Tommy Morrison Fights Again Pt 2 – The Inconsistencies of HIV/AIDS Theory

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Tommy Morrison Knocks Out His Opponent 

Tommy Morrison lost the first round of his first fight in over a decade but came back to drop John Castle with a huge left hook in the second round.


Tommy Morrison Knocks Out “The AIDS Industry” Cooold!

In an appearance tonight, boxer Tommy Morrison attacked the ‘AIDS tests’ that all but ruined his career.

He said the ‘tests’ could give a ‘false positive’ based on hundreds of factors that had nothing to do with ‘AIDS’ even including the seeds on Bagels.

After testing positive for years he is now consistently testing negative and is once again back as a serious contender.





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One thought on “Tommy Morrison Fights Again Pt 2 – The Inconsistencies of HIV/AIDS Theory”

  1. DANGER!! HIV tests are not reliable. Ask Tommy Morrison and hundreds or thousands like him. Possible causes for an hiv + result. Common flu, being exposed to lots of vaccines, herpes, hepatitis B. Besides, hiv tests have not a gold standard. Perth Institute, Australia. Well and Alive, Christine Maggiorie. Be careful DON NOT trust them!

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