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septimus-ssWas Septimius Severus the 1st Black man to rule England?

Did you know that Black and Asian people first came to the North East in Roman times? Or that England was once ruled by a Libyan? These and many more historical facts were revealed as part of BBC Black History Month.

Early Black History

Emperor Septimius Severus wasn’t the only Black Roman in Britain. There were other African officers, soldiers … stationed on and around Hadrian’s Wall in the 3rd century.

Black Romans
Black Romans

From the 9th century onwards, there are records of Vikings bringing Moroccans to the region.

There’s a gap in the recording of black presence in the North East of England for nearly 400 years until the start of the 16th century.

Black and Asian presence in the North East of England can be traced back to Septimius Severus, a North African Libyan, who ruled England as Roman Emperor between 193-211 AD.

Severus was unique amongst the Roman emperors as being the first Black citizen to hold the highest office in the empire.

Lucius Septimus
Son of Septimus

The most celebrated example of an early Black presence in Britain is the case of the Roman military garrison on Hadrian’s Wall in Cumbria.

A 4th century inscription tells us that the Roman auxiliary unit, Numerus Maurorum Aurelianorum, was stationed at Aballava, modern day Burgh-by-Sands.

This unit had been mustered in the Roman province of Mauretania in North Africa, modern Morocco.

septimus-severus click on image
The Black Romans

Genetic evidence

It was recently suggested that African DNA might be found to be present in the local populations near to Hadrian’s Wall.

However, this would not conclusively show that the Black Roman soldiers on the wall intermarried with the local population because of the problem of ‘admixture’.

Admixture is a process whereby the DNA of a population becomes diluted over time and it cannot be shown at what period in time that dilution took place.

African Legacy

During his time in office, Septimius Severus legalised marriage during military service.

There is also evidence that that some Black Romans married, had children, and remained in Britain after their tour of duty.

Skeletons unearthed in a Romano British Cemetery outside York revealed the limb proportions of some of the men suggested that they were Black Africans.

Perhaps they might be considered to be Britain’s first Diaspora people, making Cumbria the birthplace of Black British history?

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136 thoughts on “The Black Romans — Articles on Black History”

  1. Sigh. When the Romans defeated the Carthaginians(who were originally Phoenicians ie Lebanese), they remained Carthage “Africa” after the Roman general/senator Publius Scipio Africus. “Africans” therefore meant only those people who came from what is roughly present-day Tunisia and Northwest Libya. They were NOT black. The Libyans in antiguity were known for the blueness of their eyes. There are countless examples of busts, mosaics, statues etc that show exactly how these Africans, Libyans, Numidians looked. The famous bust of Septimius Severus shows a “Middle-Eastern” or “Arabic”-looking man. NOT black.

    Look, as an analogy the word “gay” used to mean “carefree” or “lighthearted”. Today it means “homosexual”. If somebody in 2007 reads a book from say 1800 which describes a man as “gay”, the modern reader would need to know that “gay” meant something very different then. In the same way, ignoring the 2 000-year old meaning of “African”, and applying the Oprah Winfrey-meaning of African to people who were around in the time of the New testament, is at best simply ignorant, and at worst, outright deception.

    1. Middle Easterners look Mulatto correct? Red Neck’s were calling Barak Obama an arab right? This means they have a similar look even though they are not the same. It’s the same with Severus. Another thing too, no one white claims African ancestry other than those who stay in the British ruled parts of South Africa. Being that he wasn’t from those parts and they said he was African back in the 200th century A.D. This means he had distinct African features and the fact he was born in Africa couldn’t be refuted. His mother was Italian and his dad was Punic. Punic’s originated from the Canaanites who were descendant’s of Kush. So all this talk about his look is unimportant. His dad’s ancestry speaks for itself. SO it is NOT a deceptive thing to claim he is of BLACK ancestry.

      1. Yeah, that “bust” was made generations after he lived. There is no way that it can be an accurate representation of him.

