Voodoo/Santeria:The African Gods of Cuba and Fidel Castro

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Yoruba gods protect Fidel Castro: priest
Mon Jan 21, 2008 3:29pm EST

HAVANA (Reuters) – Yoruba gods protect ailing Fidel Castro from witchcraft and want to see him continue leading Cuba, the first priest of the Santeria religion to be elected to parliament said on Monday.

“Olodumare says he is the one that should be there and so he is untouchable,” said Antonio Castaneda, a babalawo (priest) in the religion slaves brought to colonial Cuba from Nigeria.

Hurricanes may batter Cuba this year, but Castro’s health will not break, according to the orishas (deities), he said.

The 614-seat National Assembly elected on Sunday must approve Cuba’s top leadership at its first session on February 24, when Cubans will learn whether Castro will retire as head of state.

Castro, 81, has not appeared in public since stomach surgery for an undisclosed illness forced him to hand over power temporarily to his brother almost 18 month ago.

Santeria followers have believed their gods were on Fidel Castro’s side ever since a white dove landed on his shoulder during a victory speech in Havana after his 1959 revolution.

Castaneda, who played the sax at Havana’s famed Tropicana cabaret for 30 years, never joined Cuba’s Communist Party, but considers himself a “revolutionary.” He praised Cuba’s social safety net despite widespread economic hardships Cubans face.

He said 60 percent of Cubans believe in Santeria and he can give them a voice in the National Assembly. Castaneda won a seat as president of the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, which is close to the government.

The orishas augur a good year for Cuba, the babalawo said. “If Cuba marches ahead, so too does the Comandante,” he said.

(Reporting by Anthony Boadle; Editing by Eric Beech)


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9 thoughts on “Voodoo/Santeria:The African Gods of Cuba and Fidel Castro”

  1. many socalled christians have a big mouth about santeria.but they do the same stuff in their own church.they just give it another name.

    1. So true human cannibalism called Lord soper the church hides evil ritual .but what is evil but what man says it is Christianity kills million in the name of Jesus but that alright

  2. Tinekebeen how right you are! I am a medium ans Santeria who was raised I. The religion. I attended many churches, but oh I they brain wash and use their beliefs o. Others. viva mi Olodumate,mix Olofi, mis santos y mis merges. Ache Ache Ache!

  3. Christianity is white supremacy. I do not know why any black person would want to be a part of a religion that terrorized, raped, murdered and maimed their ancestors. The fact that there are white supremacist Christians is enough for me to not want to be part of such a religion. There are fools who leave their African derived spirituality/religion because they think it is devil worship. Vodou is older than Christianity. Vodou did not wipe out untold numbers of people in the name of god. Vodou is not withcraft. According to Bobby E Wright, “During slavery, if they didn’t give us good education, good housing, good food, or good clothes, why did they give us such ‘good’ religion?” There are even white supremacist adopting vodou, Santeria, ifa and other African derived spirituality as their own. There is a so called church of Santeria who is run by a white guy who is accusers others of appropriating Santeria and demanding they become initiated. Meanwhile, he and his kith and kins are making millions yearly from African derived spiritualties and naming themselves as experts, keepers and overseers. There is a white woman of lucky mojo who is considered an expert on hoodoo. The insanity of these whites run deep. Here is a website of an individual Katrina Hazzard-Donald who is trying to keep African American hoodoo in the hands on its originators. http://omogun.webs.com/

    1. MH,christ…. convinced some of us to give away our religions -for us to weaken and be lamb in their hands- and adopt a religion what they don’t believe nor practice because it is empty as they have perveted the true meanings of his african riches and devilished it – today many of our powerful masks and religions tools are in their hands(we all know how they got them), our elders recall the first thing the churchmen did when they came in african village was to ask to see the house of the divinities or if there were hidden treasures…It seems their charm against us is still working as some black people still believe they (christ…. )work for us. They were only colons using our lands to build their churches, our people to work freely for them, our ressources to feed themselves and make money to send to their mother head.While at the same time they were spyers for the colon power who rewarded them by protection, and money…nothing has change today, just that NGOs play the church rule .The biger gift we gave those satan people was our children education, the damages caused by this intentional mis’education of children lost, confused by alien concepts who became unable to be and fit naturally in our societies are still to be cured.These people came for their own purpose in our lands, in Europe they were non grata, according to inheritance laws only the elder son inherit (the others were chased of the property, albinos Christ…. created crusades for all those second sons to make them a living , after the crusades the colonization…The logic behind it is Albinos or so called aryan societies are rejecting societies, they are always getting rid of some people!!! they have to get rid of the second sons in the crusades for the sake of the elders sons, they had to get rid of the bagnards and the prostitutes whom population became big in Europe (Sin is in their dna) Americas and Australia took care of those unwanted, to get rid of Kazars they created The occupation of holy lands, tomorrow they said blue Project will get rid of all poors (and non albino people) for rich albino people to enjoy the earth for themselves!!!
      The curse of satan is to be what he is not and can’t not be by Divinity ‘s grace who didn’t destined him to the purpose he is pretending, his people can pretend to be what ever he want true people won’t follow them whatever the mask they wear!!!

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