Wise Words of Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein with Paul Robeson

A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space.

He experience himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

– Albert Einstein

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3 thoughts on “Wise Words of Albert Einstein”

  1. Since old time days, Africans have had a vision of the universe as inextricably linked to humans in a physical, mental and spiritual (energy) manner.

    At a gross level, this was reflected in our reverence of nature in terms of totemism and worship of natural phenomena like mountains, forests or water bodies. In many cases, images of higher powers like God and various intermediaries were carved out of wood and stone to concentrate worshipers’ minds to transcend petty thoughts. This mindset lent itself automatically to sustainable living: It was a given that your existence in this realm would not steal from your descendants by over-indulgence (see capitalism today and ask yourself if your great grand children will see elephants in the wild? Or even taste tuna?)

    African time was ETERNITY MANIFEST. I am here because of my ancestors and must look after the interests of my progeny/descendants. We live(d) both sides of the “time” divide which we signified in CYCLES (the moon/sun/Sirius) and never a straight delusional line of “progress”: Which has spawned huge filthy frauds like “development”/ modernity/western civilization/in the long-run Africa will be like the west/heaven after death (pearly gates and Islamic paradise).

    See: African minds were very clear and not muddled like today-along with our distractors and saboteurs.

    All this clarity in thought are what the islamist and christianist slave drivers called animism/kaffir/paganism/idolatry/Satanism and proceeded to destroy, burn kill BLACK CIVILIZATION.

    However, life is not black and white. There are complexities. The reason why savage white tribal arab nomads could crawl into Black Civilization and insinuate themselves slowly by tossing their women to Black Kings here and there, make peace deals etc-from over 2500 years ago is because within the black priesthood (read science/religion) were power mongers who had already begun to mystify and obfuscate African science-religion (notice the balance-that in China would be called Yin /Yan) MAAT.

    It is our duty as Black people worldwide to get back into what was before our own wicked priests (read erudite scientists/religionists) began to impute their mind-controlling nuances into our philosophy-a job that was sped up by Islamism and then white christianism.

    So-when the islamists with their Black collaborators finally destroyed the best of African thought, what was left was a lot of hocus-pocus nonsense that till today is dubbed quintessentially African: witchcraft/sorcerer ignorant night-running, gullible and fear-filled -needing SAVING & CIVILIZATION. Any talk of African religion has that terrible remnant and many Africans who read things like this are actually frightened! Or they will cry for us-“we are going wrong, to all the people we meet…”

    Classical African religion and philosophy is HUMANIST. Imagine that the European “enlightenment discovered (their) humanism in the 18th century!

    Our humanism: We are humble in the scheme of things (UNIVERSE). We also know (from eons of existence before any other sub-species of humanoid was even existing) that we are the conscious matter of the UNIVERSE who are RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR ACTIONS.

    This is why our forefathers developed the 42 Admonitions of the BLACK LADY -MAAT. A reading of this reveals that an African meditating would chant his innocence as coming from within him. They deeply believed in this guidance and took it TO HEART THEN TO MIND.

    This is why from that time till today-no empire has lasted that long. It was a peaceful time…

    When the white “Christians” came around they told Africans that a white god sitting about in the sky was watching their every twitch and had earlier developed laws from down some mountain on what NOT TO DO. So the commands were from outside ourselves (remote control) This is negativity and delusional. The results are still extant today:

    Africans are waiting for a white jesus to come and save them from imperialism and sin or for the muslims-allah to sweep them into paradise and proceed to ravish 70+ virgins (I don’t know what African muslim women expect in that desert-manufactured paradise). It is shocking and utterly childish fable-telling!

    When the whites begun to get “enlightened”-which is code for getting science and philosophy from many cultures around the areas they had swept into, they stumbled into some amazing knowledge -which can (as indicated above) always be traced to Africa. However, as is their wont, they tried to make out like they were the original thinkers which of course is their usual crazy hogwash.

    We might never know how much stuff was destroyed /stolen from Black Africa but we have an inkling because oral memory and practice is still extant. I myself have learnt tonnes from this website. If only more Africans did not waste time on other place “socializing” and reading about some “star’s” latest conquest or fall from grace…Wasting time is the system’s method to divide, atomize and rule.

    What Einstein is saying here is PURE BUDDHIST PHILOSOPHY which is PURE AFRIKAN PHILOSOPHY. This is a fact we Africans would do well to study keenly and objectively.

    We are told that Isaac Newton was apart from being a “Christian” was also into “cult” (code for probably Kmtic i.e African ideas; for which there was a craze in intellectual/high society Europe of his time and definitely Eastern ideas).

    A reading of the “Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra reveals the parallels between quantum mechanics and Buddhist thought (as in this beautiful quotation from Einstein).

    The truth and its source can never be hidden because not truth is COMPLETE WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF ITS SOURCE.

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