Cannabis: Jamaica Considers Legalizing Marijuana

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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica is again considering the legalization of marijuana.

A seven-member government commission has been researching possible changes to the Caribbean country’s anti-drug laws.

Deputy Prime Minister Kenneth Baugh says the commission is now preparing to report to the prime minister on the legalization issue.

In 2003, a government commission recommended legalizing marijuana in small amounts for personal use.

But legislators never acted, saying it might entail the loss of their country’s U.S. anti-drug certification. Countries that lose it face economic sanctions.

Marijuana is revered by members of the island’s large Rastafarian population who say smoking it is part of their religion. Many in the police force also complain that the courts and jails have become clogged with marijuana-related cases.

A U.S. State Department report Friday said that Jamaica is the largest producer of marijuana in the Caribbean and a major hub for drugs bound for the United States.

Members of the Rastafarian movement, which emerged in Jamaica in the 1930s out of anger over the oppression of blacks, have long lobbied for the legalization of the drug that they say brings them closer to the divine.


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7 thoughts on “Cannabis: Jamaica Considers Legalizing Marijuana”

  1. About time they get their acts together there.

    Cannabis has the potential to revolutionize and liberate any third word economy that understands its unlimited potential.

    Jamaica of all countries stands to reap billions of tourist Dollars if it legalizes the Herb. Holland is already reaping the benefits of herb so why not Jamaica…the land of the Rastaman.

  2. many very black skinned people have straight,wavy,and culy hair and features like egypts nefertiti.

  3. Why not the US get their shit together and realize the money and whatnot they could get from the legalization or decriminalisation of marijuana. All Im sayin really, smoke a blunt and chill u aint gonna die from smokin bud..

    1. yee i strongly support the legalization of marijuana,why becouse,many people reguide it as same devilish herb,and to some,it is one of the best herbs which cure many sickness.also some youth believe that it inspire them by knowing there right.also some people take it for pleasure.traditionaly many countries were using it as a medicine,for many centuries all thise people have no fridom of utillizing this herb,for that reason they have to gether them self at one hiding gherto where both criminal and inoccent meet,now becouse thise criminal coming there all of them will be reguided as criminal.second resean is that,marijuna give people more confidence in there daily activities more than alcohol as i experience it my self .

  4. Jamaica has made steps in recent weeks to legalize marijuana, which should be very promising for the area. I don’t think marijuana will get legalized in the U.S. in as little as 5-10 years though, with so many states still struggling to legalize marijuana at the medicinal level. Recreational cannabis is only available in about 4 states right now, so there is a long way to go. But I’m confident it will get there.

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