White slaves in pictures

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Depiction of socage on the royal demesne in feudal England, ca. 1310. Socage is an aspect of serfdom, not usually included under the term “slavery”.

Gniezno Cathedral Door – detail Saint Adalbertus liberates Slavic slaves from the Jewish merchants

Source “Drzwi Gnie?nie?skie” Zak?ad Imienia Ossoli?skich Wroc?aw, Poland, 1956

English: Fathers of the Redemption, found in The Story of the Barbary Corsairs’ by Stanley Lane-Poole, published in 1890 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

Painting: Ransoming Christians slaves held in Muslim hands (1637).

A Romanian-language poster advertising the sale of Romani slaves, Bucharest, 1852.

Source Ian F. Hancock, The pariah syndrome: an account of Gypsy slavery and persecution, Karoma Publishers, 1987 p.46

Source eingescannt aus: Alois Niederstätter: 1400 – 1522: Das Jahrhundert der Mitte: an der Wende vom Mittelalter zur Neuzeit, aus der Reihe Österreichische Geschichte, Wien 1996, ISBN 3-8000-3532-4

Niklas Stör Entführung in die Sklaverei

Ottoman wars in Europe resulted in many captive Christians being carried deep into Muslim territory.

Original caption: “Captain Croker horror sricken at Algiers, on witnessing the Miseries of the Christian Slaves chaind & in Irons driven home after labour by Infidels with large Whips. “. Additonnal informations about the source: “The cruelties of the Algerine pirates, shewing the present dreadful state of the English slaves, and other Europeans, at Algiers and Tunis; with the horrid barbarities inflicted on christian mariners shipwrecked on the north western coast of africa and carried into perpetual slavery. authenticated by Mr. Jackson, of Morocco; Mr. MacGill, merchant and by Capt. Walter Croker, of His Majesty’s Sloop Wizard. Who in last July (1815) saw some of the frightful horrors of Algerine Slavery; to rouse general attention to which, this Economical Publication is issued. With an engraving. London: printed for W.Hone, 55 Fleet-Street. 1816”

Description Bound slave girl
Date Circa 1900
Source Delcampe, Verdeau, Liveauctioneers, eBay
Author Lehnert & Landrock

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