We are all one fighting against the evil – Anonymous one

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Why are conspiracy theorists so against the idea of unity among ALL men?
Why are so many threads about ‘whites’, ‘blacks’, ‘guess the race’, etc?

It seems like the only conspiracy is that a Conspiracy Theorists allow this nonsense.

We all have the same enemies… let me list them:

-BIS, and it’s federal reserve subsidiaries
-maritime admiralty law under roman curia
-the three legged beast: Vatican City/City of London/Washington DC
-the elements of zionazism that exist in echelons of power globally
-the society of jesus, aka the jesuit order
-the two popes
-Adolfo Nicolas (black pope)
-Pepe Orsini (grey pope) and the 13 families he represents

Any of the myriad of social, societal, health, environmental issues facing the world can be traced to the elements above, who originate, allow, and foment them all.

Such as:
war, debt slavery, human trafficking, drug trafficking, poisoning of food/water/consumer products/vaccines/pharmaceuticals, nationalism, sexism, racism, any other -ism, mass hypnosis and mind control via predictive programming, inception, NLP, and other well honed techniques via all platforms of the media, the ‘sick-care industry’, big pharma, cern, chemtrails, elf/haarp/gwen/cellular/wifi and other frequency weapons, weather modification, gang stalking, actual ritual magic and mass sorcery, ritual abuse, mk-ultra type programming, human sacrifice, pornography, unhealthy diets, and violence to name a few.

Stop worrying about the color of your new neighbor, and maybe ask him over to talk about this shit. Who cares if someone looks different than you?

Our bodies are just the vehicles for our soul’s current experience. We come in every shade, every temperament, and every maturity level.

Unless one of us is on that list above, we are all brothers, targeted by the same enemies, who’s easiest play is to have us fighting against ourselves.

Like slaves fighting for the masters on sundays or gladiators (slaves) fighting for the royals… Instead of animosity toward those at your level, or hatred to those one may feel is below them, we should all be looking at the top of the pyramid at our only true enemy- the minions of evil.

Every race thread is a distraction and an intentional energy vacuum.


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