Most of the women in the UK don’t bathe or shower everyday

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By The Independent

Posted Tuesday, February 24 2015 at 17:02

The majority of women in the UK don’t bathe or take a shower each day because they are too tired, new research has revealed.

The survey also showed that as many as one in three women admitted that they had gone as long as three days without washing or wiping their face or body at all.

Some 57 per cent of women acknowledged the importance of hygiene, but said that they didn’t have the time to shower or bathe before bed, and instead opted to freshen up with wipes.

The survey of over 2,000 females by skin care range Flint + Flint also showed that over 60 per cent of women did not remove their makeup before bed after a night out, with 35 per cent of those saying they were worried about getting enough sleep.

Asked whether they washed in the morning, only a fifth of women said they took a shower or bath every day, with over 30 percent revealing they did not wash for three days at time.

However, 92 per cent of participants said they understood the importance of a skin care regime and recognised that life-style factors such as lack of sleep and dehydration can impact the appearance of their skin.

Almost 90 per cent of women surveyed said they didn’t improve their hygiene because they were too tired in the morning or evening.

The NHS advises that to maintain a basic level of hygiene, a person must wash their face and brush their teeth daily; clean their hands after using the toilet; wash their genital and anal area each day; and fully bath or shower at least twice a week.

Flint + Flint owner Maxine Flint said the company was “alarmed” by the survey.

“We were alarmed to hear about the amount of women not looking after their skin by following basic skin care regimes. It is so important to clean your face daily and moisturise to slow down the ageing process.”

“It’s true that today’s pace of life is fast but surely as a nation we haven’t become too busy to wash!”

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4 thoughts on “Most of the women in the UK don’t bathe or shower everyday”

  1. Showers work like coffee for a few, giving the incitement it takes to wake up and begin the day. Other individuals utilize them to slow down and unwind following an intense day or difficult exercise.

  2. Shower 2 times a day is not necessary I think. It’s just a wasting of water as well. It’s also bad for your hair and skin. Everyone should bath once a day or so. I think the morning bath is the best time to start your day for the office or work. You don’t need to shower after coming back to home. But you can fresh your face, hands and feet.

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