The last slaves of the 20th century: The white slaves of the Nazis – A dirge by Lion!

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Slavery continued until 1945 when Nazi Germany was defeated and 10 million white slaves were liberated by the U.S. soldiers, many of whom were African Americans.

Do you still remember?

Do you still recall that until 1945 white people were captured, traded and sold by the Nazis, held in plantations and concentration camps, and exploited as slave labour.

Do you still recall?

There were white slaves in chain gangs all over Europe. Beaten, branded, whipped and often worked to death.

They were French men and women, Jews, and Slavs.

The Nazis never held one black slave. That doesn’t make them good men, for they had 10 million white slaves doing everything from plantation work, to factory white; from domestics to field hands. Remember.

All of them would have died as slaves if not for their liberation by the Americans many of whom were black soldiers. Remember.

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4 thoughts on “The last slaves of the 20th century: The white slaves of the Nazis – A dirge by Lion!”

  1. I remember…my Dad was in the middle of “battle of the buldge”. I got as much personal info from him as I could before he died, so I will remember. Very good article. Thank you.

  2. There were 125,000 African Americans who were overseas in World War II. A total of 708 African Americans were killed in combat during World War II. Number of Americans who served in World War II 16.1 million. Number of of American casualties during WWII 291,557. Number of of U.S. soldiers that were wounded during WWII 671,846. So as you can see by these statistics there was very few blacks in WWII on the US side. Remember.

    1. Because the army wouldn’t let them fight alongside white soldiers. Opportunities for black soldiers were few And were limited to segregated ranks. Remember.

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