Yahya Jammeh, Gambia President damns homosexuals…

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The president of Gambia is using his address to the United Nations General Assembly to attack gays and lesbians, calling homosexuality one of the three “biggest threats to human existence.”

President Yahya Jammeh on Friday said homosexuality, greed and obsession with world domination “are more deadly than all natural disasters put together.”

It’s not the first time the Gambian ruler has used such harsh words. In 2008, he told gays and lesbians to leave the country or have their heads cut off.

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In response to donor pressure towards a gay friendly policy, he was quoted as saying: “If you are to give us aid for men and men or for women and women to marry, leave it…We don’t need your aid because as far as I am the president of the Gambia, you will never see that happen in this country.”

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7 thoughts on “Yahya Jammeh, Gambia President damns homosexuals…”

  1. Whereas I do not agree that these people need to be harmed physically, it is obvious that their prominence of late: wanting to “marry” (and even adopt innocent children or rent wombs to get their DNA implanted in) as a fundamental rights issue is interesting if not suspect. Why now?

    These people have been “underground” in the west for centuries (after the catholic church gained prominence in medieval times) after the days of “civilized Greece/rome” where their thinkers (Socrates) and conquerors (alexander) were known to prefer their own gender for whatever it is that they do do.

    It was even a matter of pride in these white civilizations as they considered women “inferior”. I cannot imagine any system of thought more deviant.

    Anyway-the catholics-leave aside for a moment our (Afrikan) issue with it for blessing Black slavery in the name of the cross, put a stop to this type of open depravity, driving it underground.

    These days where the capitalist/Babylon evil is coming to its last legs-entangled in serious contradictions, the issue of their rights has come up strong. When power meets a conundrum and is clueless on how to quell the ruled it searches for distractions like (pornography/war-based computer games/enemies and in this case encouraging confusion by mainstreaming illness).People like the PM of ingland went to Ghana and threatened to withhold “aid” (imagine) unless gaydom was legalised there. Needless to say-the Ghana people told him to shove off.

    Weak minds are getting bought and corrupted.

    These people have intellectuals to cook up research and innuendo to try and convince Afrikans that we too were always (IN OUR BLACK HISTORY) in it big time! Just because they have managed to twist the logical abilities of some Africans today-we are told that this is a thing we must accept wholeheartedly as a right. Wow!

    This is a propaganda campaign to ensure that our CLASSIC MORAL UPSTANDING IS NEUTRALIZED. By being complicit as killers/depraved/cheats/liars we become pitifully divided (if you are not “open-minded” its because you are a parochial provincial with little schooling) and unable to SEE WHAT OUR PROBLEM IS: POVERTY & IGNORANCE.

    We must keep our eye on the goal which is OUR FREEDOM as Black African peoples.

    If the west could focus on what is really good for Afrika-if they really cared for human rights (as they claim for gaydom), we would not be dying daily simply because of the way they have structured the way business is done in the world: Steal from Africa-sell to Africa

    So yeah President Jammeh-sock it to them!

  2. Jahrateng Skabelli you are a sick piece of shit and so is that fat booger eating African, Yahya Jammeh. I am a proud black gay male! I hate and people who thrive on it. I hate you proudly. Fuck loving those who hate you. I wish all the righteous in heart who believe not in violence or ruling over people’s mind would ban together and kick all you violent, power hungry, angry beings off the planet. The world would be such a better place without you. Your negative and think you have the right to impede on peoples personal lives. Why the fuck do you care about the wombs of others or the sexual desires of man. Mind your own sexual business. We are Gods!! There is a war on gays sponsored by:
    Down low individuals
    Ignorant motherfuckers
    White elites
    Bible thumpers
    All you mother fuckers deserve your own planet so you can hate each other!!

    1. Only the foolish dogs bark at the flying birds.

      And by the way, so-called whites have the greatest number of gays and bisexuals, including their elites, wise up.

    2. Shoo fly nuh badda wi wid yo battyman bizniz. If ya battyman keep yo batty ting to yoself, zeen. Skabelli neva sey nutnuh bad bow yu. If yu ave sum guilt bout loving batty a fi yo bizniz dat. Dose hoo ate wi nuh like yo nedda, memba dat, bloodclaat batty bwoy.Bloodclaat run wey wid dat, battybwoy.

  3. @Toni-stop your silliness. You sound white though-which would explain your pathetic vitriol and angst. However, let as take your word that you are actual “black” then try and piece you up a little:

    a) to dub me sick fecal matter is a little ironical don’t you think?

    b) You are one of those pathetic “blacks” who have a malignant hatred of their African roots.

    This is why you say an African President is a “booger eating…”

    Now-I don’t know what “booger” is but I imagine it is something that a (now) civilized lout like you would never put near your mouth. Of course there are other things you would prefer to stuff in your civilized black mouth. Never ” booger.” Am I correct in a this here assessment, Tini?

    c) I don’t hate you. Hate is a waste of energy. “I don’t want to rule ya. I don’t want to even school ya things you may never know nothing about.”

    Your ignorance and muddled-up state is a choice you have made.

    You call yourself a “god”-well who am I to deny you your personal delusion?

    As I said, there is NO DEPRAVITY that cannot be justified “intellectually” (clever sounding but ultimately filthy/murderous/lying doggerel) to puny minds. This, coupled with an obsession with sex/pornography, then a numbing mixed with designer drugs and out pops a COMPLETELY CONFUSED JADED BLACK MAN: Toni.

    A rotten soul.

    If you want to be a TRUE GOD stop hating your African roots.

    Read up! Understand yourself IN SPACE & TIME.

    Shut down the white uproar blinding you to your real self, bending you over and twisting you up and down sideways in sickening, futile foolishness. Wild goose chase.

    God Don’t hate their creation. God loves a FRUITFUL BOUGH.

    It takes a female and a male to create a fruit. PERIOD. If you continue listening to white debased intellectual cynics telling you how and what sex is-you are bound to ACQUIRE THEIR WEAKNESSESS. Look at you now. Proud? Don’t make me laugh.

    Remember this: Ethiopia stretches forth her arms for her children. Always.

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