Black Chinese and other Asiatics – presented by malibudusul

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“Founded by King Tang or Ta, the earliest documented rulership of China was the Shang Dynasty (or Chiang) c. 1500-1000 B.C., which is credited with bringing together the elements of China’s earliest known civilization. The Shang were given the name Nakhi (Na-Black, Khi-man). Under the Black dynasty, the Chinese established the basic forms of a graceful calligraphy that has lasted to the present day.

In 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro, J.A. Rogers reports that in 1923, Europeans first discovered “a hitherto unknown Negro race, the Nakhis, 200,000 in number, in Southern China.”

Here are some black Chinese Na-khis, in the Chinese Temple of Heaven, in the year 1920. I wonder what happened to them all?

Here is a sampling of the types of people who made up the Asiatic population. If you have eyes admire the black men and women you see herein…

If you have a head, think!


Black Chinese

Oriental Muurz

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5 thoughts on “Black Chinese and other Asiatics – presented by malibudusul”

  1. As a kid a saw my father reading comics of Black chinese rulers,that was in the ยด60s.
    Now I can see were it came from

  2. My maiden name is Young. I am Black. I remember as a child talking to my grandfather, my father’s father. We had a conversation about my school friends. I referred to an Asian friend as oriental. My grandfather said, “daughter, things are oriental, people are Asian.” I just recently, about 8 years ago did the genealogy thing and found out that my Great grandfather, my grandpa’s dad was Chinese. I am 1/8 Chinese. My siblings and I started remembering conversations our dad and grandpa had and it coming back to us about our Great Granddad. And looking back at old pictures of grandpa, yes. Right there in my face was this Black Asian man. My brothers and sisters could not believe it. So now on with finding our history in China. It may lead to this group of people. Amazing.

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