        1. All this shit trying to refute that Severus was black comes from White racists who can get over the fact that He wasn’t white!
          You still have the Neanderthal perception that all Black people have big noses and thick lips!
          Some white people have those same features furthermore, the Native Americans were really dark with very straight noses but were percieved as ‘Red Skins’ which is completely incorrect all this and they are still living in modern day America!
          Hannibal along with Severus without doubt were Black and remember at that time people thought the world was flat so hadn’t travelled or mixed so there is no way these 2 would’ve been tainted and chances are they were very dark indeed!

    2. THANK YOU JOHN!!!!! Im sick of people thinking Hannibal was black. (Even the history channel depicted his as a 6,6 shirtless bald black guy) Look at his bust, his nose, etc. Not to take anything away from black civilizations but the myth of the north african being black just isnt true. Some had darker skin, brown and some were more white.

      1. Somalian, Ethiopian and Eritrean bust’s would appear to be more Caucasian too…..Black people do not all have the same facial features and vary across Africa.

    3. sigh. why does it bother people to think of cathage as a black african civilization. its like people go out of their way to point out the fact that they were phoenician. this means nothing if you consider that there is no evidence that tells us where the phoenicians were from or what they really looked like. carthage existed in north africa for 100’s of years. so why is it so hard to accept that they might have black africans in their soceity? also remember that most of the studies done on carthgeand hannibal were done by historians in a time when racism was an accepted thing. so any evidence pointing to black african links would of been over looked and any evidence point to europe or east asia would of been highlighted.

    4. let me take a guess….. your white? obviously!! the mosaic had people with blue eyes. wow no blacks can have blue eyes (aboriginals). oh and white people never changed images of any major black figures throughout history right ( jesus, john the baptist, egyptians, hannibal barka, black knights, saints, and with in the next 200 years dr martin luther king and then barack obama). great job you are keeping up with the traditions of your people, taking credit for something you didnt do, lying, destroying history amongst other things (africa and the world just thought i would remind you) oh and did i say lying? your ego is also consistant with what i exprct from you lol horrible!!! i love all people in this world but there is something about your people i just cant figure out… why???/

    5. I am a simple man with a simple education yet I seem to be the only one who understands this world ,,,,, for example who owns the heritage of this planet …. the whites claim it and so do the blacks and Arabic , but what is the truth they all quote history with facts, statues and documents going back to 112 ac and then with hieroglyphics and cave paintings back to the B.C. well here it all is in a nut shell take one continent and one people as we once were then divide it like a spider web as our contents did … take a child in the desert of Africa .. his parents are hunting and foraging ,,, what is he to do he sits there in the dirt with rocks, sand, twigs and feces well lets see…. he stacks some rocks makes something with them well hundreds of years go by we have pyramids and dwellings made from rock and shit for another example take any {typical} child from any culture even as young as two ,,, put him in front of a box Lego’s and see what happens first thing he or she will build is structure, Then for example lets say all beings were translucent to begin with and from the center of our land mass witch would be Africa then like a spider web send twenty to the east , 20 to the north 20 to the west , 20 to the south …. now would they learn to adapt to there surroundings ??? those on the coast to live on fish and develop skin and structural differences due to there environment???? than that of the inland inhabitants with a colder climate , wild game that they learn different hunting skills than that of coastal dwellers different tools and dwellings therefor different jaw muscles and so on and so forth …..OK we had a bad hunting season what due we do???? lets HOPE or Pray—- for a better season ??? um duh … gods for every season sun rain and so on for farming fishing hunting whatever there is a god for it ….. so now that I have explained it all to you why is there still issues is it because euros got smarter faster than others or because they had to due to there environment and setting … then took over the world with extreme prejudice ???………………………….i am a Anglo American with stereo typical behaviors but not a racist I am in fact black

  2. Well , as usual many people have negative things to say about this article because it challenges most modern day principles and ideas as it quite clearly states that BLACK people were here long before the majority of the modern day caucasion population would like to accept !
    Ignorance is Obvious .

