Chowtaw Indians of United States of America and the Irish Refugees


On March 23, 1847 the Indians of the Choctaw nation took up an amazing collection. They raised $170 for Irish Famine relief – an incredible sum at the time – worth in the tens of thousands of dollars today.

They had an incredible history of enduring deprivation themselves. Forced off their lands in 1831, they embarked on a 500 mile trek to Oklahoma called “The Trail of Tears.” Ironically the man who forced them off their lands was Andrew Jackson, the son of Irish immigrants.

Irish Famine

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  1. Andrew Jackson was Scots-Irish so there is really nothing ironic about his treatment of native Americans as the Scots-Irish were the people who colonised the land of the native Irish. If not for the colonisation of Ireland by the Scots-Irish and Anglo-Irish landlord class Ireland would have been an independent nation and would not have suffered the artificial Famine which destroyed the native Irish.

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