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Usually I recommend a goodly dosage of garlic, honey and lemons for most bronchial and lung problems. The ageless potent potion not only prevents and cures most common ailment, but research has shown that it stops even the dreaded cancer in its tracks.

It also kills tuberculosis.

The Main Stream Media are full of news this morining about how Vitamin C can kill multidrug-resistant TB in the lab.

Their scientists apparently just found out.

It is supposedly a surprise discovery, which may point to a new way of tackling “this increasingly hard-to-treat infection”.

While there has been a cure for drug resistance tuberculosis since the beginning of time, the Knights Hospitaliers have taken the human race on a winding road of quakery, deception and medical confusion.

Their scientific atrocities and disappointment, have complicated simple illnesses like cancer, tuberculosis, etc, leaving millions unnecessarily suffering in the hospitals and hospices.

An estimated 650,000 people worldwide have multidrug-resistant TB. Many more millions have regular TB which sadly is on a resurgence.

High dose Vitamin C can be used as a supplement to prevent and TB treatment and even some types of cancer.

Vitamin C appears to act as a “reducing agent” – something that triggers the production of of reactive oxygen species called free radicals. These free radicals kill off different kinds of cancer cells and TB, even drug resistant forms that are untreatable with conventional antibiotics such as isoniazid.

Honey garlic and lemon has a high content of vitamin C and other highly effective properties that will contribute to the general maintenance of your good health.

Learn to take a pro-active approach to your health.

Oguejiofo Annu

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