The Bla-Maors – The Black Vikings And The Black Danes – Compiled by Invasion2012

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This illustration of Viking Varangian troops near Moscow is from the chronicle of Skylitzis, he was a Greek historian, dead c. 1100

A Description of the Black Vikings of Europe By Renowned European Writers – Compiled By- Invasion2012

“blá-maðr, m. A BLACK MAN, NEGRO, i.e. AN ETHIOPIAN, Al. 51, Orkn. 364 (referring to A.D. 1152), distinguished from the Saracens and Arabians; three ‘blámenn’ were sent as a present to the German emperor Frederic the Second, Fms. x. 3: in romances blámenn are mentioned as A KIND OF ‘BERSERKERS,’” q.v., Finnb. ch. 16, Kjalnes. S. ch. 15; cp. Scott’s Ivanhoe, note B. See AN ICELANDIC-ENGLISH DICTIONARY by Richard Cleasby and Gudbrand Vigfusson(1874)

3 Blau Mhors (Libyan Moors/Tuaregs)
3 Blau Mhors (Libyan Moors/Tuaregs)

“The Irish annalists were a lesson to all with their division of Norse invaders into White Foreigners, Norwegians(Finn-gaill), and Black Foreigners, Danes(Dubh-gaill), but it was a lesson no one heeded; nor do we know why they distinguished them by colour.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

“The Welsh chroniclers, for example, made no such clear distinction. The Danes coming in by way of England and the Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black: Black Gentiles(y Kenedloed Duon), Black Norsemen(y Normanyeit Duon), Black Host, Pagans, Devils and the like.”(CONT.) See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

“Prince of Maine Mor(moor) was accompanied by his father Eochaidh, and his two sons Breasal and Amlaff.” Eochaid mac Run, known in English simply as Eochaid, was king of the Picts from 878 to 889 He was a son of Run, King of Strathclyde, and his mother was the daughter of Kenneth MacAlpin (NIGER VAL DUBH)

“There are turning hither to our shore lithe keels, ring-stags [ships] with long sail-yards, many shields, shaven oars, A NOBLE SEA-LEVY, MERRY WARRIORS. Fifteen companies are coming ashore, but out in Sogn there lie seven thousand more. There lie here in the dock off Cliff-holt surf-deer [ships] SWART-BLACK and GOLD ADORNED. There is by far the most of their host.” Helge Lay, i. 197-206.” See SCANDINAVIAN BRITAIN by William Gershom Collingwood(1908)

“There was a man hight Thorvard; he married Freydis, a natural daughter of Erik the Red; he went [219] also with them, and Thorvald the son of Erik (100), and THORHALL who was called the hunter; he had long been with Erik, and served him as huntsman in summer and steward in winter; he was a large man, and strong, BLACK AND LIKE A GIANT, silent and foul-mouthed in his speech, and always egged on Erik to the worst” See SAGA OF THORFINN KARLSEFNI.

“According to Egils Saga, of the 2 famous sons of Kveldulf, Thorolf was tall and handsome like his mothers people, but Grim took after his father was black and ugly. Grim’s sons Thorolf and Egill, born out in Iceland, repeated the pattern- Thorolf was the image of his uncle, tall, handsome and sunny-natured, and many Egill was black, even uglier than his father, totuous and incalculable,…..etc. craggy head, broad nose, heavy jaw and swart visage.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS, GWYN JONES pg 86

“The evidence indicates that Blacks in ancient times came to Britian from Spain, Felix Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, West Africa, India, Persia and what is today named Denmark. These Negroes were builders, scientists, masters of ocean travel and inventors of letters, according to Higgins, they built Stonehende, Gerald Massey agrees pg 11 Book of The Beginnings.” See Ancient and Modern Britons- MacRitchie pg 2

“The Danes, then were like the ‘MOORs’ -black. Like them, too, they were Picts, as more than one eminent writer has proved. The title of’GROM’ (WOAD-STAINED) is not confined to Highland genealogies, it was the actual name of a grim old pagan Dane who ruled over Denmark,(it meant daub).” See page 121, -David MacRitchie- Ancient and Modern Britons: Volume One (Ancient & Modern Britons)


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133 thoughts on “The Bla-Maors – The Black Vikings And The Black Danes – Compiled by Invasion2012”

  1. “in romances blámenn are mentioned as A KIND OF ‘BERSERKERS,”

    Yes, and in those same ‘romances’, “blamenn” (BLUE men, not BLACK men) fight alongside BERSERERS, TROLLS and DWARVES.

    I won’t insult your intelligence by giving you the link between those last three groups, but I’ll give you a hint – myths/legends/folklore!

    “nor do we know why they distinguished them by colour.”

    Even an eminent Norse scholar such as Mr. Jones doesn’t know why the Irish referred to Norse invaders as WHITE and BLACK foreigners, so what twisted arrogance makes the author of this nonsense believe that it refers to sub-Saharan Africans, or peoples appearing as such?

    “He was a son of Run, King of Strathclyde, and his mother was the daughter of Kenneth MacAlpin (NIGER VAL DUBH)”

    “DOUGALL (Generally Mac-Dougall): Gael. dhu, black, and gall, a stranger – an expression used by the CELTIC INHABITANTS OF SCOTLAND to DENOTE A LOWLANDER, or ANY ONE NOT OF THEIR OWN RACE. It is still in use as a baptismal name” – Page 93 (“Dou- to Dow-“), “Patronymica Britannica: A Dictionary of the Family Names of the United Kingdom” by Mark Antony Lower, 1860

    “There lie here in the dock off Cliff-holt surf-deer [ships] SWART-BLACK and GOLD ADORNED. There is by far the most of their host.”

    I’m at a loss to see how “pitch-black, gold-decorated” ships somehow means that the Vikings were black too:
    Considering that I drive a silver-coloured car, could you please help me identify which Ethnicity box to tick in the next census?

