The Black Emperors of Rome: Roman Emperor Caracalla (Kara-kalla)

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Ivory Bust of Emperor Caracalla: British Muesum
Emperor Caracalla – By Oguejiofo Annu

It was Bob Marley who sang that “2000 years of history could not be wiped away so easily.”

Lucius Septimius Bassianus (April 4, 188 – April 8, 217), commonly known as Caracalla, was a Black Roman Emperor who ruled from 211 to 217.

Caracalla was the eldest son of Septimius Severus, the first black African-born Emperor of Rome. But before Septimius Severus, there had been other Roman-born black Emperors of Rome. This story of the other black emperors of Rome will be explored in another write-up, but for now we focus on Caracalla.

Unlike his father Septimius Severus, Caracalla was born and raised in Italy. After the death of his father, he ruled jointly with his younger brother Geta until the latter’s death in 211.

Caracalla’s reign was notable for the Constitutio Antoniniana, granting Roman citizenship to freemen throughout the Roman Empire. That act laid a foundation for a peaceful multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Empire that Rome was to become.

Caracalla was mean towards the military incursions of the Goths, the Parthians and the Tartars, and he took brutal and extreme steps to suppress those invaders from Turkemenistan that were sorely troubling the cohesion of the Roman state.

A modern-day British historian Edward Gibbon, a descendant of the Goths, referred to him as, “the common enemy of mankind” because of the massacres he authorized in various parts of the empire.

In AD 213, Caracalla went north to the German frontier and subdued the Alamanni tribesmen who were causing trouble in the Agri Decumates. Due to that feat the Senate conferred upon him the title of “Germanicus Maximus”.

In AD 216, Caracalla took on the Parthians, a related tribe of the Goths, (the Parthians are the ancestors of the modern day Farsi-Iranians) who were causing problems on the southernmost flank of the empire. He tricked the Parthians into believing that he accepted a marriage and peace proposal, but then launched a series of blistering attacks on the Parthians when their guards were down. The thereafter ongoing conflict and skirmishes became known as the Parthian war of Caracalla.

The baths of Caracalla were the largest public baths ever built in ancient Rome. To put it in historical perspective, the central room of the baths was larger than St. Peter’s Basilica. It could easily accommodate over 2,000 Roman citizens. The bath house opened in 216, complete with libraries, private rooms and outdoor tracks. Caracalla ordered the building of those baths that are named in his honour.

Caracalla was assasinated by his body-guard while travelling from Edessa to continue the war against Parthian. He died on April 8, AD 217.

It is important that Africans should remember and celebrate Caracalla and his family line, i.e. the Severan Dynasty, because as black Africans, they were us and we are them.

By the dint of their heritage, they were part of our legacy, and their attainments represented part of our unfolding tale of greatness, of towering historical achievements, of courage, regency and inimitable genius.

The descendants of the Goths who conquered Rome, and now control historical narratives, would want you to believe that they were the real Romans. Through centuries of selective narration and faking of historical artefacts, they have largely succeeded in hiding the central role of the Africans in the defunct Roman empire.

They hide the facts that the Goths and the Parthians (the ancestors of the present day Germans, Russians, British, Spanish, Italians, and Iranians…the Aryans!!!) were the mortal enemies of the dark Ibero-Maurisian Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Libyans, and Numidians, Mauritanians, and Saharans, the original owners of western Europe. They promote a fake and false notion that Rome was a so-called white created civilization affiliated with their Gothic ancestry. But this is a lie!

Black Roman Emperor Karakala
The memorials of Caracalla, Septimius Severus, Geta, Maximinus, and a long line of Black, Moorish, African Emperors of Rome reject this lie. We must revisit the Roman Empire and salvage the Black ancestors and Emperors that have been covered by the global western academic conspiracy.

Again we chant, blessings on the memorial of the Severan Dynasty, they were the “naigre” Emperors of Rome, from Africa. We will be meeting more Black Roman Emperors in the next series.

