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There are no such people called NEANDERTHAL. Let’s do a breakdown.

The attempt to say that Blacks are not Neanderthal is a pre-stage attempt to remove Blacks from Ancient Europe.

Neanderthal “Neander Valley,” gorge near Düsseldorf where human fossils – the oldest fossils of human remains found in Germany of Black Negroid which was found in place called ”””’Neander Valley”””’ named after a German Pastor ”JOACHIM NEANDER” NEANDER-last name of Joachim. The actual place of the discovery is called THA/valley.

Thal comes from the old GERMANIC word ” THALWEG”.

THALWEG – German world meaning “path along the bottom of a VALLEY-”

Neander- from 17 century -last name of JOACHIM NEANDER, a pastor/preacher of 17th century from DUSSELDORF, Germany were the human remains were found Pleistocene period which is an age period dating 2.5 Million years up to 12,000 years ago..

There were no Caucaisan on the planet during the Pleistocene period 2.5 million years ago – 12,000, remember this is also the date of Ancient KMT (12,000) and they were not on the planet. Caucasian mutation into an albino state is a recent and not an ancient event. Blacks were craving statues and erecting Stone in EUROPA(the name of an Black Queen) from 40,000 years ago and have live in Europe since the their first migrations out of Africa up to this very day.

Remember, investigate everything…

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4 thoughts on “There were no Neanderthals – Invasion2012”

  1. Here goes another rediculous attempt at cultural theft on the part of a subhuman talking monky. The Neanderthal DNA factor explans everything!!! You’re all done. SLAVE stock is all your race is or ever will be fit for. As soon as the general public becomes aware of the significance of Neanderthal DNA in all NON-Africans, You will be reclasifide as less than fully human and droped one branch on the evolutionary tree. We are hybrids, you are not. The free ride is almost over.

    1. Nice trolling Don, you’ve managed to not only straddle the pinnacle of ignorance, but take it deep like the ever-so highly evolved chap you dream to be. Surely you could find more intelligent means of persuasion to express your views, rather than behaving like a monkey yourself – ie. throwing your own feces and being seen to eat them. Ain’t ya’ll proud to be hybrid, son? Yee-haw! You do know that “hybrid” is really just a polite word for mongrel, don’t you? But of course don’t “KKKwote” me on that.

  2. Caucasians didn’t exist 12,000 years ago? You better tell them that. They’ve been leaving their shit all over the globe for about 40,000, and “mongrelized” into native Americans about 24,000 years ago with the help of their caveman cousins. Unless you’re referring to Europeans and not Caucasians In general in which case I would sa that none of the races in current for have existed for more than 10,000 years give or take. By your logic anyone evolved past what home erects isn’t a pure human. Evolution isn’t evoluti9n. Its mutation? And the fact that the highest is are had by the stocks with the highest percentage of neanderthal dna sends your running for reverend wright

  3. Dear readers

    why do people always make racist remarks?
    Do they not have an university nearby?

    This is not black monkey talk… These are facts hidden from them too….

    Black is alpha and omega. Ask any sholar on this subject.
    Everybody knows. But they need us fighting over small change so were not trying to find out what THE world is up to at this moment.

    THE lies Will come out. And everybody Will know blacks are children of the sun.

    Do not feel bad, this world Will Soon be Corrected. Ask smart kkk members-if you can find such a member- and that person Will explain hoe everything is modelled after THE black body even in hospitals they know they cut open à black person for your medicine.

    But is this about black or white? Or about THE human race? We are all on this earth, and what à Joke if they already know God is black…. THE whole universe is mostly black anyways.

    Goodnite to all readers. We are all human…apart from those with THE monkey DNA .


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