    “he was a large man, and strong, BLACK AND LIKE A GIANT, silent and foul-mouthed in his speech, and always egged on Erik to the worst”

    1. It’s amazing that “Afro”centrists haven’t picked this one up, but has anyone else noticed the COMPLETE LACK OF CONTEXT?
    2. The Norse called dark-skinned persons BLAMENN, or BLUE-MEN, and didn’t use SVART or BLACK to describe them.
    3. A person described as BLACK serves in the crew of Erik THE RED…hmmm, where have I seen those colours before in the context of northern Europeans (Hint: Look at what’s on TOP OF THE HEAD)

    “According to Egils Saga, of the 2 famous sons of Kveldulf, Thorolf was tall and handsome like his mothers people, but Grim took after his father was black and ugly.”

    “GRIM was then twenty-five years old, and was now bald, wherefore he was henceforth called SKALLAGRIM” – Chapter 20 (“Of Kveldulf and his Sons”), “Egil’s Saga” (“Egla”) by Snorri Sturluson (?), c.a. 1220-1240 C.E. (translation courtesy of W.C. Green, 1893)

    “Then SKALLAGRIM and his wife had yet another son. He was sprinkled with water and named, and his name was EGIL. But as he grew up it was soon seen that he would be ILL-FAVOURED, like HIS FATHER, with BLACK HAIR” – Chapter 31 (“Of Kveldulf and his Sons”), “Egil’s Saga” (“Egla”) by Snorri Sturluson (?), c.a. 1220-1240 C.E. (translation courtesy of W.C. Green, 1893)

    “Gerald Massey agrees pg 11 Book of The Beginnings.”

    Gerlad Massey also believed that every language on Earth was traceable in some form to ancient Egyptian.

    1. While ‘bla’ does mean blue in Older Scots and Northern Middle English, it can also be used for dark or black in Old Norse. It was also used to refer to Africans, as the following extract from the DSL (Older Scots dictionary which provides meanings for the other languages for etymylogical information) shows:

      DSL – DOST Bla, Blae, a. and n. Also: blaa, blaw, blay, blea, bleaie, ble. [Northern ME. bla, blaa (midl. and southern blo, bloo), ON. blá-r (dark) blue, livid, black.]

      4. Black. Bla man, a negro.
      So ME. blamon, blomon, -man, ON. blámann-. In Ethiope, that is the land of bla men; Asl. MS. I. 155/27. In Ynd is … men of bla colour; Ib. 158/24. Of Cam [come] churllis and foull pepill as bla men; Ib. 309/6.

    2. Thay were black because when ever white people steal a culture it’s because they wasn’t really those people white people only been on earth 6,000 years there no history that white people didn’t create or pervert

  2. According to old Norse Saga Danish raiders of Irish attacked Spain the Spain and Mauritania written in the 900s about the “Mauri” . From the latter place they ‘carried off a great host of them as captives to Erin and these are the blue men of Ireland (fir goma of Erin) for Mauri is the same as black man, and Mauritanias is the same as blackness…Long indeed were these blue men in Erin.'” Jack D. Forbes, Black Africans and Native Americans (new York : Basil Blackwell, 1988),p. 68. Another transalation says “because the Moors are the same as negroes; mauretanis is the same as negro-land.”

  3. Excuse me but this is just utter nonsense.

    “Mòr” in Gaelic doesn’t mean Moor it means big or great, as simple as that. “Dubh” in Gaelic does mean black but in Scotland where many people of the same clan or family who live in the same area and have the same surname and Christian name they use their (hair) colouring or physical charactaristics or occupation or father’s or mother’s name or even nicknames to tell the difference when they address each other. I remember as a boy myself and my younger brother walked into a beer-tent full of Scottish soldiers with our father and an old army friend of his at the far end of the bar saw us and shouted, “Jimmy!”, to attract my old man’s attention. With this roar of “Jimmy” more than half of the men in the busy tent turned around thinking someone was talking to them. For this reason they use nicknames, especially ones to do with someones hair colour. Any Highlander called, for example, “Iain Dubh” or “Black John” is called so for his black hair not his black skin. “Daoine dubh”, literally black people, is now used for Africans and people of African although “gorm” or blue was also apparently used. A swarthy or tanned skinned person would be “Ciar” which is one of the Gaelic words for dark as in “ciaradh na h-oidhche”, the darkening of the night, a Gaelic way of saying dusk. “Dubh” is also, like “dearg” which means blood-red, used to add more force to a statement, usually in a negative manner. “Dearg amadan”, literally a red fool, means a complete and utter fool. “Dubh-gall” means an real, (Highlander-hating), Lowlander. Apart from perhaps soldiers in the Roman army I very much doubt there were many black Africans in the British Isles before the time of the transatlantic slave traid and the kings of and nobles of Scotland certainly weren’t black for in the the translation of the Albanic Duan, the oldest record of the ethnological traditions of Scotland, we read the first lines:

    “O, all ye learned of Scotland,
    Ye well-skilled host of yellow hair…”

    Let the truth be told. One thing is to be proud of your roots as everyone should be another is to fabricate fables that are clearly lies. Before anyone accuses me of being racist let me just say as a Scot in exile I can say as well as listening to pipe music when I’m homesick I also listen to Bob Marley as that’s all I heard at home as a kid. My father had been a while in Jamaica with the army when the Wailers were first kicking off and he came home with a passion for reggae and Jamaican culture. I myself am a blond-haired, red-bearded, blue-eyed Jock ( and a Traveller, or “Tinker” if you like, from a people who were also deported to the Americas as slaves) and my wife is a hazel-eyed, Brazilian “mulata” and we honour and respect each others backgrounds. We have a beautiful daughter with greeny-blue eyes and silky, dark-blonde, wavy hair and tanned skin. With us there’s no racial issue and I will make sure our daughter, and other children if God gives us more, know about and are proud of their hertiage and ancestors from both sides but I won’t teach them lies, especially ones that try to make one “race” (there’s only one race but we have different ethnic groups) out to be better than another.

  4. Santiago

    While I respect your Scottish roots, it is a fact that the history of the world and the interaction of peoples and culture is only half told. Here on Rasta Livewire we tell you the half never been told.

