Shiva Ji, The Black Dreadlock God of India: The Black Gods of India – Hinduism By- sodhi ram, Dhan Sant Gurdev

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The Black Gods of India: Shiva Ji Dread-locks God of India
By- sodhi ram, Dhan Sant Gurdev

February 26, 2009

It was the almighty Bhagwan Valmiki who invented sanskrit and wrote the Ramayan ten thousand years before the birth of aryan rama. In the Ramayan it is a battle between aryans and (anaryas) as they are called. Lord Ravana was a raksish. He also had black skin and was a native Dravidian of India.

The baaner saina which means the army of ape like men were also and indian aboriginal tribe I believe that they could have a connection with the Africans. [Editor’s Note: In India the Ape or Anuman is a sign of divinity and holiness] The Baaner saina were fighting on the side of aryan lord Rama. They also constructed a bridge conecting tamil nadu and lanka. That bridge still remains. It is called Ram Setu. This bridge can also be seen from outer space as Nasa has revealed pictures on the internet.

Shivaism was one of the first religions in india because Shiva is the Hindu equivalent to Adam. Shiva was the first man on earth and parvati his wife was created by Valmiki from the flesh of Shiva’s thigh. Shiva ji did have dreadlocks and also black skin. It was from Shiva ji that consumption of ganja was included in religions. Shiva ji used to consume Ganja and meditate on the top of the kailash mountain for years.

The Muslim Mecca was Shiva ji’s house which was built for him by the patron god of construction Vishwakarma, the Sri Lanka palace of Rakshish Ravana (Black Indian) was also built by Lord Vishwakarma.

That is why there is the black stone there which every pilgrim kisses. The black stone is from Shivaism which is called a linga. It represents the male genitals of shiva ji. The genitals of Shiva ji are held sacred because it is from those genitals that Shiva ji gave life to the world.That is the beginning of man.

Hinduism has been there since the start there was no religion before hinduism because It was from Shiva ji (Adam) that the whole of mankind was created. When there was nothing on this planet but water before anything existed Valmiki sat on the sacred lotus flower and created the world within 36 yuga.

Valmiki was the almighty God he had the power to created a child out of straw when he created the second son of Aryan lord Rama who was named kush.

If Shiva Ji was the first man then Hinduism is the first religion. –

[Editor’s Note: Shiva ji was a Black-skinned, Ganja-smoking Dread-Locks, Mountain-Loving First-man-God of India]

Post Scripts:

I compiled this information from the Shri Ramayan Ad Dharm Granth which was written by Sant Satguru Gurdev Singh ji.

By- sodhi ram, Dhan Sant Gurdev

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19 thoughts on “Shiva Ji, The Black Dreadlock God of India: The Black Gods of India – Hinduism By- sodhi ram, Dhan Sant Gurdev”

  1. Shiv has many names including Maha naga and Mahabalideva. He appears to be Seb or Seba an ancient Nilotic deity of who came to be assoicated with the number 7 and the seven headed serpent in India. He is called great Naga or serpent and the mythology surrounding him is also found around the deity or the giant called Onog in Ethiopia, Aman Ngi, Ruhang Hangi, Engi, Dongo, Shango, Chango across Africa who in West African tradition as in India goes on top of a mountaintop and causes a cataclysm with his battle axe. He otherwise is known as the God of low and high places associated with thunder and is associated with the seperntine forces of the base of the spine that rise to the head and burst out like a sun when meditated on.

    He became Sabazius among the Greeks and was the lord of hosts of the Christian Genesis known as Jah or Yahwe Sabaoth of the Shasu and another reason why the mystery system which is interwoven into the history and heritage of Africans in Africa and Asia must be uncovered again.

    1. this is a very interesting explanation can you perhaps provide some of your sources and how you arrived at the conclusion that these deities or personages are one and the same,

  2. Anuman means beast of the jungle in ibo language. The ibos are one of the major tribes in Nigeria . Hanuman is the Hindu monkey god who was the servant of lord Rama.
    I know that anuman the jungle beast was once woershipped as a deity by some indevenious people of the ibo tribe.

