powerful painkillers into the bloodstream.

Orgasmic hormones like oestrogen and testosterone hormones also gives one increased mental perception and clarity as well as leaving one with a feeling of euphoria inside and out.

Sex reduces the risk of prostate and testicular tumors and cancers, as well as risk of endometriosis, and other ovarian issues.

On the contrary, infrequent sex and thus low levels of bloodstream orgasmic hormones creates distraction, irritability, heart diseases, prostate and testicular tumors and cancers.

So I Lion says, away with all your wretched and miserable life-negating philosophies about sex. Sex is good, sacred, and excellent for your health.

Without sex there would be no life.  Thus, sex is a life force.  It renews, rejuvanates and replenishes. 

But, keep it clean, keep it safe, make it loving and caring.

Sex is the benevolent Creatrix. Mother Goddess!  King man!

So make love…not war!

Ah so I man sight it. Till next time.

Lion I

March 8, 2008

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3 thoughts on “Make Love Not War! By Lion I”

  1. Greetings and Sak Pase?

    This was a good and thoughtful post. I really appreciate it. I wonder if fantasizing produce the same or similar results. What if the one(s) one wants to make love with is not available?
    I would appreciate a response. I have read about the good and positive results of sex. You are right doctors have said that it is good for heart health and the skin.

  2. Yes, sistren…fantasizing does help as the experts agree.

    But I man prefer the real deal.


  3. I am late on this but I feel compelled to weigh in on this issue.

    Lion, even though you have qualified your go-for-sex-for- life exhortations by stating it should be clean, I do not agree on your emphasis.

    In these days of AIDS, you dont want to sound promiscuity- promoting! I think you should have emphasized more to loving couples to have more sex!

    Which would then mean that your preaching would be to the converted. What do loving do any way….

    Remember that some pretty young kids are reading these things. Oh and some desperate grown up fools who may need just this kinds of justifications to act out wantonly without love but for excercise!Which makes it all cheap and possibly deadly does it not?

    Fantasizing by which I assume you mean masturbation is probably the safest way when one’s partner is not around! I however urge anybody to avoid porn like the plague that it is because it is one of Babylon’s control mechanisms.

    Porn and a subtle combinations of the sex-is-good studies you allude to are tranquilizing the Black Race from thinking!

    So lets not give Babylon that satisfaction of assuming to feed us with fantasies, like I & I cant make up our own.

    Remeber you should be able to control your own fantasies. You cant however get any joy from the billion fantasies out there made for money through control of your I-ntegrity (MIND).

    Whom dey think dey are to presume to know anything ’bout Sex. Ras clat to dem baddies Man!


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