    Mohr in Gaelic means great, big, or lord. The root meaning of the word Moor in Europe means Lord, Nobility and Navigator. When you read Shakespares work on Othello you will notice that Othello is addressed as the Noble Moor. Because the Moors were long the original aborigines of southern Europe (since about 1000 BC when the Egyptian and the Phoenician Sudanic peoples began establishing colonies in Europe). The Mohrs were further supplemented by Mauritanian and Numidian Soldiers who manned the Roman forts of Briatain. Those later became the governing class of the land with the disintegration of Roman Empire because they were already the ruling nobilites and horse men (Knights) of western Europe.

    The first King of Scotland was Fergus Mor. Lord Fergus or the Great Moor Fergus. He claims his descent from Phoenician part of Greek through Spain. His wife was supposedly an Egyptian Princess. You may want to check your history again and read between lines this time.

    The differentiation of the colour was due to skin colour differences and not hair colour. Those who make a leap to hair colour as a basis of differentiation forget that no such pattern of speech exist in any living language or culture today. neither in America, Europe or Asia or Africa of today is anyone called “black” because of the colour of his “hair.” People of today in all speech and language use “black” in the context of describing any human being, only with reference to skin colour. So it is lame to make those kinds of over-simplification of complex historical narratives.

    You even admitted to the presence of African soldiers of the Roman Army that were stationed in Britain. Well perhaps you need to spend more time researching who they were and who they later became before having the temerity to accuse persons who have devoted time to this subject as liars.

    The truth is that you speak from ignorance. The glare of light sometimes hurts the eyes of those those emerging from the dark caves of half-learning. Yet, with a little time spent in light adjustment to reality occurs.

    We advise you take more time to peruse the other articles in Rasta-Livewire, to see how the codes are cracked and the dots connected. You will feel the force of the revelations and you can judge for your self and for the sake of your children who I am sure you dearly love.


    1. Moor comes from the Roman word Maureno, which means dark-skinned. It doesn’t refer to blacks, it refers to Berbers. Blacks were Ethiopians.

    2. In Gwyn Jones’ book the History of the Vikings, please see page 26 second paragraph, “Yet it was the Danes, the same race as the Swedes who claimed preeminence in this respect.” See also the work “Scandza” by Roman historian Jordanes who describes the peoples of Scandinavia as a “womb of nations”. Also, he describes the Danes as the same stock as the Swedes. There has NEVER been found an ancient Negroid skeleton from Denmark, and yet the multitude of evidence proves that today’s Danes are the same Danes that existed from the beginning in Denmark.

  5. “MacRitchie (a very well educated and wise scottish man who had done his research well – Jahdey’s edits), adds that ‘the legends and the history of the Scottish highlands are both witnesses to the existence of a purely black people there.’ Boswell and Dr. Johnson saw descendants of these black people when they visited Scotland. In his “Journey to the Hebrides, September 1, 1773, Boswell wrote of one clan, the McCraes, ’some were as black and wild in their appearance as any American savages, whatsoever.’ Martin who had visited these Western Islands eighty years before Boswell said of the people of Jura, “black of complexion ,’ of Islay, ‘generally black’. and of Arran, ‘generally brown and some of a black complexion. ”

  6. Im swedish… Please study our history before opening your mouth and spewing this garbage. ALL the kings had pale white skin here, always has, there are numerous paintings, stories and whatnot here in sweden that was actually written/painted back then. Not now; almost 1.5 thousand years after.

    1. Asuede

      You are arguing with intelligent pale white skin people. It it them who claimed that Danish Kings were Moorish in nationality and black in complexion. Well educated pale white skin people like:

      Richard Cleasby and Gudbrand Vigfusson(1874)

      A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

      SCANDINAVIAN BRITAIN by William Gershom Collingwood(1908)

      You Suede can barely write or spell well. I know therefore you are not worthy to untie the shoe that those authors wore. You have no standing to even begin to challenge their authority.


      1. Sweden as a country has one of the best education systems in the world, and one of the highest literacy rates. The fact that this person can’t perfectly spell in English does not denote stupidity or lack of knowledge of the subject being discussed, merely the lack of fluency in English. To judge his argument as invalid on that basis is purely racist. While I agree that he is misinformed, look at your last comment; “You Suede can barely write or spell well. I know therefore you are not worthy to untie the shoe that those authors wore. You have no standing to even begin to challenge their authority.”

        That is a personal attack against his capacity not with history but with language, and your own comment contains errors. He is not a fabric (suede) but a Swede, a person of Swedish origin. And “You Suede can barely write or spell well” is a syntactically incorrect sentence.

        Do not push him down for not writing perfect English when you do not do so either.

        There could well be a point to his argument, and in fact, there is nothing to prove that black Vikings existed in Sweden and especially not that any king of Sweden has been black. There is more to suggest that these black Vikings were in fact Danish.

        When researching you do not get to choose which aspects of research to consider, and you can’t disregard one piece of information simply because it conflicts with another. That is not how research works.

        1. Solo,

          You forgot the rest of your commas. Besides writing perfect English, we must not forget our punctuation. Peace…

  7. I came here lookng for sources of Vikings V.S Blacks in African and in Moorish Spain and I get Non-sense of Black Vikings. LOL, There are Arabaic as well as Greek, and Roman accounts that describe the Vikings and their people as tall, blond, blue eyed and pale skinned. Stop trying to steal the viking culture Its Not African, How can the Vikings be blak when their decendants the Scots, Irish, and the Danes are the Palest people on Earth and have the highest occurances of Red Hair and Blond Hair.

    Oh, and Im black by the way so don’t come at me with a bunch of b.s..