  3. Ditto to the 2nd and 3rd replies. I was reading a similar debate regarding the Moors in Spain and the similar debate like the first replier is all too predictable.

    I have to sit back and laugh when people assume that Northern Africans in general aren’t or were never black. The analogy that I use for Egypt being a black population is the native people of this country.

    Before Columbus accident landed on the shores of this side of the world, it was populated with what they calleds Indians. The U.S. over the centuries the natives have been either killed off by murder, disease, mixed with white or put on reservations. This has caused a majority to be the most smallest of the ethnic/racial population in this country. The Chinese have a larger population that the native people here.

    This is what had happened to the black Africans in northern Europe. Egypt is a prime example of Arabs and whites entering the country and mixing with them so much that you’d never think that it was once rulled by blacks similar to the native Americans.

    Btw, the same analogy can be used with the blacks who once out populated the Spaniards in Mexico before the Spanish settled. Now the black Mexicans live in a southern part of Mexico without a voice.

    I did a search and this site popped up. I remember some years ago, Richard Roundtree, the guy who played the black detective Shaft, played this character in a movie. Which brings up another point that many whites try to claim that they know. The blacks Africans once did fight and ruled with the Romans, and many were sent over to Ireland. This would also explain the kinky hair and afros that many Irish have.

    Btw, the late President Sadat was black with the Arab blood. A common face in his homeland and what the Moors were mixed with, but were described by the Arabs, “Dark as Ink.”

  4. Almost forgot, black Africans entered Europe way before they made contact with the Romans. Read a book titled, “black spark white fire.” by a Jewish author Terry Poe.

    1. certain people urgently need to redefine their mentality about AFRICA,African is not what you see today,,,,this site is for people who are willing for the truth and not those who seek the downfall of THE WORLDS WEALTH BANK (AFRICA),no matter the what, it is clear Africa is the genesis of better take it or leave it,such unhealthy comments need to be dealt with immediately,they need not appear on this site…………AFRICA IS FOR AFRICAN…the worldd is from the AFRICAN WOMB,without no apology


  5. Please…This entire “black myth” is starting to get down right ignorant. If you want to in some way gift a lift to a black kids spirit, don’t lie to him. All one has to do is look at present day Sub-Saharan Africa and they would SEE the true African. The true African has never created a written language, invented even the wheel or any other form of “civilization”. people need to study ancient EUROPEAN, ASIAN and MIDDLE EASTERN history because the people from those parts of the world have advanced. I don’t need to study ancient African history because all I have to do is look at some National Geographic magazines of today. The negroids now are the same as in “ancient” times…living in mud huts, drinking cow urine and throwing spears.

    1. To ‘the truth: you obviously have had no education other than racism from your inbred pathetic parents than to hate people of colour if you think that your racist diatribe is civilized think again!
      Africa is the cradle of civilization!
      Where does the worlds most amount of
      and so many other precious commodities that u u
      racist takes for granted come from? Yeah Africa u uneducated inbred redneck!
      Twats like u shouldn’t be able to partake any of the above, including music and the arts Iike to see how you’d get by then?
      The African was the first to chart the stars,to carry out the first successful brain tumour removal, the mathematicians that charted the stars and built the pyramids have still bamboozled present day geniuses so go and get an education or better still do the world a favour and just kill yourself u cunt!

      Furthermore if u were to visit any part of the continent u would be welcomed though I hope that u personally would be killed!

    2. The Truth, you are DEAD WRONG my man. The earliest peoples to ever have advanced technology were the Muslim Moors. The reason why so many people object to the fact that blacks were the first to develop technology is because the white man’s ancestors stripped everything that were of the black man’s contributions by enslaving all the people in America and other parts of the globe. I truly believe that the people that were enslaved in the America’s were the descendants of the ancient Olmecs(the ancient ancestors of the black native americans), muslim moors(descendants of the ancient sumerians), spanish moors(descendants of the ancient sumerians), the black romans (descendants of the ancient sumerians), the black isrealites(descendants of the ancient sumerians), black chinese, and the most importantly the ancient Egyptians. All these peoples were persecuting. Killing all the men and taking their wives and children for slavery. All these peoples are the ancestors of ALL BLACK PEOPLE in the WESTERN HEMISPHERE. Slavery is the ultimate reason why all black people in the world today can not do good in school because of the inherited evils of the white man. Once the white man saw that the black man had all the gold, physicality, and knowlege…he used slavery to strip away EVERYTHING the black man had.