Oguejiofo Annu
September 25, 2010

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124 thoughts on “The Black Emperors of Rome: Roman Emperor Caracalla (Kara-kalla)”

    1. Why doesn’t he look white presuppose that all African black people gave the same features. That is not True they’re black black Africans with pointy noses and small lips yet there are 100 percent black . The are pygmies in south Africa that are 100 percent black with yellow skin.
      In addition if you are an American, here if u have one tenth black blood you are black .
      And finally , genetic scientist have proven that in north west Africans males 80 percent of there male genes are from subsahara.

      1. Hannibal was black , st. Augustine was black saudia Arabians are black the original jews and the Eygptians where all black. There is no white civilization that was born in Africa.

        1. my name is lessy carthan,from the original carthanians race if you will,my father born in cuba,raised in texas in 1927,origin spanish and american native indian,were given a crest to bare of our ancient roman and persian descents,a jewel called the eye of taurus it contains blood and hair in the shape of a cats eye,it’s worth i don’t know,i buaried it 20yrs ago.the story goes our grandfather a spanish and egytian escaped from slave ports to cuba where slavery was outlawed and settled in the states in 1899,ironic the part his family were slave traiters and he found his ass on the block after being raided by english and french fleets.there is no myth,the jewlery is real,the storys of black ceasers are real,the world cant afford to exspose the truth,giving blacks history is giving them power,putting them back in power means they will rule again and no-empire will come after them.who invented shorthand but a black roman scholar.

    2. like lester the reporter for nbc,has no lips,comedy but true.before the rap group public eney in 1986 there was limited african education in the american school system,in colleges or availability in librarys where they buary the lies so said krs-1,they called it his-story,meaning that white men around the world mostly british and american down played and buaried black history before the mayflower in ordr to control there captive slave labor,so did they they irish,the indian,the scottish,the asian,up to 1990’s when in was reinstated to the educational system we knew nothing but slves and ex slaves accomplishments.

    3. If you believe Wikipedia, Caracalla’s descent was Punic, Berber, Syrian and Roman. The Berbers are of Afroasiatic origin. As far as I can tell, Afroasiatic is a massive family group to which the Semetic people belong.. Modern Berbers today include people like Zinedine Zidane(French Football player of Berber descent) and Saïd Taghmaoui Cannes(A well known American actor of Berber descent). I do not know to what extent Caracalla was, of each of these four groups, but it suggests he was roughly 1/4 Indo-European(White), 1/4 Afroasiatic(Closely associated with Semetic people) and 1/2 Semetic(Syrians and Punics are Semetic). This brings me to my conclusion and point. That point being, Caracalla wasn’t black.

    4. Colin please look again with open eyes. I understand how much it would trouble you to think it is what it is. But to lie to yourself is not what life is about. Just look at the face and understand you dont like look like. But he was a roman cesar and he was from africa

  1. Colin

    You would be happy fi the Severan dynasty was black? No, Colin d Goth, you are disappointed that there is provable, documented black Emperors of Rome. They never taught you about that aspect of Rome in your classic classes, but welcome to Rastalivewire, where the other half is being told.

    And do they look very white to you, Colin the Goth? Does Barack Obama look black enough for you? Does Bob Marley look black enough for you?

    The Goths and their descendants, like you, have made claiming the legacies of Rome one of the rationale for their existence. The Goths were unwanted invaders into Europe and Rome. The Goths were Aryans, but the the true Romans were descendants of the Nigri Latinis, and the Nigri Aferis, all together known as the Moors.

    The origins of Septimius and Caracalla are obvious enough to any intelligent person, they were Africans, they were not Aryan goths. The Nigri latinis, and the Nigri Aferis from whose stock Caracalla rises, are black people and they look black enough for any African who has international experience.

    I know many Africans Americans who look just the same way as Septimius and his children. I know many Saharan Africans who look just the same way. Spetimius, Caracalla and their dynasty will never pass for anything but blacks in a US census test.

    Finally, I will gve you a clue about ancient art, look at the hair. If the hair is wooly like the lamb on the sheep skin, it is a black person, because black people are the only ones in this world with hair like wool on the sheep skin.