    1. Umm.. No Moor derives from the Greek word “Mavrus” which referred to people of dark or nearly black complexion. The Dutch moor referred to a very dark color, so that the color of coal was compared with that of a moor. Also it was said ‘scijnt swaert ghelike den more’, (he is as black as a moor).
      The spread of the Maurus to the north can be seen in Scotland where, in 1504-05, several references to ‘More lasses’ (Moor lassies) are found. At that time a child was born, referred to as ‘Moris barne’ (a maurus born). Late in 1512-13, one finds ‘Elen More’ and Blak Elene’ used (one assumes interchangeably. By 1527 ‘Helenor, the black moir’ is referred to, while in 1567-09 there are references to ‘Nageir the More.’
      (ref. Africans and Native Americans: the Languages of Race and the Evolu…. by Jack D. Forbes)

      Furthermore, the name “Berber” is a derogatory term applied to those people by the Romans (i.e. from the Latin ‘barbarian’) . The “Berber” language is an Afro-Asiatic language and is similar to ancient Kemite. (ref. Brett 1981:100; Bullard 2001: 184.)

      While the MODERN Berbers in the northern areas of the Mediterranean coast are fairly light skinned, the Tuaregs, a Berber group who live further south are darker in complexion. The probably ancestors of the Tuaregs were a Berber tribe that the literature of the Greco-Roman period refers to as the Garamantes (Picard and Picard 1968:92).

      Snowden (1970: 112) notes that some of the classical writers called the Garamantes people ‘Ethiopians’. Likewise the Roman literatures also refers to the Berber Nasamones as a tribe of Ethiopians, other Berber tribes were also described in these terms. The Berber Asphodelodes were said to resemble Ethiopians, and the Berber Gaetulians were called ‘the Black Gaetulians’ (Melanogaetuli), indicating dark or blackish complexion (L.Thompson 1989: 62).

      At the end of the 3rd century BC Hannibal led an army of Carthiginians and allies – including many Berber tribes , such as the Numidians – in an invasion of Italy (L. Thompson: 1989: 59)

  8. Wheres the bones? Negros have a diffrent skull than europeans. if they were truly black than it would only be logical that we would find at least one negro skull that pre dates the fall of paganism [mid 10th century(marked by the cutting of Thor’s oak in northern Germany)] just because someone is refured to as Kenneth the Black does not automaticaly african, could be black hearted ect,

    1. Here are the bones:

      According to Brace:

      “Many human craniofacial dimensions are largely of neutral adaptive significance, and an analysis of their variation can serve as an indication of the extent to which any given population is genetically related to or differs from any other.

      When 24 craniofacial measurements of a series of human populations are used to generate neighbor-joining dendrograms, it is no surprise that all modern European groups, ranging all of the way from Scandinavia to eastern Europe and throughout the Mediterranean to the Middle East, show that they are closely related to each other.

      The surprise is that the Neolithic peoples of Europe and their Bronze Age successors are not closely related to the modern inhabitants, although the prehistoric/modern ties are somewhat more apparent in southern Europe.

      It is a further surprise that the Epipalaeolithic Natufian of Israel from whom the Neolithic realm was assumed to arise has a clear link to Sub-Saharan Africa.


      The data treated here support the idea that the Neolithic (i.e. Natufians with a clear link to Sub-Saharan Africa) moved out of the Near East into the circum-Mediterranean areas and Europe by a process of demic diffusion but that subsequently the in situ residents of those areas, derived from the Late Pleistocene inhabitants, absorbed both the agricultural life way and the people who had brought it.

      C. Loring Brace: The questionable contribution of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age to European craniofacial form; PNAS | January 3, 2006 | vol. 103 | no. 1 | 242-247

      There are no ancient skeletons of the Caucasian type. The findings of Brace et al make it clear that there were no whites in ancient Europe. There were only Black Africans living there until the coming of the Europeans as noted by DuBois, Diop and Boule & Vallois.

      Again another piece of incontrovertible scientific evidence that the Paleolithic Europeans were Blacks. The skeletal remains of these people as noted by Boule and Vallois recalled the tropical African type.

      “So striking” writes Professor Elliot Smith, “is the family likeness between the early Neolithic peoples of the British Isles and the Mediterranean and the bulk of the population, both ancient and modern, of Egypt and East Africa, that the description of the bones of an Early Briton of that remote epoch might apply in all essential details to an inhabitant of Somaliland. (The Ancient Egyptians, p. 58.)

      Geneticist Peter Underhill refines the facts:
      About 80 percent of Europeans arose from primitive hunters who arrived about 35,000 years ago, endured the long ice age and then expanded rapidly to dominate the continent, a new study shows.

      Researchers analyzing the Y chromosome taken from 1,007 men from 25 different locations in Europe found a pattern that suggests four out of five of the men shared a common male ancestor about 40,000 years ago….

      More @

      1. This also provides error. It refers to paleolithic humans, but the Vikings came long after that. Vikings were not a Stone Age civilisation. They came after the Iron Age, so this suggests only that Sub-Saharan Africans existed there before the Vikings, not that Vikings were black.

        I’m not trying to discredit this theory, by the way. I support the theory of black Vikings. I see it as highly unlikely that all Vikings were blonde and blue eyes. The Vikings travelled, and they sometimes took prisoners. Many African cultures were wanderers, and they could have travelled into Europe and obviously then into Scandinavia.

    2. You know it’s almost gotten to the point to where I really feel sorry for the ‘white race’. The lies you’ve inherited are being shattered before your eyes. *sigh* none the less the truth always hurts.

      In James M. Kittleson’s ‘Luther the Reformer: the Story of the Man and His Career pg. 43 – The Protestant reformer Martin Luther is described as a SWARTHY man of medium height.

      In a Short History of Germany by Emily Hawtrey and Amanda Flattery – Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor due to his black swarthy complexion, he’s known also as: Enrique III El Negro de Alemania, Henry the Black (Le Noir) or Den Svarte,

      William Robertson states in the Book “The Reign of Charles V, Vol 3, pg 441 – At noon Bishop Carranza, Archbishop of Toledo, who had long been expected arrived at Yuste. He was the same ‘black friar’ – so called from his swarthy visage-.

      Pope Urban VI is describe in the book “Saint Catherine of Siena and Her Times” by Mademoiselle Mori as being born of a Neapolitan father and a Tuscan mother, he was short stoutly made and swarthy, with fiery black eyes.