  6. To the person who wrote “TheTruth”
    Good thing it’s your truth–not mines. It’s this type of ignorance that’s running wild loose today in this society. You wouldn’t know the truth if it were a poisionous snake looking you dead in the eyes. Peace.

  7. To the fake pinkie who calls himself thetruth, hear the real truth:

    We will not get caught in some race baiting exercise with a moronic, feckless fool from the backwaters of working class struggle and poverty.

    Your wretchedness which you project as racist hate of Africans has nothing to do with Africans. Instead they have every thing to do with the brutal policies of your political and economic masters, the aristocracy and business captains of the western world, who have refused to share any meaning part of the loot they stole from African countries with you.

    Your problem is that your mind is full of money worries, you are unemployed, poorly educated and have no hope of getting out of the dump your life will be stuck in till the day your wasted mind and body will be burnt in a crematorium.

    But being the coward you are, you are unable to direct your anger to those that have mutilated you. Instead you vent it in a direction you have been programmed to consider politically correct.

    The psychological injury that has left you in this psychotic mess can only be healed when seek the true emancipation of your disguised, glorified and democratized enslavement.

    Go find a day job…White (pink) trash!


  8. LOL this is hilarious. In another article that mentioned original Arabs as blacks, I said “whats next, are you guys going to make claims that Romans were black too?”… I guess my prediction came correct, LMAO. This is downright hilarious. These rastafarians claim Black kings ruled Scotland, blacks made the Roman Empire and blacks were the original Arabs. Its hilarious and stupid at the same time. Ive never seen such ignorance in my life, people trying to distort the truth in order to make the black race look more superior than the others. Its called “stealing the glory from other people” and thats exactly what rastafarians are doing. Keep lying to yourselves. North Africans were white, and never needed to be black. Think of it from a scientific perspective, theres no need to have a black pigment in your DNA if youre living in North Africa. Blacks became black because they moved to central Africa where the sun shines at a 90 degree angle all year round. Now they are trying to prove black presence in every known civilization on Earth. I wont be surprised if blacks start claiming the Chinese Empire as their own.

    1. My friend you are Really Stupid, Arabs are Blacks, what do you think Sudanese are?, what was Laurence of Arabia all about you dumb shit, all Arabs have always been black until white European F+++ed you all and gave you sperm and made you brown and confused about your self. Mohammad Only African wear breads in their hair and we are still doing this today, look at the Egyptians back in the day all beaded hair. This is the same effect, on the Indian population, now they are claiming that they are Aryans, and brown.(brown is dirt brown is the colour of shit, i am sure that your mum told you not to play in that dirt brown mud, don’t dis the blackness ) You should not be commenting on thing that, goes beyond understanding, it make you really thick. You should have studied when you went to school instead off been ashamed of your blackness.
      You only get brown People from mixed race you fool, and that is only from Africans and Europeans. and of the other black race Indians in Asia. there are 2 black race and 2 white race, African (THIS INCLUDES ARABS and Asian from the Indian sub Continent, the whites are Europeans and Oriental Asians. you need to read more about your self . This is white mans fact you can read this any where you choose to look. My friend you truly don’t know what you are talking about. North Africa is the hottest place in Africa. Google it. You should change your Name to Tony please Don,t insult the name Mohammad, if you are truly Mohammad you should not make your self look so stupid. The Europeans said that they came to Africa in the 1450, these where the Portuguese and from this they all came to party, this is European history(SO IF THIS IS THE CASE WHAT WHITES ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DUMSHIT, i take it you have not been to Europe or read their history?. So if they did not come to Africa until this date where did these white north African come from? space? Mohammad if you want to know about people look at the way they dress from past till today and you will have understanding of your self and your blackness. This is why Gaddafi is the only Arab African, he always dress in traditional African robe, have a look for your self. He is not ashamed of his blackness like you are. If you Arabs are not Blacks why does Europeans Address you as Sand Niggers? Sand is brown my friend, and like i told you brown come from white and black people mixing. Boy you are real stupid, Nearly all the Roman that went to Scotland where black Africans, this is documented in European History you fool. how can you dispute such things, this is why the Irish where called the blacks of Europe. you truly need to read more. It seem that you are the one, that is partially educated. Please stop it you are making Arabs dumshits. About the Kings Of Scotland this is as you put it look at it from a scientific perspective, Queen Victoria,s grand Mother was a black African, and the Current Queen of England as a Cousin that lives in South Africa today. Please look up Queen Charlette Sophie.

