Moorish (Black) Kings of Europe: Henry II (972-1024) King of Italy and Germany also Holy Roman Emperor – mena7

Very Rare image of Henry II (972-1024) King of Italy and Germany also Holy Roman Emperor during the time of the Ottonian Dynasty. From the Sacramentary of Henry II (1002 -1014). Undeniable proof of so called black presence throughout Europe.

11 thoughts on “Moorish (Black) Kings of Europe: Henry II (972-1024) King of Italy and Germany also Holy Roman Emperor – mena7”

  1. What a treasure trove of fascinating information. I am pleased to have discovered it. You probably have already discussed this but I was intrigued to learn about the many Black Madonnas in Europe. Thank you for your scholarship.

    1. His face might look green to you, but how are you going to gloss over his dark brown legs.?Let me guess he’s wearing tights. No he’s actually black.

      1. The image does not have dark brown legs. He is wearing stockings, probably woollen, Unless you think his dark brown ‘legs’ have evenly spaced white dots, which must be a first for any so called ‘Moor’.

        And I don’t ‘see’ the image as green. It IS green as the link I gave shows. There are also other images of Henry which show his pale skin very clearly, Images of his parents also show them to have been normal pale skinned Europeans.

    2. I reviewed both photos, and it appears to be two different people. The features in the first one (green) are vastly different from the second. Additionally, I read somewhere regarding the switch to Buddhism from Hinduism that people of color were represented as green or blue in paintings. Perhaps it true here as well.

  2. The creator, is truth. That’s what is needed in all facets of our lives, especially history. Truth. Simply saying something isn’t so, is not enough. Provide some contrary evidence. At least, the black emperor, doesn’t look pale(tinged with green). There is no one blinder than one who won’t see, Lesley.

    1. There are plenty of other images of this emperor together with those of his parents and his descendants which show them to be normal pale skinned Europeans. But you don’t want to see them Imhotep, do you? You have this idea imprinted into your mind that European royalty were black and nothing will shift it, not facts, not truth, not anything.

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