      Ruler of Milan Ludovico Sforza was one of the sons of Fransesco Sforza, Ludovico was known as “the Moor” (his complexion was swarthy). (ref. Travel Guide to Europe, 1492: Ten Itineraries in the Old World — by L. Camusso)

      Byantine emperor John II Komnenos (1118-1143) is described by Latin historian William of Tyre as short with eyes, hair and complexion so dark he was known as ‘the Moor’.

      Peter the Great of Russia is also described as having black eyes and hair with a swarthy complexion. (ref. A general collection of …voyages and travels, digested – by J. Pinkerton)

      In the book “Peter the Great: His Life and World”, Mr. Massie describes the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold of the Hapsburgs as swarthy, of middling height, with the projecting lower jaw and protruding lower lip which traditionally marked (if not disfigured) the Hapsburgs.

      in case your unfamilar with the term SWARTHY: Defined – swart, swarth, suart, [sweart = black; Dut. swart: Celt. svartr: Danish. sort: Swedish. Swart: German. Swarz: — Of a black or dark color: swarthy. (Applied especially to the skin)

  9. Dear friends,

    Do not get bogged down in this discussion. Do not waste time with discussing these matters with these eurocentrist because they were educated to be ideological racist. They do not consider blacks as equal or even as humans. Here we have an important collection European source by eurocentrist writers which confirm that there were Blacks in Europe in medieval times. I next found their descendents in the highest European nobility and royal families who identified as blue blood (1500-1789). This is a further conformation of the old sources, as these persons are described as Black:

    William I of Orange: more brown then white, brown of complexion and beard
    Baron Aarnout Joost van der Duyn: basanè, chimney sweeper
    Anna Margaretha van Aerssen: black as chimney,
    Baroness Isabelle de Charrière: not the white hands,
    Charles II Stuart: The Black Boy, a tall Black man,
    Rousseau: a genteel black in an Armenian coat,
    Lorenzo de Medici: dark and swarthy with a flattened nose,
    Charlotte Sophie of Mecklenburg Strelitz: a true mulatto face,
    James Boswell: swarthy with black eyes and black hair
    Anna Boleyn: very dark with black eyes and dark hair,
    Elizabeth I: dark,
    Baroness Germaine de Staël: too swarthy, bad complexion
    Benjamin Constant: very bad complexion

    My theory Blue Blood is Black Blood (1500-1789) is based on personal descriptions like these, further aided by portraits which indeed show the dark and black colouring. Some portraits often offer examples of classical African features as subnasal prognatism like in the case of Charlotte of Mecklenburg and William I of Orange. But Blacks come in many shades and with many different features; not all are prognastic. The many Moors in western art which survived the French Revolution should be regarded as symbols of blue blood. The Black Jesus’ and Black Madonna’s are symbols of Black superiority. The people I have identified as Blacks identify themselves with images of Moors in heraldry, family names and geographical names. So a Black European is mainly a person who self-identifies as Black and who looks black or coloured. Eurocentrism was invented to hide the episode of black domination which ended with the French Revolution. Ancient Regime was a Black regime. Racism against Blacks can be deconstructed as a liberation ideology, which first took hold in the US when the Colour-Line was implemented in 1691. Followed in Europe by the French Revolution (1789-1795). Yet with the many restorations of the nobility and kings whites only came into power after 1848, as the revolutions were inspired by the rich and learned black bourgeoisie. Queen Alexandra, the wife of King Edward VII (1901-1910) still practiced ‘enamelling,’ the old propagandistic trick of the black and coloured nobility to paint itself white with lead white or zinc white. The white portraits are an extension of this kind of legitimising of black rulers. These portraits are fakes or over paints regarding the skin colour and often hide classical African features. That’s why it’s often impossible to determine a person’s true features because every artist comes up with a different whitened look. Museums were established to show a revised history and Great Men like Da Vinci, William of Orange, Rembrandt, Van Beethoven, Haydn, and Goethe were only ‘discovered’ after they were whitened.

    1. You’re taking quite a bit out of context. You also have absolutely no clue about genealogy. The people you listed all have well-recorded genealogies, and not one of them has a black in them.
      Facial appearances ARE NOT evidence of ethnicity.

  10. I love this conversation. Apparently every major figure in North European history was either black or had black ancestry … unless a photograph can be produced. But then again even a photo can be ‘whitened’ these days. I had a look in my mirror, saw my dark hair & eyes & thought, ‘hmm…maybe…’ lol. However as red hair, blonde hair, blue eyes – features that only exist in the European genepool – are no guarantee of not being African, it probably matters little. Are these European characteristics even real I wonder, or are they merely ocular illusions brought on because we are educated to be ideologically racist?
    People aren’t & weren’t described with reference to their hair? Really??? Eirik the Red? Halfdan the Black? Don’t like those, then how about Harald Fair-Hair? Surely that one isn’t too ambiguous for you.
    I’m assuming we’re allowed to claim Ljot the Pale & Gizur the White. Because, yeah, it’s that simple. They wouldn’t just call someone dark skinned of course, like they did with Thorolf Dark-Skin…
    & I guess the less said about Thord the Cat, the better.
    Seriously, get a grip! Africa has its own histories & mythologies, stop trying to steal ours. You’re trying desperately to appear educated & informed with these spurious quotes of pseudo-anthropology, but you merely come across as nonsensical, highly deluded & clearly grossly dissatisfied with your own histories.
    It’s not our fault ours are better.

    1. You sounding kinda a little bit scared by what you just read. No need to be full of angst and anger. Welcome to Rasta Livewire where we shock you with truth.

      Eric the red…. In those days the colour red was used to describe the so-called white people of today. Like Eric the red neck… You get that.

      Halfdan the Black… Well, look around you in Europe today and you will still see the Blacks living in today’s Europe…otherwise called the Africans!


      1. Names with colours in them referred to hair colour. Africans had NOTHING to do with European history when speaking of the Celts and Germanics. There is absolutely no evidence of it. When people say “the Black”, it means hair colour. If it says black complexion, it refers to the black paint that the tribes put on themselves before going into battle.

        This is basic history. Fucking afro-centrists wanna steal our rich culture. The first pyramids were built in Britannia, but they say the Celts were black. The first city was built in Anatolia, but the ancient Turks were black, according to these idiots. The first proper empire was Sumeria, but they say the Sumerians were black, even though their statues show they were white.