    All the other nations got straight lank hair like goats or wolves.

    Look at Septimius Severus and his chlildren again see their hair, see their head profile, see their facial features.

    1. I was super excited to read this article and gain more understanding of the Roman Empire but then a bit disturbed that your comments were so confronting toward “Goths”, essentially white people.

      My first thought when I was reading about Septimus and Caracalla was that they looked, non-black or non-subsaharan African, but Middle Eastern like modern day Lybians. You explained that point, which is news to me. I’m going to look into that more. Does that mean that the Ancient Egyptian civilization consisted of dark African looking people, not middle eastern looking people?

      Early Britons were brown? So just so I’m clear, the Slavs, Goths and Vandals are the only white people in the world, not the French, Moores, Franks, Germans, or Iberians, or Italians or Greeks, or Isralies? And the presence of white people in those territories in mondern times is only because of the invasions of white peoples?

      I defer to your greater understanding of ancient and African/European history & I want to learn not attack your points. I think the conventional wisdom regarding races is that most consider, Italians (Romans), Greek’s as white. Your asserting that Romans and Greeks (among other peoples) are actually black. I take a nuanced view that, Romans are southern European neither African, nor northern European. Middle Eastern people are just that, not true BLACK people, nor white, they’re Middle Eastern, medium in complexion. Tell me where my understanding is wrong, please.

      One more comment, my research into history and how the world works has gone up exponentially in the past 2 to 3 years (not based on college study but on seeking out true knowledge) I agree 100% with the fact that there is a western academic conspiracy. Part of my awakening has been the realization that the elites of the western world don’t view conflict as nation vs. nation or even race vs race (although they are highly racist) but they view it as elite vs. commoners across the different peoples. There’s writings between the kings of England and France were they openly talk about how they have too many people to control and they need to start a war to kill some people off.

      Your feedback is welcomed.

      1. When you return to history from the context of a “recent” origin of man then the thousands of years of separate evolution which has been disproven in recent years.
        if you disregard the term evolved which confers a sense of supremacy then you understand that part of the process of separating the “languages” instituted by the destruction of the tower of Babel meant that we would become different. But we all share the same very recent ancestor.
        In the 21st century blacks are simply waking up from years of psychological conditioning and so this discussion turns into a battle for power.
        The real power will soon be evident as the “meek” which are the ordinary people black or white embrace each other against those who have fed on this propaganda.


  2. I know plenty of white people with curly hair. The bust of Caracalla could easily be that of a black man, but just as easily of a white one. Given that his origins were modern day Libya, it is a bit surprising to see curly hair which is not common there. He could have been a negro – there were as you say elsewhere plenty of them around in the Roman Empire. But I point out again that the skin colour of his father on that plate does look very typical of modern inhabitants of the Mediterranean.

    As for me being a Goth, well it is nice to have romantic background, but I imagine there are quite a few different races blood in my veins. As I live in Sussex, the kingdom of the South Saxons, I suppose I would be a Saxon rather than a Goth in any case.

    And I have no particular interest in the precise melanin content of Barak Obama or Bob Marley’s skin. Come to that, I don’t particularly feel any need to claim any inheritance from the Romans.

    I might sign in as Colin the Goth next time though.

    1. The reason your being so calm about the issue because these black people have made it clear. About who the real romans are.

  3. Colins

    The original Libyans were black Africans. Everybody on that continent was dark skinned until the invasion of the Vandals, followed by the Turks. Libya was a word synonymous with dark people.

    There was a Nigerian kingdom which used to have Siwa oasis in Libya as its Northern most point. The city of Sijilimasa in southern Morocco is still a black city up to this day. The city of Marakesh in Northern Morocco was built by Senegalese moors who came from the Sanhaja tribes. They named it marrakesh meaning the house of Kush.

    Besides the Berber tribes of the Kaybles who are heavily mixed with the Vandals, most Berbers of North Africa are of black African origin. Some are lighter than others but their basic Africanness cannot be denied.

