The Black African Khemites (Black Ancient Egyptians)

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Black is Ancient Kemet (Egypt)

Several so-called distinguished authors have proposed that “The Egyptians called their country “Kmt” or “Kemet” which means “Black” after the color of the soil.”

This twisted lie is not supported by an analysis of the ancient Egyptian language. There is nothing in the grammar, suggesting that the soil or earth had any connection with the use of the word “Kemet”. The only references to the soil in the names of Ancient Egypt were the names “TaMeri and TaMere”; “Ta” meaning “earth, land, etc.”

The reason for this mis-information is either a delusion urge in some to mis-appropriate the History of the Beautiful Brown people of Africa or otherwise a wicked desire to obscure the patrimony and legacy of the ancient Africans of ancient Egypt.


E. A. Wallis Budge one of the foremost historian and linguist on ancient Egypt had made a comprehensive list of the structure and usages of perhaps the most significant word in the Ancient Egyptian language. All of these words can be found in E. A. Wallis Budge “An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary” Dover, NY

Used as an adjective

kem;kemem;kemom – black
kemu – black (m)
keme.t – black (f)
hime.t keme.t – “black woman” (woman of Black)
himu.t keme.t – “black women” (women of Black)

Used as a noun

keme.t – any black person, place, or thing

A determinative is then used to be more specific:

keme.t (woman) – “the Black woman”; ie, ‘divine woman’
keme.t (cow) – “a Black cow” – ie, a ‘sacred cow’
Keme.t (nation) – “the Black nation”

kem – a black one (m)
keme.t – a black one (f)
kemu – black ones (m)
kemu.t – black ones (f)
kemeti – two black ones

Used for Nationality

Sa Kemet – a man of Black (an Egyptian male)
Sa.t Kemet – a woman of Black (an Egyptian female)
Rome.t Kemet – the people of Black (Egyptians)
Kemetou – Blacks (ie, ‘citizens’)
Kememou – Black people (of the Black nation)

Other usages

Sa Kem – “Black man”, a god, and son of
Sa.t Kem.t – “Black woman”, a goddess (page 589b)
kem (papyrus) – to end, complete
kem.t (papyrus) – the end, completion
kemi – finished products
kem khet (stick) – jet black

kemwer – any Egyptian person, place or thing (‘to be black’ + ‘to be great’)

Kemwer – “The Great Black” – a title of Osiris – the Ancestor of the race

Kemwer (body of water) – “the Great Black sea” – the Red sea
Kemwer (body of water + river bank) – a lake in the Duat (the OtherWorld)
Kemwer Nteri – “the sacred great Black bulls”
kemwer (fortress) – a fort or town
Kemwer (water) – the god of the great Black lake

Kem Amut – a black animal goddess
Kemi.t-Weri.t – “the great Black woman”, a goddess
Kem-Neb-Mesen.t – a lion god
Kem ho – “black face”, a title of the crocodile Rerek
kem; kemu (shield) – buckler, shield
kem (wood) – black wood
kem.t (stone) – black stone or powder (plant) – a plant
kemu (seed) – seeds or fruit of the kem plant
kemti – “black image”, sacred image or statue

Using the causative “S”

S_kemi – white haired, grey-headed man (ie, to have lost blackness)
S_kemkem – to destroy, overthrow, annihilate
S_kemem – to blacken, to defile


S_desher – to redden, make ruddy
S_desheru – red things, bloody wounds

Some interesting Homonyms (pages 770 > )

qem – to behave in a seemly manner
Qemi – the south, Upper Egypt
qem.t – reed, papyrus
qemaa – to throw a boomerang
qem_au – to overthrow
qemam.t – mother, parent
qemamu – workers (in metal, wood)
qemqem – tambourines
qemd – to weep
qemati – statue, image – same as kemti
qema – to create
qemaiu – created beings
Qemau;Qemamu – The Creator

Deshret – the opposite of Kemet

deshr.t – any red (ie, non-Black) person, place, or thing

deshr.t (woman) – “the Red woman”; ie, ‘evil woman’
deshr.t (cow) – “a Red cow” – ie, the ‘devil’s cow’
deshr – a red one (m)
deshr.t – a red one (f)
deshru – red ones (m)
deshru.t – red ones (f) — White or light-skinned people; devils
deshreti – two red ones

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16 thoughts on “The Black African Khemites (Black Ancient Egyptians)”

  1. You are using Budge for your translations? Too bad he was mostly wrong. No one worth their salt uses Budge. So everything you say is suspect. Use better resources for your arguments.

    1. Truth is the sword that slays all but itself, and will always defend itself. So keep on denying it’s existence until it bites you in the ass.

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong. The ‘Ta Meri’ means ” my beloved land”. ‘Tawi’ means “the two lands”, in reference to Upper and Lower Egypt.

    2. No. Ta is Ptah, meaning land. Ma means water Ra/Re means fire/sun. Tamari is TamaRa the original and real name for Africa which is really the entire habitable planet.

  2. He was wrong in what respect? Let’s be honest here. There is nothing wrong with Budges translation in and of itself…the racist status quo of the previous century simply didn’t want to accept the truth of the meaning. That they called their land “the land of blacks”, that they called themselves “black people”. You can disagree with some minutiea, but attempting to convey the impression that his work was not scholarly is dishonest. The man wrote at least ten books on the subject of Egyptology so I think he was quite well informed on the subject. How many books has your source written?
    This same tactic was used againgst Herodotus who was universally recognized as the “father of history” until they (so-called scholars) realized he said the Egyptians were black.

      1. Exactly. And I am a woman of color. Full color. Has dating only men of color. So there’s no complex over here.
        I just won’t ascribe to nonsense and foolishness.
        Kemet did not mean the color of a person’s skin, but the soil.
        However, people of color “Full color” were the first to occupy the land.
        Everyone came from p.o.c
        That’s a fact.
        But Black is an adjective given by wannabe Superior European people. And it’s everything NEGATIVE

  3. Hi there my name is Victor Jackson I am in search for scholar of Kemet Africa. I would like to do a Motion Picture film this film would not be whitewashed so if you or know someone have them give me a call my number is 757-227-0388 Victor Jackson thank you very much

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