      Mohammad i take that your a Muslim? and that you read the Koran?. Did Allaha not send the angels to all four corners of the world to collect the dirt?. to make man where do you find white Dirt in the world?.

      from scientific perspective if the scientific People are saying that life started in East Africa then Mohammad, they must have reach north Africa and Arabia before they reach Europe and the rest of the world, look where north Africa and Arabia is Mohammad on a world map. Mohammad you should be ashamed of your self and not your Blackness.
      Have fun Brother i shall pray for you today, that Allah should make you educated Inshallah.

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      Power to the blackness.

  9. Muha-madder

    That article on Black Romans came from BBC-News site. It was written by Europeans as a historical record.

    Your Islamo-facist mind does not see that, rather in your impotent jealousy you would rather that the History of African people be hidden away.

    But, yes, this article was written by highly educated European who should know better according to you, than listen to RastafarI stories.

    Muhamud you little Islamo-facist troll, Rasta never wrote the article above…your white masters did. It came from BBC!!!

    Search for it on BBC News website.

    Muha-muddy you pitiful wretched terrorist, here is a link for Black Chinese written by Chinese Professor based in Peking Prof Jin Li:


    1. I forgot to mention this idiot doesnt know about black romans and black chinese. Dugh you never heard of the XI dynasty stupid towel head nigga. real australians (aboriginals) are black too

  10. Its funny how you start namecalling people when you lose your temper, I guess its a common habit of the originals of this planet. Haha. Wheres the link to this article, it doesnt seem to be working anymore or was it made up by the pro-rastafarians? Another funny thing, if it was written by my “white masters” then why are you believing their stories? Maybe the article writer had is wrong.. haha it just proves how hypocrtical you are.

  11. Jahdey….

    Poor, poor ignorant blackie…So eager to etch your place in the civilised world, yet you niggers do it on the backs of others. You notice that if you really want to start the name calling I will, nigger. If you want to discuss the FACTS, I will do that too.

    The bulk of the population of Roman Africa was invariably composed of three chief elements: the indigenous Berber tribes ( ), the ancient Carthaginians of Phoenician origin and the Roman colonists. The Berber tribes, whose racial unity is attested by their common spoken language and by the comparatively numerous Berber inscriptions that have come down to us, bore in ancient times the generic names of Numidians, Gaetulians and Moors or Maurusiani. Herodotus mentions a great number of these tribes. During the Roman period, according to Pliny, there were settlements of 26 indigenous tribes extending from the Ampsaga as far as Cyrenaica. The much more detailed list of Ptolemy enumerates 39 indigenous tribes in the province of Africa and 25 in Mauretania Caesariensis. Ammianus Marcellinus, Procopius and Flavius Cresconius Corippus give still further names. Besides the Afri (Aourigha) of the territory of Carthage, the principal tribes that took part in the wars against the Romans were the Lotophagi, the Garamantes, the Maces, the Nasamones in the regions of the S.E., the Misulani or Musulamii (whence the name Mussulman), the Massyli and the Massaesyli in the E., who were neighbours of the Moors. The non-nomads of these Libyan tribes dwelt in huts made of stakes supporting plaited mats of rush or asphodel. These dwellings, which were called mapalia, are the modern gourbis. African epigraphy has revealed the names of some of their deities: deus invictus Aulisva; the god Motmanius, associated with Mercury; the god Lilleus; Baldir Augustus; Kautus pater; the goddess Gilva, identified with Tellus, and Ifru Augustus (Tissot i. 486). The Johannis of Corippus mentions three native divinities: Sinifere, Mastiman and Gurzil. There were also local divinities in all the principal districts. The rock bas-reliefs and other monuments showing native divinities are rare, and give only very summary representations. Dolmens, however, occur in great numbers in Tunisia and the province of Constantine. Tumuli, too, are found throughout northern Africa, the”most celebrated being that near Cherchel, the Kubr-er-Rumia (” tomb of the Christian lady “), which was regarded by Pomponius Mela as the royal burying-place of the kings of Numidia.

