Dr. Rath rages against Bill Gates and the African Aids Conspiracy

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Dr Rath Against the African Aids Conspiracy

Below you can see the monthly hours Microsoft spent on this website (Dr Rath’s website): Chart of Microsoft webtime

It was not for a few hours or just some visits now and then. It was continuous, for hours and hours, days after days, months after months, for 2.5 years now!

The question whether this was coincidence or a private pastime of Bill Gates has now been answered by Gates’ decision to put all his money – and that of Warren Buffet, too – into allegedly fighting diseases.

Since it is public knowledge that the Gates Foundation has placed strategic investments into the pharmaceutical industry, it was only a question of time until the question would be answered whether Gates is serious about controlling diseases or whether he is just another spin doctor of the pharmaceutical “business with disease” who helps to expand and promote diseases under the deceptive veil of a “Mother Theresa”.

Today we know the answer. With hundreds of millions of money already spent with hundreds of PR-stunts featuring Bill Gates as a mondern Santa Clause he has not made a single effort promoting natural, non-patentable therapies.

Moreover, Gates and the other “stuntmen” were caught financing international conferences, like in Toronto, that were abused to attack South Africa and other governments who decided to cut themeselves loose from the genocidal business with antiretroviral (ARV) drugs promoted by big pharma.

It is now no longer a secret either from where Gates got the masterplan for this scam from: a century ago, John D. Rockefeller – like Gates today – was under public scrutiny as a “robber baron” for his criminal activities in forging the Standard Oil cartel. His solution: change the clothes from a “robber baron” to a “Mother Theresa” by designing the pharmaceutical investment business and hiring PR agencies portraying him as a philantropist.

Gates’ gimmick of becoming a philantropist repeats the Rockefeller scam almost one to one a century later.

But that is not enough. Gates serves as the financier of a whole shipload of ARV missionaries, including ex-U.S. President Clinton who promotes the deadly business with ARV drugs in Africa and other developing nations.

One may ask: don’t they know the facts that toxic ARVs damage the immune system and actually accelerate immune deficiencies? Of course they do! So what is the motive for their action? It is strikingly simple:

If the governments of the developing worlds realize that the ARV genocide is the dirtiest way yet to replace the old colonial dependencies between the rich and poor nations of this planet, they will terminate this business. They will, like South Africa, choose a health care system independent of the sickening and economically devestating dependency from the pharmaceutical colonialism.

The equation is simple: the end of the AIDS business with disease will destroy the entire credibility of the pharmaceutical industry and will terminate the drug investment business worldwide. The collapse of this mulit-billion dollar investment business, in turn, will lead to a major crisis of the whole investment industry. In other words, the “Mother Theresa” PR-stunt of Bill Gates is a desperate, self-serving activity trying to stop this meltdown. If Gates is not successful, and the AIDS genocide by the drug cartel is ended, then the whole paper-wealth of Billy Gates is worthless.

Got it?

This information was published on September 3. Ten days later, on September 13, the two organizations exposed in this article decided to react: Gates, Rockefeller Charities Join to Fight African Hunger (Washington Post)

Considering the genocidal consequences of the activities of these organizations, especially in promotion of the ARVs, this entire program “Alliance for a Green Revolution” is nothing else than a fig leaf and another PR-stunt. The “marriage” between Gates and Rockefeller, 10 days after we exposed their business interests in Africa, is a confirmation for the accuracy of our exposure.

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Rath rages against Bill Gates and the African Aids Conspiracy”

  1. Um, you do know that the TAC (Treatment Action Campaign) in South Africa litigiously tore into “Dr.” Rath, right?


    And they tore into anyone associated with him or his beliefs (the health minister included).

    Sure, Bill Gates and his friends are pulling a big PR stunt that is far from getting anything done (smoke screens and all), but using a discredited medical quack (from Germany, of all places!) as a source for your criticism doesn’t do your argument much (if any) good.

  2. What about the MRSA epidemic where lower-income hospitals are among the vectors? Arrive with an injury, get MRSA and spread it to your families.

  3. I am happy with what Gates and his wife are doing for Africa. I come from Kenya. If by taking the ARVs ones will add an extra day to his life, then that is a good job. If those sick of aids had other options then they would not be taking ARVs. The demands for ARVs is very high here and if we can have other five Bill Gates, then we would solve half of our problems.

    Eight years ago I would pay shilling nine hundreds for a mosquito net. Today I can get the same for shillings 100 thanks to Bill Gates foundation.

    1. Edwardo

      Your bottom line is money…dollars and cents. There are other more important values in life than dollars and cents. Really the best things in life are free. So just because you are buying something for one shilling less from Bill and Belinda Gates, dont mean you are any better off than before. Actually perhaps worse off.

      What wrong wid you, my boy from Kenya? How come you so colonial minded??

      Open your eyes and see, brother, open your mouth and speak!


  4. as long as doctors in white coats threaten Africans with the ultimatum (take these pills or die a horrible death) and as long as Africans believe this quackery without question, the results are predictable. Big pharma treat the symptoms and create Customers for life rather than curing a disease and eliminating the need for their very existence of big pharma.

    1. Diana and African brothers and sisters please WATCH the VIDEO title”IN LIES WE TRUST” then you’ll overstand,that the NAZIS and KHAZARS(so called Jews)ruling the world are determined to exterminate the African race.They are using EUGENICS,DEADLY
      VIRUSES and VERY DANGEROUS DRUGS against us.It is not just about profit.

  5. HIV is the scam. AIDS is the logical result of such common occurrences as drug abuse, parasitic infection, long-term guilt or grief, pharmaceutical drugs that overwhelm the body (such as long term use of corticosteroids). HIV was a hoax from the day Robert Gallo called the NYT to report his discovery of the cause of AIDS before his work had been reviewed. Anyone with the power of expertise that attempts to expose this scam will lose their funding, be refused by academic publishers, basically black-balled.

  6. Dear bro and sis in Christ: U know what, whats we missed to considerate actaully in our lives is GOD’s presence. Diseases and other catastrophic illnessese are here to remind us about HIm(GOD). Lets have faith in HIS ways. Dont judge the goodness of Bill. He might be God’s ways to answer hopeless and helplessness in our times. God bless the good and kindhearted person.

  7. By using faulty and criminal circumcision fetish data from Hopkins Gates has spread HIV inside Africa. He also is responsible for the rape and sexual mutilations of boys as young a ten. Gates gives a circumciser a bonus for every black foreskin.

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