African Migration to Europe is Natural and Inevitable — Gaddafi

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Gaddafi: Migration ‘inevitable’

The Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has told African and European government ministers that they must accept high levels of cross-border migration.
Mr Gaddafi told ministers gathered for a conference on migration from Africa to the EU that resisting migration “is like rowing against the stream”.

“The current populations of the world are originally migrants,” he said.

Libya is hosting a two-day conference aiming to agree a common stance on both legal and illegal immigration.

Ministers from more than 50 European and African countries are attending the conference.

Libya is a key route for thousands of African migrants seeking to cross into Europe to begin a new life.
Mr Gaddafi spoke to a group of ministers gathered at his Tripoli home on Wednesday night.

He told the delegates in Tripoli that migration had complex historical and social roots and was a force of nature that could not easily be ignored.
“Political borders, official papers and identities set for every group of people are new, artificial things not recognised by nature.

“Land is the property of everyone, and God commands all human beings to migrate on Earth to seek a living, which is their right,” he said.

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