    None of those people were Sub-Saharan niggers…fool

  12. TheTruth aka Pinkie Arse

    It appears you are just half educated. A half baked pink-white trash is the most poisonous piece of junk that defaces earth. But more later.

    Your attempt at intellectual posturing leaves me feeling even more sorry for your pink arse. Why? Because you do not understand that the sources you just cited, the cities and regions you just named and the etymology of the names you just referenced all indicate the noble Moor whom jealous bums like you would call Niggers. Niggaz was a good man.

    Africa is one continent and the sooner you understand that it is one big giant land mass the better for you.

    Africans live in Africa and they are all brown skinned in fact. Various shades of brown but brown still, yet brown. Very radically different from your pale pink hairy arse.

    Call them sub-saharans, call them supra-saharans, call them hamites or niggaz or whatever euphemism you please, the unity of our continent is written in blood and DNA, written in language and culture, written in our history, established by its music and religion, written in huge stone boulders. The Spinx of Egypty was a niggaz too.

    Rich westerners who have been to good and exclusive schools and have trained in the classic arts and philosophy all understand and acknowledge the pre-eminence of ancient so called Black Africans (so-called today) whose true names are the noble Moors.

    Europe learned science, and culture from the Noble Moors. Go search for the works of the best and most famous European painters like Rosseau, then you will see that your masters of the yore, the Noble Moors, are those whom you so cavalierly term the Niggaz of today.

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  14. Pink-Arse

    Here are the Moors:

    The Moor’s head:

    Sorry to disappoint you. But those Moors you posted although Hassaniya Arabs in actuality are so suffused with Black African blood that their phenotype matches mine and those of my sisters. Those your so-called Moors are Black Africans fool. They are not pink and hairy like you, they are brown like me. I am not pink and hairy like you!

    According to Hairy Pinky : …The well-documented cultural poverty of Africa before contact with whites or Arabs is almost certainly due to low average intelligence. No sub-Saharan people had the wheel, a written language, mechanical devices, multi-story buildings, or a calendar…”

    The Lower Class gutter snipe (aka Hairy Pinky) does not realize that writing began in Africa. the ignorant Neanderthal has not heard of the Heiroglyphics of Meroe, Ethiopia and Egypt! Even the Sumerians aka the Black heads, Black Africans who settled Mesopotamia from Africa, they invented the cunniform writing.

    Africa actually has more writing systems than any other area of the world. We have Ethiopian Geez, we have the Egyptian heiroglyphics and demotic, we have the written Amazigh, we have the Nsibidi of Nigeria, the Via scripts of Liberia, we have the Uli symbols also from Nigeria. Phonecians adapted Kusitic writing skills, gave it to the Greeks who passed it on to Rome. Actually, it is Europe that never developed any writing system except what it copied from Africans. There were thousand year old libraries in Black Africa before Europe saw its first books.

    The wheel was invented in Africa by Africans and taken all over the world in prehistory. Just like the Blacks invented agriculture, city building, mining and stone cutting, Black Africans made the first wheels. Where in Europe was the wheel invented?