    Today, the demographics in Northern Africa is heavily tipped towards the white Arabs, i.e. descendants of Turks, and Vandal conquerors who accepted the Arabic culture. They live in Northrn Tunisia, and Algeria today, but it was not always so. 400 years ago and then onward back into history, those places were black land. Moorish territories, Morroco!

    When you think about north Africa of today, think about the United States, and how the aboriginals were pushed out. That is the same thing happening in North Africa. But here on Rastalivewire, we recall, all, without exception.

    Caracalla and his parents came from a long line of Muurish African family. For thousands of years his ancestors have come from no other continent but Africa. His hair was wooly, his skin was dark, and he was so proud of his wooly hair that he had it emphasized in all the royal coins he minted and issued.

    Anytime you come across someone with wooly hair, and a dark skin, just realize that he has some very strong and recent African ancestry. He is a Moor.

    When his hair is straight an lank, he could be a Goth, mostly likely if he is blond. If he is darkhair but paleskined, probably an Alan (Parthian-Farsi-Iranian) or a Turk. All those are the Aryans who fought the Muurs. Some Muurs are paleskin too, but their African blood always shines through. You cannot miss then when you come across them.

    Rome was a Muurish empire. Search for the Nigri Latinis and you will see what I mean.


  4. I have to disagree with this: “That act laid a foundation for a peaceful multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Empire that Rome was to become.” Rome had been a multi-cultural empire since the Punic wars, hundreds of years before. They’d been peaceful most of the second century, but the period of Roman history after Caracalla is usually called “the crisis of the third century”. It was a hundred years of invasions, civil war, economic collapse, disease, and misery. If you wanted to make a connection between curly hair and peaceful prosperity, you should have gone for Marcus Aurelius (

    (And don’t go calling me a Goth. I’m a Frank. 🙂

  5. Joe,

    Yes, Rome was a multi-cultural entity even before the punic wars. The emphasis was on the adjective “peaceful” qualifying the adjectival noun “multi-ethinc empire”. Anyways, that is my take, the author can explain better. The period of history after Caracalla was an intensification of military efforts to keep the Goths, the Huns, the Parthians, the Slavs, outside the boundaries of the empire. These were mostly external wars, not internal disturbances. Rome as an entity was very stable and peaceful in Caracalla’s time and after.

    We are gonna post an analysis concerning Marcus Aurelius. He was not just curly haired, he was what would be called black in today’s north America. Be not in a hurry, you will get a chance to comment on Marcus Aurelius and his connections to Africa, via the Nigri Latinis.

    And yes, you are a Goth. Franks are just a sub-tribe of the Visigoths, the western Goths. I believe one of the emperors was forced to permit your ancestors to settle France in return for their dubious alliance in fighting Attila the Hun.

    You are all one and same branch of the Aryans who fought the Latini-Muurs of Rome. 🙂

    Welcome to Rastalivewire, where we tell the other half.


  6. Hi, Colin the Goth here. I should be out overthrowing empires but I can’t keep away.

    I am not sure it is at all easy to tell whether some people are black or white. Take the photo on your blog’s masthead. I take it that it is you. Well I have to say that although at the end of the day I would conclude that you are wiight, the nose and the straight hair clinch it, even that picture could be of a black man if you stretch it a bit.

    I think at the end of the day black and white human beings aren’t so very different.

  7. Hi Jahday,

    Colin the Goth here. I should be out conquering empires but I just can’t keep away.

    It isn’t that easy to tell white people from black people. Take the photo that illustrates your blog’s masthead. I take it that is you. Well it could easily be a white man. The nose is pretty angular and the hair is straight. I would probably take him to be white. On the other hand, given your name you might well be black.

    Does it matter that much? We are all humans and maybe we are not so very different.

  8. Point blank, it’s true what they say when they say Africa starts in Rome. The moors which were black ruled Rome and the Egyptians that build the pyramids were black. What they taught in school was when it comes to the eastern civilation. Break history down and you will get His-Story. Get it.

