Africa and Global Warming: Analyzing the Wild Claims of Doomsayers

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The unfounded claims of climate alarmists will not help Africans

By Will Alexander

Monday, Nov 20, 2006,

Vulnerability to nature is, unfortunately, characteristic of life for the poor everywhere. Millions of people live in conditions of poverty, malnutrition and disease and are vulnerable to natural disasters and weather-related events like floods and droughts.

At the UN’s global warming conference in Nairobi, activists and government agencies were touting these problems as evidence that Africa is already experiencing the devastating effects of global warming.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that water will be drastically affected by the earth’s rising temperatures, especially through a decline in rainfall in Africa. This, it is alleged, will cause more droughts and damaging floods, resulting in threats to water supplies, harming agriculture, human health and the natural environment.

Yet current predictions of adverse effects of global warming on water supplies, floods and droughts in Africa are completely unfounded, both in theory and measurement. Alarmists have been quick to uphold regional variations in rainfall as evidence of global warming — but no evidence supports this claim.

More broadly, they have assumed that all climatic change is undesirable. In fact, an increase in the magnitude and frequency of heavy rains would be beneficial over most of Africa……

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