  3. Dravidian in India have their genetic roots in Africa. If you go to core Dravidian areas like Tamil Nadu and Kerala, you can easily make out their genetic lineage. Most southern part of country has more than 50% African descend, as they got mixed with other bloods like Aryan and Mongols. Mongol descend is more on Wet-Bengal province.
    Shiva is the ultimate and the first creator of the Universe. He is the original and main god of Dravidians in India.
    If you look into early religions of the world, the whole world was following a religion very similar to each other and like Hinduism. Now saying that it was Hinduism is both correct and incorrect. I believe because it was the religion of all, there was no name to it. When indian people came in contact with Islamic people, they saw the difference, and started having a different identity for themselves. And this turned out to naming a system as Hinduism.
    Northern part of country was once dominated by Aryans, the people of east/south europe and middle east.

  4. their is no such thing called hindu ,its a term used by modern&mediaval people to describe the people who lives beyond the hindukush mountains ,and the way of life they follow is sanatana dharma -which is leading a life of dharma (truth)
    Peace !!

  5. A very misguided article.
    Ravana was an aboriginal from Ceylon while the Sansrit language was developed in the Baltic sea area (present day Lithuania) by the Aryan tribes who migrated down through the Hindu Kush.
    As an African myself it is clear that there is no link between Africa and Hindustan.

    1. Fake ass bytch! You used to claim you were Indian. Now you are an African. But in truth, you are a sick pink puppy perhaps from Lithuania, pretending to otherwise.

      Fake ass!


      1. yup. there is no other side to the story. You are smart, he is dumb, you are right he is wrong… and life is black and white that way. Isn’t it? Sorry. I should have stayed silent.

    2. There is one link Rawans mother was from Somaliya and I think its in Afrika Good you are writing about Hinduism but brother before writing please be sure what you are writing is true to some extent because I think that the name Valmiki should be replaced with Brahma and there are lost of other problems in this writting and before saying anything about Hinduism you must know that it is not like Islam or any other religion of the world where one persons views are taken into account here you must know something about vade, purans, upanisads, Gita ect. Which ware nearly about 60-70 books to read with a large volume of knowledge.

  6. Ravan was black and he is dravidian (Dravidian which simply represents People living near place where three seas mix – Arabian-Bay of Bengal-Indian ocean). Tamil was the initial language used by Dravidians and all the Indian epic have their own version. Sanskrit was brought to India by Aryans.

    Recent DNA test conducted by National Science Institute of India confirm that Dravidian DNA shares same chemistry and structure as typical Black people. The climate and way of living may be different which could have changed Dravidians to the way they are now, but the Origin is from Mother Africa. I am not trying to push us to African culture, well you have your own and we have our own, but then the SEED we all received is one. SEED directly from the Lord of Moon, water, destruction & rebirth, Mahabalidev Shivam.

    Dont judge the entire country by some white or pale skin people living in northen snow region. We never had peace time in the evolution. At any given time, the greedy Europeans, Arabians, Persian , Mongols , Chinese want to destroy India, just because they fucking hate us. And the only people who have never tried to rule us are the Pure Black Africans.

    India survived all these motherfuckers in terms of culture , economic and demographic. But have to undergo many changes in the course of evolution. After 600 years of Muslim rule and 200 years British rule, we still remain as Hindu Country, because we have a clear spiritual mind than these people.

    Shiva and Shiva culture was one of such strong force that kept India united all these years. I just dont know how to end my passage. It just Africans and Indians share very similar genes and DNA compared to any other race.

    Jai Bolnath

  7. VALMIKI is not a God nor did he invent Sanskrit .
    Sanskrit was given to humanity by “ADI YOGI (THE FIRST YOGI – SHIVA)
    SHIVA LINGA DOES NOT MEAN PENIS ! Most of the information here is INCORRECT, …


  8. Thank you for your teaching sir, & your intetesting debate gentleman. We may be said to be all brothers of the Calcium white bone. But carnal nature like a sepent’s tongue will always argue the toss. Enjoy your study gentlemen , as the silicon sands record the game’s of children of the sun.

  9. I just wanted to drop a line and say that I admire the mutual respect between almost all who have chosen to leave a comment. Chasing wisdom can and should be done respectfully, even if the matter on the table doesn’t gel with what we already hold as true. Congratulations to the individual who wrote this post, and again to most who left a comment. Jai Shiva!!!

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