  9. Serious topics and nuff knowledge,,,, feelin dis site.

    Hi Colin,
    jus to let u kno d image/photo at the top of d blog is actually The Great EMPEROR HAILIE SALASIE. AND HE’S BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MY name is TJ and I am a black man.I find it very interesting that there were black emperors,and I must say I am pretty proud to learn about this.

  11. Carcalla’s mother was from present day Syria. This means his birth was spurious. Geta was murdered by Carcalla.

  12. And Caracalla was one of the worst Emperors Rome ever had!!! I see frightening parallels between the Arrogance of Caracalla and what he did to the economy of Rome and What the current US president is doing to the United States! Both sides of the story should be told on all sites!! The good and the bad!!

    1. Both sides? Barack is doing a wonderful job. If only he could get your kind to follow suite. Bush W was one of the worst, but I bet you didn’t think so, did you? Of course not. Because you are for your own kind regardless. Guess what? SO AM I.

  13. Blimey,
    what a lot of people with issues ….. as a white Briton, probably descended from a mix of Britons and Anglo-Saxons I have no axe to grind about the Romans but I do find the lack of knowledge and bogus history on this site worrying.

    Look at statues or images of the ancient Romans or Greeks, do they look like the Romans or Greeks of today or not, no .. centuries of invasions from the east by Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, Franks and so on has diluted the original Romans and in Greece the migration of turkic peoples and later Ottoman enslavement and settlement has created a people that to me do not look much different to the modern Turks.

    In the same way, the Romans and Greeks settled the north African littoral and the fringes of the Mediterranean for hundreds of years, so Septimius Severus and his son were probably of Greek or Roman stock, not arab and not black african either; in fact if you look at their images dispassionately you will see they have classic European features.

    Why does it matter to black africans, why do they want to have been rulers of Rome, why not just celebrate your own cultural backgrounds and not try to annexe that of others; if you are proud of your heritage and confident in yourselves why do you need somebody else’s history?

    Why the need to define somebody by skin colour anyway, I like to think of Barack Obama as just as much white as black, he’s 50/50 isn’t he?


    1. BobB

      2000 years of Muurish history could not be wiped away so easily. Though your rulers tried to do so, (I will not credit you cause your ancestors were probably slaves, serfs or peasants), they failed.

      Septimius Severus was of African stock. He was Berber. He was not Roman/Greek. A little research could have saved you this embarrasment. Google the history of Septimius Severus.

      That said, it is obvious to me that your level of cognition is basically elementary. It is easier to sneer, and be full of hubris, than it is to sit down and study history. If you did study history you would not be demonstrating your ignorance by imputing that Africans somehow misappropriate history, when you are clearly the culture thief.

      You are the culture thief in claiming descent from Britons, when you are slavic or gothic only. Early Britons were black and brown in complexion like “the Silures”. Google that term. The Silures are different from your gothic ancestors who came and did them in.

      You are a culture thief in implying that forged Roman statues, reworked between 18th and 20th centuries are indicative of who the Romans were. The Romans were a mix of many nationalites which included a sizeable black citizenry playing very prominent role. Your ancestors the Gothics and the slavics and the Turkics, they were the enemies then. They eventually swamped Rome through Alaric the Goth.

      Today, your leaders wish to re-write history because they control the media. But 2000years of history cannot be wiped away so easily.

      And the half that has not been told, Rasta Livewire is uttering bold! We are electric, we shock and burn out the paleness of ignorance. Welcome to Rasta Livewire. Time to learn…

      1. I am a Gael with a good pinch of Pict, the roman empire literally stopped in my back garden, Sorry dude thar aint rasta’s in my woodpile. my people bled Rome dry so on the Antonie wall it, that it retreated to back to Hadrian walls.

    2. The need arises because of a political agenda to marginalize Western culture and thereby diminish the perceived power of white people as “exploiters” and “colonialists” to reforge the world into a new image. It’s about Marxism and it’s about the desire of the Left to erase the Judeo-Christian world, which it views as the source of all the world’s evils – capitalism and all that sort of rot.

