The Bla-Maors – The Black Vikings And The Black Danes – Compiled by Invasion2012

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This illustration of Viking Varangian troops near Moscow is from the chronicle of Skylitzis, he was a Greek historian, dead c. 1100

A Description of the Black Vikings of Europe By Renowned European Writers – Compiled By- Invasion2012

“blá-maðr, m. A BLACK MAN, NEGRO, i.e. AN ETHIOPIAN, Al. 51, Orkn. 364 (referring to A.D. 1152), distinguished from the Saracens and Arabians; three ‘blámenn’ were sent as a present to the German emperor Frederic the Second, Fms. x. 3: in romances blámenn are mentioned as A KIND OF ‘BERSERKERS,’” q.v., Finnb. ch. 16, Kjalnes. S. ch. 15; cp. Scott’s Ivanhoe, note B. See AN ICELANDIC-ENGLISH DICTIONARY by Richard Cleasby and Gudbrand Vigfusson(1874)

3 Blau Mhors (Libyan Moors/Tuaregs)
3 Blau Mhors (Libyan Moors/Tuaregs)

“The Irish annalists were a lesson to all with their division of Norse invaders into White Foreigners, Norwegians(Finn-gaill), and Black Foreigners, Danes(Dubh-gaill), but it was a lesson no one heeded; nor do we know why they distinguished them by colour.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

“The Welsh chroniclers, for example, made no such clear distinction. The Danes coming in by way of England and the Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black: Black Gentiles(y Kenedloed Duon), Black Norsemen(y Normanyeit Duon), Black Host, Pagans, Devils and the like.”(CONT.) See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

“Prince of Maine Mor(moor) was accompanied by his father Eochaidh, and his two sons Breasal and Amlaff.” Eochaid mac Run, known in English simply as Eochaid, was king of the Picts from 878 to 889 He was a son of Run, King of Strathclyde, and his mother was the daughter of Kenneth MacAlpin (NIGER VAL DUBH)

“There are turning hither to our shore lithe keels, ring-stags [ships] with long sail-yards, many shields, shaven oars, A NOBLE SEA-LEVY, MERRY WARRIORS. Fifteen companies are coming ashore, but out in Sogn there lie seven thousand more. There lie here in the dock off Cliff-holt surf-deer [ships] SWART-BLACK and GOLD ADORNED. There is by far the most of their host.” Helge Lay, i. 197-206.” See SCANDINAVIAN BRITAIN by William Gershom Collingwood(1908)

“There was a man hight Thorvard; he married Freydis, a natural daughter of Erik the Red; he went [219] also with them, and Thorvald the son of Erik (100), and THORHALL who was called the hunter; he had long been with Erik, and served him as huntsman in summer and steward in winter; he was a large man, and strong, BLACK AND LIKE A GIANT, silent and foul-mouthed in his speech, and always egged on Erik to the worst” See SAGA OF THORFINN KARLSEFNI.

“According to Egils Saga, of the 2 famous sons of Kveldulf, Thorolf was tall and handsome like his mothers people, but Grim took after his father was black and ugly. Grim’s sons Thorolf and Egill, born out in Iceland, repeated the pattern- Thorolf was the image of his uncle, tall, handsome and sunny-natured, and many Egill was black, even uglier than his father, totuous and incalculable,…..etc. craggy head, broad nose, heavy jaw and swart visage.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS, GWYN JONES pg 86

“The evidence indicates that Blacks in ancient times came to Britian from Spain, Felix Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, West Africa, India, Persia and what is today named Denmark. These Negroes were builders, scientists, masters of ocean travel and inventors of letters, according to Higgins, they built Stonehende, Gerald Massey agrees pg 11 Book of The Beginnings.” See Ancient and Modern Britons- MacRitchie pg 2

“The Danes, then were like the ‘MOORs’ -black. Like them, too, they were Picts, as more than one eminent writer has proved. The title of’GROM’ (WOAD-STAINED) is not confined to Highland genealogies, it was the actual name of a grim old pagan Dane who ruled over Denmark,(it meant daub).” See page 121, -David MacRitchie- Ancient and Modern Britons: Volume One (Ancient & Modern Britons)


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  1. “Holding, therefore, the words FALASHA and FALASYANS, and PELASGI and PELASGIANS, to be MODIFICATIONS OF THE SAME WORD, DENOTING THE SAME PEOPLE? , we have further to submit, that the race of men known as Pelasgi were of the same race as those known, in different places…. etc…

    -THE HEBREW OF IBERIAN RACE by Henry Kilgour

  2. Another circumstance connected with these names which it is desirable to remember
    is the absence of evidence to show that the Old English ever called any of the? darker-complexioned Britons brown men or black men. Their name? for them was Wealas? (WALES).

    PAGE 112, Origins of the Anglo-Saxon Race.

    1. The Welsh people are some of the palest in the world, and they’ve remained genetically consistent for the last 3000 years. They were never brown. Celts were pale.

  3. KING

    Old English- cyning, from Proto Germanic- *kuNINGGAZ (Old Norse – konuNGR, Dan.? konge, Ger. könig). Related “family, race” (see kin), making a king originally a “leader of the people;” or from a related root suggesting “noble birth,” making a king originally “one who descended from noble birth.”

    Finnish – kuNINGAS “king,” – kunegu “prince


  4. A certain consistency is given to this theory by the fact that a number of bones considered to
    be negroid have been discovered in different parts of Europe.? In studying the skeletons found in the Grotte des Enfants, near Mentone, M. Verneau arrived at the conclusion that they must be negroid. Their teeth (Albert Gaudry) showed a perceptible difference when compared with those of the Whites
    living to-day.

    Race Prejudice- PAGE 115

    1. The skeletal structures of blacks are adapted for the tropics. Finding them in Europe is impossible unless they were simply migrant.

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    Certain epics of the Niger peoples refer back to? a time when their heros ruled on the shores of the Mediterranean.

    (1966) BY Andreas Lommel, Director of the? Museum of Ethnology, Munich

    1. Still trying to preach that ancient Europeans were black? You’re still wrong, and still a racist, cac-craiceann.

  6. Thorfinn, MACRITCHIE says was the same race as ‘THE BLACK-SKINNED, FOUL-MOUTHED’ THORHALL. I closed this introduction with a fervent hoped that someday THORHALL will be recognized for what he was- a BLACK VIKING who expolored part of the coastline of what was now US in his own ship almost 500 years before Columbus

    William Preston 1985

  7. “MOORE is today one of the most common surnames in Ireland, among the top twenty. It may? be English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish origin. In England the name may derive either from someone who lived near a moor or from a nickname for SOMEONE OF A DARK COMPLEXION, from ‘MOOR’ meaning NEGRO. this is frequently the ultimate origin of the name in Scotland and Wales where it is often rendered ‘MUIR’,”

    CLANS AND FAMILIES OF IRELAND: The Heritage and Heraldry of Irish Clans and Families

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