The African origin of martial arts – A picture story




Bodhidharma mythical inventor of kung fu:

Bodhidharma – Ming Dynasty Porcelain:


At the Shaolin Temple, you find these statues:







Japanese Judo throws:


Ancient Kemit/Africa 3000 years before China and Japan:



7 thoughts on “The African origin of martial arts – A picture story”

  1. I watched the documentaries Hidden Colors. I was so intrigued when I heard how a black man founded martial arts. I named my daughter Shaolin. I picked her name 4 years ago. I wanted a boy but the name was always going to be Shaolin. Then I learned that bdharma was the inventor of Shaolin Kung Fu! Im like whoa! Totally amazed!

    1. Bodhidharma originally brought Buddhism from India to the Shaolin Monks in China. His original intent was to bring Buddhism to China. The story goes, that the Shaolin Monks were to focused on meditation, and in doing so, became out of shape. To solve this problem, Bodhidharma taught them the importance of having both the body, and mind, balanced, and strong. So he taught them basic Indian martial arts, which included basic Yoga stretches. The monks of Shaolin would later develop their basic skills into Kung Fu. As for skin color, many South Asian’s, and Southeast Asian’s are dark skinned. Some of them are even darker than some African American’s. It’s funny people don’t realize it, until I claim to be darker than them, & make them look at the color difference between the skin on our arms. So the depiction of Bodhidharma as a dark skinned man, means nothing, aside from him being a dark skinned individual doesn’t suggest anything, besides him being a dark skinned man. His origin by name, if you break his name up into 2 words, is Indian. Word 1, is “Bodhi,” and word 2 is “Dharma”. “Bodhi” comes from the Bodhi Tree of India, Buddha sat, and meditated under a Bodhi tree, which man pilgrims visit in India. He was sitting under this tree in meditation, when he came up with the “Middle Path Philosophy,” which is basically moderation. As for “Dharma,” this is the word used, when referring to the teachings of Buddha Gautama. Indian’s are made up of 2 different ethnic groups that came together to form a new one. There were the local native South Asian’s, & the Aryan’s, who came from somewhere north of India, likely in the Indo-European area. I’ve been told that the Aryan’s were nothing like the ones from Nazi mythology, but this is how Hitler spoke of wasn’t anything like the Aryan’s that migrated into Asia. Besides what kind of white supremacist breeds with dark skinned Asian men, and women? Of course through Himmler the Svastika from India was hijacked, but that’s going off in a different directions. As for ancient Egypt, I’m sure that the nation was a mix of black African’s, North African Arab’s, & well it’s said that some Jews were enslaved their. The Egyptian’s definitely had a fighting system like most countries do, but it seems to be a forgotten art. That’s not to say that its influence has lived on through other martial arts in Asia, & maybe even Brazil, which has Capoeira as their native martial art. Now if you’re looking for pure African’s within Asia, you have the people of Papua New Guinea, the Aeta Tribe in the Philippines, the tribe in Sentinel Island, & a few more places. European’s called these people “Negrito’s,” due to their short stature. Their DNA identified them as the ancestors of the first men that traveled eastbound to Asia, by boat, from East Africa. These people are the ancestors of East African Pygmies, from the Horn of Africa. Of course we all have Mitochodrial DNA linking us to Africa, so as for how exactly the martial arts spread to India, then into China, and the rest of Asia, no one really knows. However, Bodhidharma was clearly a dark skinned South Asian man. Indian’s can have dark skin, light brown skin, straight, wavy, & even curly hair. As for Bodhidharma bringing martial arts to Shaolin, it was a part of his mission to spread the teachings of Buddha to the rest of Asia. Martial arts just happened to randomly become a part of his mission.

  2. In this case and others cases, I have seen, the Asians had the decency to honour those whom gave them their knowledge by depicting them in their original hue and phenotype. The Chinese have acknowledged that the first Chinese were black.

    The first Europeans were black as reported by the daily mail but rather than acknowledge this fact outright, Albinos tend to mix truths, with half truths and outright lies because they are insecure and as a result of their insecure nature, they want to be everything and everyone, everywhere when this would have been impossible given the fact that their so called civilization only began 500 years ago. Albinos, are for the most part an insecure bunch who destroy any evidence of black contribution across the globe by breaking off noises and/or redoing the statues , arts and other artifacts of the original black founders if civilization in their images. Albinos do not want anyone to know that black people were only found in Africa. When Albinos left Central Asia to pillage, murder and rape, they came across black civilizations, stole their identities and call it their own.

    This habit of theirs have caused alot of confusion and that is why the world have been fooled into thinking that the Albinos are magical, super human beings who headed every civilization that ever existed and black people made no significant contribution to the world. These and other lies are forced upon us because darkness (black) is/was truly the light of the world and what is so called light is truly the darkness (Albinos) engulfing the world keeping us in death and ignorance. Doing a bit of research will prove than Albinos’ version of history is based upon fantasies that serve to bolter their claim of being superior race. Without this claim of superiority, the Albino cannot function. It seeks many different avenues to convince the world that they are unique – the alpha and every should strive to live in their own image even if though their way of life is morally bankrupt.

    Albinos’ version of history is based on their fantasies of wanting to be the greatest thing that ever lived. Albinos even claim to have DNA’s that are unique to only them when those said DNA’s that they are claiming can be found in the southern regions of Africa. I guess it pains Albinos to know that they have been trying to do in the past 500 years – there is nothing new under the sun and they truly are a bunch of, “Johnny come lates.” Albinos even claim to be responsible for ancient African civilizations such as the one in Zimbabwe.

    Those want to continue to serve under the masters of darkness (Albinos) will continue to do so. Ask yourself this people, why are Albinos scared of this type of information, if it were all lies? Albinos react deadly to this kind of information and that in itself is very telling.

    For more on who were the authors of many great civilizations before the Albinos’ current reign, please visit for a true interpretation of history. The truth shall be told.

  3. our grandfathers say that Buddha was a hunter who hunted near Savannah regions and along the Nile and then pharaoh started Conquering it he decide to move east to learn how animals protected their territories

  4. LORD have mercy please and don’t allow these blacks hurt anybody in the world!,PSALM [91:11] my LORD don’t allow people gets hurt. Everybody is your creation and nobody deserve to get hurt specially by martial arts because it’s hatred

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