      So, Afrocentrism is another “useful idiot” movement that has been promulgated and nurtured by the Left over the past few decades to further a larger political agenda. And, given the painful memories of the recent past, and the burning desire to rise above their own dehumanization, many blacks eagerly embrace this historic revisionism.

      1. jonathan8184, which part of stormfront, chimpout or chimpmania have you copied that nonsense. Please provide a time in history where the Albino race had a genuine interest in black history. So this left movement consisting of Albino revisionists are funding and/or conducting research to give black people their rightful place in history? After 500 years of whitewashing history and telling outright lies, a group of Albinos decided it is time to tell the truth?

        In spite of the empirical evidence presented, it never stops your kind from telling outright lies because of your hubris. Even when Albino historians accidentally tell the truth, it never stops the others from continuing to tell the false/fake version of history. For example, why did Albinos left Central Asia, their homeland, where they built no pyramids and went to Egypt and built pyramids in black Africa, if we are to believe that the Egyptians were Albinos from European?

        Your reaction to the thought of a any Roman being black comes as a shock to you. I understand the need to want to continue believing in the lie of, “If they were great, they must have been white and even if they weren’t white, let’s pretend.” Aside from your emotional defense, jonathan8184, what evidence do you have to counter what has been stated about the Romans on this site? Albino history is a fantasy concocted as a result of their deficiency in melanin.

        Face fact, jonathan, there were great black men in history. There were black men residing in and conquering European long before Albinos realize they would walk on two legs. Everything you kind has ever tried to reduce the black race to is evidentiary of your nature. History has proven that it is you who are the beasts of the filed – the monkeys and apes with low intellect that you tried to reduce black people. It is your kind who has the inferiority complex you have tried to instill in black people. jonathan8184, you are not only a race of colonizers and exploiters, you are rapists, murderers and thieves of people land and resources during the time of old and you have managed to continue this practice to this day despite your claims of being a intellectually, genetically superior race with values built upon morals, fairness and ethics.

  14. Jahdey,
    I did think we could have an interesting discussion on the topic where you explained your reasoning and beliefs and where you got your understanding of history and I could perhaps take a dispassionate look and see where you are coming from; sadly all you did was descend in to abuse, which is not exactly the best way to prove your point to a casual visitor to the website, and not the way to get others to take an interest in what you see as an important truth.

    I suspect from what I know of British history that my knowledge is better than yours, oh and by the way my ancestors were not peasants, at least not in the last five hundred years, that’s just you being gratuitously insulting…. are you really very thin skinned or do you want to put off anybody who doesn’t understand or subscribe to your conspiracy theory? Anyway, history would suggest that at first the British Isles were populated by a people we know as the “proto Celts” best represented today by the peoples of Wales, Brittany and the western edge of Spain, they were probably displaced to the western margins by the people we understand as the Celts, although Celts is itself a word from the Greeks, merely meaning the strangers, so the Celts we know of are the European people who moved in to Britain in several waves the last of whom were the Belgic tribes that the Romans met when they landed.

    In turn they were largely supplanted by the Anglo-Saxons who occupied the south and east of these islands, in turn displacing some of the Britons, (Celts) to Armorica in France which was semi-empty having been devastated by plague… hence the name of Brittany ….the Anglo-saxons were moving from their German coastal and Danish homelands because of rising sea levels and pressure from tribes moving westward from central Europe and the Russian steppes, in particular the Huns, Vandals, Alans and Slavs; the Visigoths and Ostrogoths penetrated south of the Alps of course but not to the north of them. So no Goths or Slavs in western Europe or the British Isles I’m afraid, although I suspect you use these as terms of abuse, rather than for ethnic correctness.