  11. Scared??? Errr, no. Mildly humoured perhaps.
    I’ve noticed a tendancy here to only answer what you believe you can deride. Except of course the derision works only in your own head.
    Red was used to describe red. That’s why it was called red. And Eirik Thorvaldsson had red hair. Why leap to nonsense when the truth is not only evident, but actually told to you?
    The term ‘redneck’ is derived from people working outdoors in the hot sun, so no, I don’t ‘get that’. It’s not likely he was named for a brief seasonal occurrence – very brief in Iceland. So if red meant white, then what, in your mind, did Gizur the White’s and Ljot the Pale’s name refer to. And remember, it can’t be hair colour.
    Although that still leaves you to explain Harald Fair-Hair?
    Is it only the hair on their heads that they never (frequently) used to describe themselves? Because that would leave titles like Forkbeard and Silkbeard just as hard to explain away as the other questions you have no answers for.

    What is it exactly that you’re saying here – that a large proportion of Africans migrated to Europe & became great figures & leaders in our history (but only up until living memory), while the rest stayed in Africa and continued a tribal society until the slavers turned up? Was Europe like the land of opportunity or something & all the great, innovative African genius’ had to go there to prove themselves? Kind of unlikely, considering this legacy of awesomeness you proclaim, that none of the ones who stayed behind had the ability to invent so much as a toilet, don’t you think? How about the slavers, were they black too?
    Yes, you are shocking me, but not for the reasons you think.

  12. I don’t see where any of the evidence supplied by both sides have contradicted each other.
    Thee were Africans in Europe in far flung territory. There were whites in Europe in far flung territories.
    How can we begin to doubt that history has always been rewritten by the conqueror.
    Stalin and Hitlers propaganda machines were not recent inventions.

    There is evidence from European heraldry and Coat of arms there were significant Houses of Africans.
    Hannibal came across the Alps to threaten Rome; the area across the Alps must have been under his subjugation. What is the name of this area: France;Switzerland, Then we notice to get back to the African Continent one must pass through Spain and Portugal.
    To say it bluntly that is an awful lot of geo-political and economic influence. Further there was an immense amount of knowledge based influence that would have influenced the vast majority of esteemed universities acroos Europe.
    (as an aside when it came to hygiene , you better wheel and come again).
    There are several Central American Statues and statuettes of gods with african features. The Conquistadores met not brought Africans in the Caribbean and Central America. They met Caciques and kings clothed in lion skins, this in a territory where no lions existed. The people who were able to travel this far could not locate ireland nor eatablish a foothold there as A TRADER OR A RAIDER.
    Also the Vikings with all their raids would not have ‘captured’ any africans, whether male or female. They or their progeny would have been puny runts eh. They would not have risen as huge specimens of strength hence commanding respect and territory through their participation in raids.

    1. Hannibal wasn’t black African. He was Libyan Carthaginian. African features are not unique to Africans, when speaking of far-flung black peoples. The Negritos of South Asia and Australia are all black and have African features, yet are the single most genetically distant group of people in the world, in relation to Africans.

      1. Wrath
        your post doesn’t make any sense. You state African features are not unique to Africans, but fell to understand that Africans have been all around the world shedding their seeds. The Negritos of South Asia and Austrailia have African DNA, but according to Scientist, they have majority Asian DNA. Also, their ancestral DNA is 97% identical to Africans ( And finally, African oral history confirms Hannibal was A Black African.

  13. It is clear to the readers especially after mr cogfrieds comments that you have another form of english that you comprehend besides the standard western one being used here today.your not even white nor know what it means in -law only outside which basis the weakness of your whole angle bought forth.your last name began only in the11th century before that you had no titles.we existed for 100,000 years an had titles before 6000 years ago which is what you eagle of rome represents on the right side of the dollar bill .william the conqueror became william carnegie ,, from the word carnage. watching the long ship from 1964 with sidney poitier indicates that even hollywood knew of what was before the vikings by sticking one moor in with the slavs he ruled an civilized .marc washington had pictures of the muurish kings of all europe if you cannot produce the ones that are before them then admit you learned what you were not told by your own..some hide what they know some of you really dont know.thats how you are fooled cause Its convienient for you to deny it like the vatican denies childrens sex rituals.your nature is your nomenclature.your knowledge of onomatics rates at zero starting at nero,MARC WASHINGTON HAS EXPOSED ALL THAT IS TO BE CAUSE OF WHAT WAS US NOT GUS .people werent described by WHO ,WHAT OWL ,writers who kept it unreal,YOU ARE BELIEVER NOT KNOWER .STEP UP YOUR GAME ,KNOW WHAT IT IS ,WHAT IS YOUR GAME ,TRIPLE H ,YOUR ALL BEING CRUSHED WHO BELIEVE AN DOUBT AN WAIT FOR THE RIGHT /W/HIGHT TO CONFIRM IT FOR YOU CAUSE YOU DIDNT 360 DEGREE IT TO MASTER THE KNOWLEDGE OF IT,IF THIS WAS A BOZOBLOG YOU WOULDNT BE HERE . ,are you saying what you have heard or what you know to be .its not opinions that are being written here its fact of the cannot show nor prove what god created you from the blue stay stuck in the 4th dimension when you crossover FROM CONTINOUS INFECTIOUS LACK OF CONSCIOUSNESS AN THIS WILL KEEP YOU FROM MAKING ANY TYPE OF necessary SHIFT when THE TIME COMEs ,,CAUSE YOU REFUSE TO KNOW WHAT YOU MISTAKENLY BELIEVE NOT TO BE THAT IS DAWNING IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS.THOSE DWELLING AN SMELLING IN THE DARKNESS OF DOUBT WILL GLADLY AN NOT SADLY BE CUT AND LEFT OUT FOR THE SAKE OF NOT BRINGING ANY DEAD WEIGHT ON BOARD BY CUTTNG THE FAT BEFORE IT FEEDS THE RAT ,.WITH DEADWEIGHT WE CANNOT ELEVATE OUT THE MATRIX STATE ,BETTER EARLY THEN LATE CAUSE ITS TO LATE NOT TO BE EARLY

