Timbuctoo and Robert Adams: White Slaves of the King of Timbuctoo

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2 thoughts on “Timbuctoo and Robert Adams: White Slaves of the King of Timbuctoo”

  1. Very interesting. I guess the world is a little bit more complicated than what is in the popular imagination (miseducation of us all). However, two things:

    a) Arabs (the guys from the peninsula who are otherwise called semites and are white) are the slavers here. They are yet to apologize (live alone compensate) Black Africans for their (continuing is some places) slavering, aided by the doctrine of the quoran.

    b) The whites who were running around in Africa at that time were pirates of different hues (no pun): slavers/spies/agitators/preachers/capitalists/traders and pity them when their Arab rivals cum partners enslaved them here and there.

    c) Slavery is an ugly, ugly business as no one has a right to dehumanize a being like himself just because he does not want to work. Whether whites were also enslaved, the fact remains that Africa is yet to be compensated for the massive loss of our main resource: people.

    The effects of this still reverberate. Otherwise, there would be no need for sites like this one.

    We Afrikans will fight, we find it necessary. And we know we shall win, as we are confident, in this victory, of good over evil………..

    1. Africans were the ones that enslaved whites. Over time they got lighter and eventually white due to mixing with their many, many, many white female slaves (and also male white slaves being mixed by Sultan Ishmael). So the “white” pirates were of those.

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