    Jahdey, we all know that mankind originated in east Africa, that’s no secret and I suspect that we agree that we are all one before the same God, so we don’t need to be at loggerheads, unfortunately you go off on one so easily that its difficult to resist the temptation to tease you, look back at some of the third party postings and you’ll see what I mean. Why not try and be calmer in your responses, explain your views more clearly, and set out where your history knowledge comes from, frankly nobody is going to accept that everything you read on Google is accurate, you don’t for a start! A more reasoned response might give your arguments more weight in the future, good luck.


  15. BobB

    Cut the patronizing sermon. Thanks. Now that you are off your high and mighty “I am whyte” pedestal, lets talk like the children of the mother earth. You doubted the ethnicity of Severus Septimus and his children. I corrected you. He was African. A Numidian Berber. Traditional, indigenous African.

    What else do you want to say or question?


  16. @ BobB

    I think you need to make an important destinction between blacks and Africans. Two very different concepts.
    I think when u use the term black u actually refer to congoloids who have unfortunately become the face of African failure. There are many proud Africans who dont see a need to feed off the ficticious scraps of European or Arab history but instead carve out their own.
    FYI – In South Africa we performed the world’s first human heart transplant and my Alma mater, Stellenbosch University, is the only university in the world with a space program……..not great but we are getting there considering the handicaps we have to deal with.

  17. @Jahdey, black people can have straight hair too, look at East Africans & East Indians, they are have straight & Silky hair, & they descend from Kushites.

  18. Those who have created this site seem to me to be obsessed with color, or, even more with race.
    Apparently, that was not the case with the Romans in antiquity. There were slaves, but these were of all color and race when having to face lions in the Coliseum.
    So this is a false quarrel, due to the confusing flaw of anachronism, a major flaw for one who studies or cares for history

    1. This is a Muurish history site, a centre for research into black history, a place where Rastas gather to reason about their history and their culture. Here we reveal the hidden history of the Ethiopian race. Where did you drop in from?

    2. Its not your people who are being lied to lol. it all makes since now. Never new why all of the statues seemed so odd or why i loved roman history. Its becuase its my history

  19. we have exposed the fallacy of race ,an how in middle english bleac was the black people first,watch eyes wide shut ,this was injected into thhe west cause they knew they couldnt rule with religious govt with out uprisings like the protestants in englands 1600s most these chuches here in usa are protestant churches from england not all catholic ,the obseesion is reation from the erase of them out of place to replace the original ,it is albion england that planted the color of law colonies an the lies of who was in england before germanic is the colorless who called color making adjectives an verbs nouns through permission of religious phhhhhallus god doctrine.the argument that as an albion your white because the skin is red ruddy is false.instead arguing ,debating whats black whats african whats english lets put fact of blacks law dictionary 4thedition definition of free white sovereign does not mean caucasion race or aryan race or any damn race,so whos white here an let me seee you nationality card ,if your white in the law an not kkk emotion ,,,,wheres th finish line to this race, when people say stupid white man it really says stupid landowner,,did you know you can giv your land away calling someone else white on it beside your self that s from there especially if they lie an say you all came here on a boat named jesus as sslaves, 1500s sovereign cherokee family was taken from the carolinas an sold in the carribean ,,,,,,,, put that in your books, but all sovereignty was lost in 1865 ,we the muurs raised mankind into humanity an the european sons still wear the crown ,corona el sol crown of the sun the fez,they lied about the history an where civiization began making moor confusion making people really not know who they .when wefeatured our muurish ancestor they came an said muurs were white in skin to confuse ,mislabled are the indian negro colored black african american worst ,,, we aint congolese from indian reservations but bozal murish language muurs speak everywhere except boriqua is congolese espanol portuguese,,we the muurs come before the europan an the arab ,, we created them an their religions they follow,marc washingtons ancient africa shut it dow n showing who ruled europe first an those who were expelled from englands jails to come here know what they hide ,we are the saxons ,annunaki king soloman an james ,cannot say you got here before you ever came an got a name from the womb zudiakus gave our muthers