  14. Note the AFRICAN RULERS OF EUROPE known as Moors


    Coat of Arms LAUINGEN
    Coat of Arms MORIKEN-WIDEGG
    Coat of Arms OBERWOLZ
    Coat of Arms UNTERFOEHRING
    Coat of Arms SIMMELSDORF
    Coat? of Arms HUISHEIM
    Coat of Arms SCHAUENSTEIN
    Coat of Arms EISENBERG
    Coat of Arms ISMANING
    Coat of Arms MANDACH
    Coat of Arms? MEHRING
    Coat of Arms BAD SULZA
    Coat of Arms SEVERNA ISTRA
    Coat of Arms SPASTETTEN

    1. Africa Rulers of Europa known as Moors


      Wappen von Oberwölz
      ? Wappen von Dovje
      Wappen von Klevenz
      Wappen von Severna Istra
      Wappen? von Škofja Loka

      1. Actually if you look at extant evidence (paintings done at the time, not romanticized ones), you would see that the Moors were a conglomeration of multiple ethnic groups. There are paintings of blonde haired, pale skinned moors playing a chess-like game with moors of a darker skin that of most black people of today. This assumption that the Moors were of one particular ethnic group is ridiculous, when even the most cursory study of history and even muslim history show that the force that invaded spain (i.e. Moors) were not just berber, were not just Arabs, were not just “Africans”, but a conglomeration of all.

        1. *Sigh* … You should really study before you type up belligerent foolishness. Your mistaking Moors with Mamluks my friend. Those light-skinned people your referring to as Moors were slave soldiers which were often times bought from the Khazarian empire in order to augment forces. Often times they were acquired by the locale Vandal population as tribute.

          Furthermore, in the portrait of the Moors playing chess the pale skin person is indeed a servant.

  15. “Holding, therefore, the words FALASHA and FALASYANS, and PELASGI and PELASGIANS, to be MODIFICATIONS OF THE SAME WORD, DENOTING THE SAME PEOPLE? , we have further to submit, that the race of men known as Pelasgi were of the same race as those known, in different places…. etc…

    -THE HEBREW OF IBERIAN RACE by Henry Kilgour

  16. Another circumstance connected with these names which it is desirable to remember
    is the absence of evidence to show that the Old English ever called any of the? darker-complexioned Britons brown men or black men. Their name? for them was Wealas? (WALES).

    PAGE 112, Origins of the Anglo-Saxon Race.

    1. The Welsh people are some of the palest in the world, and they’ve remained genetically consistent for the last 3000 years. They were never brown. Celts were pale.

  17. KING

    Old English- cyning, from Proto Germanic- *kuNINGGAZ (Old Norse – konuNGR, Dan.? konge, Ger. könig). Related “family, race” (see kin), making a king originally a “leader of the people;” or from a related root suggesting “noble birth,” making a king originally “one who descended from noble birth.”

    Finnish – kuNINGAS “king,” – kunegu “prince


  18. A certain consistency is given to this theory by the fact that a number of bones considered to
    be negroid have been discovered in different parts of Europe.? In studying the skeletons found in the Grotte des Enfants, near Mentone, M. Verneau arrived at the conclusion that they must be negroid. Their teeth (Albert Gaudry) showed a perceptible difference when compared with those of the Whites
    living to-day.

    Race Prejudice- PAGE 115

    1. The skeletal structures of blacks are adapted for the tropics. Finding them in Europe is impossible unless they were simply migrant.

  19. SUPERIORcarbonL1L2L3

    SUPERIORcarbonL1L2L3 (4 months ago)
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    Certain epics of the Niger peoples refer back to? a time when their heros ruled on the shores of the Mediterranean.

    (1966) BY Andreas Lommel, Director of the? Museum of Ethnology, Munich

    1. Still trying to preach that ancient Europeans were black? You’re still wrong, and still a racist, cac-craiceann.

  20. Thorfinn, MACRITCHIE says was the same race as ‘THE BLACK-SKINNED, FOUL-MOUTHED’ THORHALL. I closed this introduction with a fervent hoped that someday THORHALL will be recognized for what he was- a BLACK VIKING who expolored part of the coastline of what was now US in his own ship almost 500 years before Columbus

    William Preston 1985

  21. “MOORE is today one of the most common surnames in Ireland, among the top twenty. It may? be English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish origin. In England the name may derive either from someone who lived near a moor or from a nickname for SOMEONE OF A DARK COMPLEXION, from ‘MOOR’ meaning NEGRO. this is frequently the ultimate origin of the name in Scotland and Wales where it is often rendered ‘MUIR’,”

    CLANS AND FAMILIES OF IRELAND: The Heritage and Heraldry of Irish Clans and Families