    Multi-story buildings were first seen in ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Pemba on the East African coast. I know you have never heard of Mapungwe in South Africa nor the Great Zimbabwe. Where was the first multi-story European buildings? Europeans could not construct anything durable until the Templar Knights returned from Jerusalem then ruled by the Moors and the Saracens.

    Sub-Saharan Africa is a region of Africa. It is not a race.

    Pink bad hairy man…Black Africans live right across Africa since the beginning of time. It is idle to deny reality. When you are reduced to qualifying the morphology of Africans based on some whimsical rule…it is time to remind you of objective reality. Black Africans own Africa from Congo to Libya, from Cairo to Johannesburg. We never shared ancient Africa with any pink guys like you.

    Yes, but we shared Europe with you. We live in Europe through our half breed children of Southern Europe. The French Spainiards and italians still display a Black man’s head on their cultural flags. It is called the Moor’s head. Look for it on goggle. Black genes everywhere…even in your wretched pink bluish veins in the colder paler parts of Europe.

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  15. all u racist people u want to hide the truth because deep down u know your race stole everything from the african race u don’t want to know the truth thats why the world is at war now because the white,jewish and arab race at war with each other over what the black man history u fight to keep everything hiden but in the end the black race will be on top again

    1. WHAT ARE YOU DOING while I agree that half the people on this sight must stupid trailer trash you must not sound as racist as they are while it is true that africas problems have been caused by european invasion and American exploitation the fact is that european and American cultures deserve full recognising for all developments achieved by them as do all those of african decent. If you act like a racist you will appear just as stupid and ignorant as the many inbred abominations of life that contributed to this site .(this does not apply to the non racists) Black White Asian Hispanic Native American it does not matter. We are all equal and we all have equal right to be proud of the many innovations produced by all humans in the world. We are all one race species and people. We are not competing WHY CAN’T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS

      1. More positive vibes! Let the troll’s of ignorance spit their hateful bile, because if you educate your loved ones (& they share that teaching of love & acceptance), as thouroughly as they were taught by their misguided parents & peers, the less these troll’s of ignorance can ingage you in conflict, I wish to end the arguments from the more educated human beings & those open to learning new things, these troll’s feed on your negative vibes so starve them & fill them with positive food for thought!
        My Father a Jamaican from Black/Chinese ancestry my Mother from Celtic/Irish Ancestry, I am a child of circumstance but a god of my existance, I own my heritage you can’t change this!

  16. Funny thing how can such level of humanism and immaturity be combined in a same train of thought. Too bad we disregard the word “ignorance” altogether, when we are all ignorants in a way…
    I certainly see some truth in both TheTruth and Jahdey, and while this bit of cyberspace gets SEO, the lesser educated are out there, not able to tell the difference between Carthaginians and Moors. Guess I’ll keep doing my research elsewhere, in search of kinder answers…

  17. Jahdey;
    You need to cool down man! These people are just yankin your chain man and your head is spinin with it. You can’t respond to racist comments with more racist comments brother! I’m red and black (E3B from the mother land), white and a little yellow. Does Jah love me less for that brother? I don’t believe so! I don’t believe that is the truth. It sure not the most holy true belief of H.I.M. Most living peolpe come from the tribe of the Conquering Lion of Judah whether they know thier truth or not. We have just changed our color over time but that is not wrong or the fault of people who have changed. It is just the truth of who we have become. It is up to us to not rely on our own misunderstanding when truth is speaking to us. H.I.M addressed this very well in his address to New Orleans. He was very anti-facist and pro-peace and freedom for all people, not just black people. We should never make his legacy one of ugliness or hatred toward to anyone, it never was and never should become that. By the way, H.IM was a devout Ethiopian Copitc Church memember. It is probably the most mystical religion on earth akin to many African Sephardic ancient traditions. Don’t be ugly Jahdey, rise above that! Follow the word of H.I.M. He was never hateful nor should you ever be my brother.

  18. Rasman

    Me hear you. The truth may be an offense, but it is not a crime.

