The British Government Must Make Reparations For Slave Trading in Africa!

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‘My ancestor traded in human misery’

Sorry is often said to be the hardest word but Andrew Hawkins felt compelled to apologise to a crowd of thousands of Africans.

His regret was not for his own actions but offered on behalf of his ancestor, who traded in African slaves 444 years ago.

Sir John Hawkins was a 16th Century English shipbuilder, merchant, pirate and slave trader.

He first captured natives of Sierra Leone in 1562 and sold them in the Caribbean. His cousin was Sir Francis Drake, who joined him on expeditions.


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6 thoughts on “The British Government Must Make Reparations For Slave Trading in Africa!”

  1. what about my ancestors like Geronimo. I am also african american who want repatriations for the oppression I face in the urban us with my disabled child.

  2. Fuck you and your reparations. Get your reparations from the Arabs/muslims – they are the ones who sold you, they are the ones who first had black slaves (Mohammed owned black slaves) and STILL OWN black slaves in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Northern Sudan, and Mauritania. You see how the Libyans are steadily ethnically cleansing the blacks out of Libya. Greedy ass bitches wanting money for something that never happened to YOU while slavery still exists in the world? You make me sick.

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