Black Romans: Saint (Princess) Anastasia Constantine, the Sister of Emperor Constantine

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Anastasia was the daughter of Roman Emperor Constantius Chlorus and Flavia Maximiana Theodora, and half sister of Emperor Constantine I. Emperor Constantine proposed marrying her to form an alliance with Bassianus; however, Bassianus was found to be plotting against Constantine and the marriage was called off.


Sister of Constantine I

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  1. Dost thou have sources for such claims? Oft thee posts such incredible pictures though without proper citation of their origin. Doubt of their authenticity often follows unfortunately.

  2. I can see where your coming from Chuckspeare… But, if you look at the pictures in 80% of the history books, there is always an african in it, and not always as a slave… Could all those pictures that date back hundreds and thousands of years be fraudulent? Give credit; if you read the Bible, for instance, it says that Jesus had hair like wool and sun burnt; how many pictures of the White Jesus do we view? Santa Claus was a black man; but that whte guy come down my chimney???

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