Body Snatchers: Your kindly Jewish Rabbi kidney broker resells organs from poorest nations on black market – Rastalivewire Reports

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*Jul 23 - 00:05*Jewish Rabbi Arrested For Black Market Trade In Human Organs From Third World.

Rastalivewire first reported on this trade one year ago in connection with the Zoe Ark Project in Chad Africa which was a human organ harvesting project jointly run with the French government. It was exposed but then quickly hushed up with the intervention of President Sarkozy who paid an impromtu visit to the Chadian President and pressured him to quieten down the matter.

Now another scandal has broken out again in the world press in connection with an Israeli based international body organ harvesting mafia.

According to reports coming off the line this morning, Rabbi Levy Rosenbaum, a rich and prominent Jewish Rabbi, based in New York was arrested with trafficking in human organs for the past ten years.

Rabbi Levy was a middle man broker on the United States side, representing an international organ harvesting mafia based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This mafia, has a international network of organ harvesters spreading between India, Africa, and Latin America. They usually prey on children who, due to their youth and vigour are seen as the best and safest sources of human internal body organs by the decadent rich of the western society.

Reports disclose that Rabbi Levy’s Israeli gang of body organ traffickers would procure organs such as kidneys for a cost of not more than $1,000. They then turn around and sell this organ in Israel and in the United States and Canada for as high as $160,000.

For $1,000 a third world policeman addled in colonial mind set of brutality and corruption would easily dispose of a bunch of “street urchins” troubling the neighbourhood. What the body snatchers will do with the fresh bodies of the murdered youths which are hauled away by their agents after the dastardly deed is done is not the cop’s problem any more.

As it goes for the cop, so it goes for the milita groups, the war lords, kidnappers and the genocidal soldiers. They are easily bought for as little as $500 to commit horrendeous deeds which yield dead bodies for the exploitation of the vampire body snatchers.

Besides forceful extraction of the precious resources, body snatchers and organ traffickers also use guile in the form of commercial bargain to reach the organs of duped donors/sellers.

Many sellers from desperately poor communities are pressed into the services of the body snatchers from want and misery. Usually paid a pittance somewhere in the neigbour of $500 to $800 USD their kidneys are harvestered and then sold to extremely rich clientelles in North America looking to extend their degenrate lives.

Rabbi Levy was arrested along with 40 other highly placed persons including several prominent politicians in New Jersey.

Organ Trafficking Jewish Rabbi

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