  22. One moor comment-the word bleac was the english word for black originally,this word did not mean dark but clear ,pale ,to lighten with an h its bleach anthat where that word really came english they added a k black an switched it around the square corners of their angels.the colour not color law of america involves total lack of knowledge of englandv euro olde english as it was an as it is coded today which is how the hide ride an divide with their codes.thee is a woman next dor to me from tennesee whos grandfather was grand master of kkk ,,,,, he told her that her irish eyes were blue from all the danes invading and raping the irish woman .what color were their eyes before that , brown to black cause queen scota ran ireland an she was from egypt, the black danes were invaded also by these germanic nomadic slavic ruddy red tribes of europe who also replaced the saxons in history as being pale red ruddy .the bible gave the false impression that white was god an right an bad was negro black an night though the night came before the light . in the movie eyes wide shut, the god tyronne x rell told me that he heard the actors talking to tom cruise refer to this pale kind of bleac in the script lines ,, next time you watch it listen for it ,,its coded in the movie but now you know so its not hidden no moor. now whoever clams they want to hear no bullSHT cause they black need to know what the words mean at this level an not just below zero in the yellow snow CAUCASIONS LOVE WHEN A SO CALLED LACKN PERSON IS PROUD TO TALK TOUGH AT HIS OWN PEOPLE AN DONT KNOW WHO THEY ARE OR THAT THEY RULED EUROPE ,GUARDIAN ANGELS OF ILLUMINATI , SPOOK W H O SITS GUARD BY DOOR FREE WHITE SOVEREIGN EFERS TO status only ,FREE WHITE SOVEREIGN DOES NOT MEAN CAUCASION OR ARYAN RACE ,BLEAC MEANS WHITE , BLEEK I T SOUNDS LIKE ,,THEY TOOK O UT THE E LIKE THEY TOOK OUT 2/5THS OF US AN CALLED US NEGRO ,,REFER TO COMMENTS AT THE GREAT kings of india by dr clyde kiN G ,the last comment tells all of you caucasions who you really are an what you really are BLEACER THAN BLEACH , THATS HERE YOU GET YOUR NYC DOWN TOWN BLEEKER STREET FROM ,THAT WORD BLEAC THATS MEANS wHITER STREET,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WITH THE H CLOROX bleach meaning white hospital SOVEREIGN WHITE ,them CHA nging it to white from whiggamore wight,looking,TO TAKE OUR LAND THOSE LOOKING FOR MOORISH SCIENCE START AT THE BEGINNING ,THERe is US BEING VIKINGS FIRST AN IF YOU DONT KNOW THEN LEARN ,WE INVENTED BOATS BEFORE THEM WHO ARE ONLY Y6000 YEARS OLD NOBODY CARES IF YOU BLACK YOU CAN GET DISSED TO TALKING WITH NO KNOWLEDGE MOOR THAN THE ALBIONS ON HERE W ITH YOU WHO BOUGHT THEY OWN BULLSHT YOU SHOULD BE ADRESSING ALONG WITH YOURS , YOU WANT MUURISH SCIENCE START AT NOBLE DREW ALI N WORK YOUR WAY BACK TOTHE TIMES OF THE MUURISH DANES AN IRISH YOU TUBE B TAJ TAIRIK BEY NIGGER INDUSTRY an drivers licence fraud.VIKINGS W ERE TAKEN SSLAVES N T HE 1964 SYDNEY POITIER M OVIE THE LONG SHIP BUT IT SHOWS THAT WE RULED THEM THEN WERE FOOLED BY THEM after they came o existing from grafting by the hindus ,david icke says ALBIONS ARE H indu albinos A THEY CALL HIM PALESKIN WHITE

  23. Just to back up the truth and rights of everything my brother Terrell Ali Bey has just exposed to us:

    Etymologies (3)
    American Heritage Dictionary (1)
    Middle English blak, from Old English blæc; see bhel-1 in Indo-European roots.
    Century Dictionary (2)
    from Middle English blak, blek, bleke, from Anglo-Saxon blæc (in def. inflection blaca, blace, sometimes with long vowel bl?ca, bl?ce, and thus confused with bl?c, bl?c, Middle English blake, etc., shining, white (see bleak), = Old High German (in comp.) blah, blach), black, = (with apparently different orig. suffix) Icelandic blakkr, dark, dusky, = Swedish black, grayish, dark, = Danish blak, dark (whence the noun, Anglo-Saxon blæc = Middle Low German black, Low German blak = Middle High German black = Icelandic blek = Swedish bläck = Dan blæk, ink: see bleck); prob. from a verb representing secondarily by D. blaken, burn, scorch, freq. blakeren, scorch, Middle Low German (later G.) blaken, burn with much smoke, Low German verblekken, scorch as the sun scorches grain; perhaps akin to L. flagrare, Greek ???????, burn: see flagrant, flame, phlegm. Hence blatch, bleck, bletch, bleach; but not connected, unless remotely, with bleak, bleach, q. v.
    from Middle English blacken, blaken; from black, adjective

  24. im so happy that i’ve come across this site, thank you to all the brothers and sisters for your work and contribution, may tata nzambe( god) protect you so you can keep up the good work. reading this shows why we blacks need to ave our own schools for our children with our own curriculums. us blacks ave to sit down to handle our affairs on a global scale, so we can put funds together. those that want to, that is.

  25. Ok. MAYBE they were black at one point in time. Geneology shows we all started in Africa. Point is, we EVOLVED and black people stayed the same. So I don’t understand why black people are so proud that everyone ONCE was black, guess what, thats insulting yourselves. Your a Version 1.0 human and everyone else is Version 2.0 (look up microcephalin). The smarter of Version 1 left Africa to explore other parts of the world and the rest stayed in Africa and built Tiki huts and still do to this day with still using bow and arrows and spears to kill animals for food. Everyone else went on to build buildings, guns, airplanes, cars, do sciences, cure diseases, etc etc etc. So ok, yea maybe we all started as black, but the greatest inventions of today are from the people that evolved from blacks into a more intellectual being. It’s like a calculator saying “yea all you PC’s and Macs started off as me in the beginning! And your early pc’s were part me too!” and Mac and PC’s going “ok, wow congrats”. Whats the point..

    1. Well, not only did you completely miss the point that’s being made, you claim to be a white evolved modern man of Blacks or Africans. Your comment just sank the entire white race with the Titanic.
      The point being made in this article is that Blacks were created in the Pontic Steppes. Africans were created in Africa. These are two different nationalities and blacks are the original multiracials of the Black Sea region (Mar Negro).
      In conclusion: If you understood what happened to these Afro-Moravians you’d know it has nothing to do with evolution. It was a matter of legislation and they were expelled to the United States, Israel, Yemen, and Papua New Guinea.
      Some immigrated to Africa and became volunteer slaves.
      Therefore, there’s a difference between evolution and being removed from your home land and being told you are from Africa. When fact is Blacks are not Africans. If you ever find a native African that is an Afro Russian German Jew immediately call one of the following organizations: The Queen’s Special Operations Military Force, or Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s KGB Special Research Center, or Angela Merkel’s German-Uganda Consulate. Don’t forget to mention you just found living, breathing ancient Eulau People in the Sub Sahara. Let see how well they think evolution worked for you.

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