African Origin of Fijians – Runoko Rashidi’s Video Seminars

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5 thoughts on “African Origin of Fijians – Runoko Rashidi’s Video Seminars”

  1. Would love to see more, great. I just love learning more, and more about Black people. Look to see something about the Olmec and the Washitaw here in the America.

    1. Wow. This was extremely informative. I just saw a house hunting show in Fiji and I saw black people in the background. I had no idea there were in black people in Fiji or the South Pacific, I have heard that the original Hawaiians were of African decent, This is fascinating. Thanks so much for doing and reporting your research,

      1. the truth regarding our people indigenous Fijian or Taukei our stories were passed on from generation to generation which can be found today in the verses of Chan which was not written those days.
        when there’s a fijian war dance or ladies dance the verses are tells us the legend /histories of this place

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