  20. roman general cyprio africaanus conquered hannible an thats when the east got called africa for roman hizzztory books,greeks debate ,we relate ,the facts hidden are facts ,chemical from khemet ,the khem means black,chemistry khem mystery,those who we raised created stories of religion taught as history that were lies,,,,,,,,,,,.the children are lied to in school an as adults they continue cause one lie leads to did you ge to british isles from grafting of annunaki , or from grafting of yucatan peninsula with patagonian blondes your amazon muthers from the west or did your male christian phallus child sacrifice god saturn el just make the albions appear there after he raped the matriarchy an the godess europa,the muurs who speak muurish latin or italian were under roman slavery but not slavery of england who enslaved albion children as did the french propmtiing usa child labor laws which is the conflicting confusion here they are muurs an gridgingly aware of the akebulan muurs civilizing europe but embrace the cathlocism that forced their conversion from science to re ligion in our fall out of nobility into negro ,english york masonry hides divides an collides with the ality before the re ,,color slavery is the work of the last man raised england through the rothchild family ,,,,,,,,,queen charlotte died havin 15 children ,,she was from germany an blood line of portuguese black nobility magarita de sousa castro,how white can you be even in your fake color color if your queeen in1776 was the fake black you created,started incestually marrying each other to hide you come from the brothers from the original queen muthers,there is no color but the negative energy created to enforce color of law with the illusion of race ,,in usa roman admiralty law black means gangerine black dead like negro from necro civilitter mortues dead in the eyes of the law , DRED SCOTTplaintiff in error for not claiming a nationality an asking for freedom under false names from england thats cant talk so they fixed it in law where we can talk but nothing is heard cause african americans are still property of england ,mankind was not grafted in east africa ,,east africa had nothing to do with mankind ,mankind is from yucatan peninsula taken from west to caucus mountains leprosy mountains ,the troglydyte chimpanzee monkey was used to create mankind ,thats why they try to say nubians look like monkeys an people arre black if they spean english an have any brown in their hue ,,monkeys have no lips an hair on their back an if you shave them they got little melanin in their skin ,,,like who,,before negro their were cagots carrions agote`s N ALBIONS PEOPLE IN ENGLAND CALLED BLAEC BLEAC PEOPLE ,,THEY ADDED H FOR BLEACH AN GAVE US BLACK A MUUR THEN NEGRO AFTER THEIR RAISING CAME OUR FALL ,,,OUR UNDERTAKING BEGAN,,,,SKIN COLOR SPELLS,,NO NATIONLITY ,OUTSIDE THE LAW OUTLAW ,,,,,,,TAKE 5 MUURS AN ASK THEM WWHAT ARE THEY ,, THEY MAY SAY NATIONALITY ONLY PUERTO RICAN JAMAICAN INDONESIAN CUBAN AN THE FIFTH SAYS WASHITAW ,WHAT IS BLACK NATION WHERE IS IT IN WEST UNITED NATIONS ,WE HAVE SEAT 215/93 INDIGINOUS ABORIGINAL WASHITAW NATION, IS BUT ONE,MANY MUUR ARE WE

  21. Just because one is from Africa it doesnt mean your automatically BLACK.. Northern Africans aren’t really considered black like ‘Cleopatra’ . They have a different ‘shade’ you can say like the middle easterns’. MIddle Eastern people dont consider themselves black cus then in all reality we are all “black”. Caracalla was born in FRANCE BTW. Just Sayin

    1. During thoes times northen africa was mostly black like 90%. Thoes who are there now are brand new. Why do you think they know nothing of the history


  23. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FIRST EUROPEAN’S WERE BLACK * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    A group of Black Africans called the Grimaldi discovered the continent currently known as Europe some 44,000 years ago. Over a period of several centuries they traveled from the Cape of South Africa, to Spain, Italy and France, since at that time it was possible to walk on dry land as the Straits of Gibraltar did not yet exist. Many stopped along the way to settle and? develop tribes and nations, and after reaching Europe, the Grimaldi scattered throughout Switzerland, Bulgaria, Southern Europe and Brittany, which is today’s England, Wales and Scotland.

    There are only Africans… and descendents of Africans.

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