    I do not racist against anyone but when a fool come to me talking about this and that…I burn him up!

    We all have something to say to the other, so when a right wing fool come here with his fuckery, man, I chew him up!

    I tear down all that right wing pomposity, hubris and ignorance.

    I do not cringe cause I will call a spade a spade. Right wing nuts need to hear the bare truth because the truth is for everyone African or European.

    Hail up


  19. Jahdey;
    I understand and fighting, the fight is not not a bad thing. I didn’t say that. You are brave to fight this fight on your own. I only said remeber the words of H.I.M, he maintained his dignity even in his ultimate downfall But H.I.M never brought his pain down to the street fighting level. His message was always positive, Afrocentric but never Black. We should never forget we are all Afrocentric but now, due to changes beyond our control, we are not all black but many colors. I really believe H.I.M is a true descendent of the Lion, I understand this but so am I. Taht doesn’t matter. We all need to get this understanding back home again soon . I have to tell you the truth, some black skined people keep making this divide wider and deeper. That is wrong! and not what the word of H.I.M says. He was always true to human truth and unity as descendent of the first generation of true Christianity. And the Jah Rastafari should be true to H.I.M. All I say was H.I.M was an authentic born Chtistian and not a hater of any race.

  20. Jahdey;
    Ok man, you vented it out on me your feelings so, cool man now you can go forward. But go forward with it truth of H.I.M in mind not your own anger or human misundersatnding. That is my only recommendation brother. If you wnat to take it out on me any time man, I’m cool with that. I really have no problem. But don’t take it out on the racists who just lack the understanding of H.I.M. It is just beating a dead horse.

  21. It is really funny to think that whites still believe they are the first at anything. The ancient blacks traveled over the Caucasus Mountains taking him 20,000 years to adapt to his environment which was clad in ice and a lack of sun, which changed the pigmentation of his skin into what we know as white people. And a Black man colonized Greece and founded the classical city of Athens, his name was Senwosret. look it up.

  22. I’ve read that ‘black spark, white fire’ and must say that Richard Poe doesn’t seem to have the first clue about European history.

    I doubt very much that the man knows anything at all beyond his own Afrocentric agenda.

    Both sides claiming to be Egyptians when neither has a claim.

    Makes me laugh at you all for your infantile debates.

    1. At the university I was attending an Egyptian friend of mine told me that he had just as much black African blood as I had because he knew his history and he knew where he came from. I was shocked no doubt as he was quite fair skinned. He studied Anthropology.
      I don’t like Afrocentricity of Eurocentricity because frankly I don’t see all this as really relevent to any important cause. Furthermore there is no need to be defensive when someone make a claim about how much a certain ethnicity a contributed to the so-called advancement of civilization. This design of life and nature seems to be quite remarkable as it is, so is not possible that some of these non-inventive tribes or groups had the intelligence enough to simply accept nature in it’s most advanced natural state. Has there really been any advancement. Can there be advancement on that which is already perfect. What setbacks have been set in place by so-called advancement.

      1. Listen why is so difficult for whites to admit the truth of the history? You are truely strange people. When truth is exposed to you and there’s not logical dispute for it, your response is always the same. “Why does all this matter??” Let’s be honest the World would be a better place without you. Period.

  23. The TRUTH.The TRUTH.It is unsettling and frightening to the heathen!! Makes him panic senseless!

    Yet the truth still fascinates his devil-filled, junk food regulated brain.

    A mind so twisted and depraved that he has the gall to call himself truth!. This indeed is the devil himself.

    Whether he likes it or not we Africans are recapturing our culture.

    Rastafari Jahdey this is good teachings. Nobody gangs lies on Jah and gets away!Pulverize this devil’s puny mind! Good work Brother!

  24. my message to mohammad ,inshallah you will see johanam before you see janah, allah made us all equal ,the prophet p.b.u.h said if you have nothing good to say shut up,there were many black sahabas, also i swear by allah what you all talk about is in the past , i will show you all what a black man can achieve in the future inshallah because knowledge is power

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