Ancient Black Chinese From East Africa — (by Prof Jin Li)

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Chinese come from Africa, just like the rest of us

Posted: Thursday, May 12, 2005

An international study has found that the Chinese people originated not from “Peking Man” in northern China, but from early humans in East Africa who moved through South Asia to China some 100,000 years ago, Hong Kong’s Ming Pao daily reported yesterday in a finding that confirms the “single origin” theory in anthropology.

According to the newspaper, a research team led by Jin Li (of Fudan University in Shanghai has found that modern humans evolved from a single origin, not multiple origins as some experts believe.

In China, school textbooks teach that the Chinese race evolved from “Peking Man,” based on a theory that humans in Europe and Asia evolved from local species.

But Jin and his fellow researchers found that early humans belonged to different species, of which only the East African species developed into modern humans.

This new finding nullifies the theory that the ancestors of the Chinese people were “Peking Man” who lived in northern China 400,000 years ago.

Based on DNA analyses of 100,000 samples gathered from around the world, a number of human families evolved in East Africa some 150,000 years ago, said Li Hui, a member of Jin’s team.

About 100,000 years ago, some of those humans began to leave Africa, with some people moving to China via South and Southeast Asia, Li said.

According to the newspaper article, it has been proven that the “65 branches of the Chinese race” share similar DNA mutations with the peoples of East and Southeast Asia.

It said that the Shanghai scientists were part of an international team comprised of researchers from Russia, India, Brazil and other nations in a five-year project studying the geographic and genealogical routes related to the spread and settlement of modern humans.

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  1. I believe we are children of aliens,who created us from their DNA and animals.

  2. It’s goog to know this info but it’s hard to convince my peers of these historical facts’ they laugh at me and say i’m crazy so I continue to search and imbrace the truth like a long lost lover, thank you for not giving up on teaching the truth of our ancient ancestors and guardings, peace and blessing be unto you and those who support you, sincerly one who care about life lessons “Jahsoul”.

  3. Thank you for telling the truth.
    And I know that this is only the tip of the ice-berg concerning my people. This treasure of information needs to be in every historical text book world wide.

  4. This divine creation, comes from a long past, no one knows the begining and no one knows the end, except GOD.

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    You want to know why “all colours come out of blacks”? Well, as blacks existed as the “first race”, the others evolved OUT of them, adapting to the differing climates/temperatures as needed. Oh, and you can’t get “any colour out of black”, or else Africa would be quite populous with Native Americans/Indians/Asians/Arabs/Whites LOL!
    So, as blacks presumably moved north to Europe (I’m not going to humour you with “the albino theory”), European history has “African roots”?
    I eagerly await a response.

  6. great article! iwish there were more ancient chinese history especially on chinese exploration and colonization

  7. There is no question the the Original people out of so-called africa took them selves to places all over the earth. The problem is the ugly racism that has developed over the thousands of years to make the worlds people thing that the Black had little to do with what they did do and this does tell the truth. Then in the case of the truth coming out as it is today all over the world people will rather think or prefer to give credit to some outer space aliens rather than tell the truth. The only explanation for this madness is ignorance of the true facts or out right racism that can’t except that their parents were the same racist who told them the lie in the first place. Why does the truth be covered in favor of a lie? To give credit to those who are guilty of “Stealing the Legacy of those who Originated it”. The only one who hates the truth is the one who has something to hide.

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