The white slaves of Nazi Germany – By Nehesy

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Fritz Sauckel

The white slaves of Nazi Germany by Nehesy

Fritz Sauckel aka “Le Négrier De L’Europe” aka ” European Slave Trader” aka “El Negrero de Europea” enslaved millions of Europeans in German war industries, still they don’t write it in their history books .

According to a biography done on Fritz Sauckel … “In response to increased demands, he met the requirement for manpower with people from the occupied territories. Voluntary numbers were insufficient and forced recruitment (slave labour) was introduced within a few months. Of the 5 million workers brought to Germany, … the majority … originated from the Eastern territories, where the methods used to (gain workers) hunt and catch the slaves were reportedly very harsh.”

These slaves were freed only when Germany was invaded and freed by the allies (many delivered by Black American soldiers).

Used and abused by the Germans, some of those white slaves were whipped and beaten to death, many were branded especially if they tried to flee, some mutilated themselves (to stop the work = sabotage).

There were badly fed (lost 15-20 kgs), poorly housed, full of lice and diseases due to poor conditions, some were worked to death (literally hundreds of thousands), some were killed by the German overseers, and some deported to the concentration camps for human medical experimentation.

It reminds one of the slave system which oppressed our ancestors in the new world. Perhaps worse.

Fritz Sauckel and Nazis got these slaves by war :

– Some were prisoners of wars : Russians
– Some were hunted and caught by German soldiers:
– Some were sold as tributes by their countries. For example, French authorities delivered their own population (by official laws or decrees) to the Germans

The Nazis were the biggest slave owners of history ( 5 to 8 millions) , but their slaves were whites/Europeans (Russians, Polish, French, Italians, Ukrainians etc). It was a white on white slavery in the middle of 20th century almost 100 years after the abolition of enslavement of Africans. Yet those Europeans today dare to call us the savages who enslaved each other by internal war tribes LOL.

Fritz Sauckel was executed at Nuremberg because he supplied millions of white slaves to the German War Industry (also Farming Industry). When European slaves were producing the bombs, guns, ammo, planes, or food and cash crops in Germany, the German master could focuse on his war…

At Nuremberg they called this act “Crime against Humanity” , and the survivors were paid by the German government until their death. So Europe (England, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal etc) should do the same with our people who have been deported all over the New world.

But nonetheless, it is worth remembering that the last slaves of the 20th were also the so-called whites. With many French, Jewish survivors, telling that they were indeed true slaves in every sense and would have remained so for the rest of their lives if not for the African American soldiers of the US army that liberated them.

A little biography :

– José Antonio Saco
– Moses Finley
– William D Philips
– Charles Verlinden
– Pierre Dockès
– Marc Bloch
– George Duby
– Evariste Levi Provencal

See also

1. Ulrich Herbert : “Hitler’s Foreign Workers: Enforced Foreign Labor in Germany under the Third Reich ”

2. “A Mutual Responsibility and a Moral Obligation”: The Final Report on Germany’s Compensation Programs for Forced Labor and Other Personal ” by Gunter Saathoff, Michael Jansen ==> Compensation program for European slaves who worked in Germany during WWII

3. Video : STO (2010) by Jérôme Lambert and Philippe Picard (French)

4.Fritz Sauckel

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4 thoughts on “The white slaves of Nazi Germany – By Nehesy”

  1. Correction: The Hitlerian Era Nazis were certainly not the largest slave-owners by a long shot. Obviously Stalin was as all records will show. Yet you are right in saying that the Nazis were and still are the largest slave owners in the world; they’re the shakers and movers who implement slavery via the tool of Communism. As we know, this is financed via the independent States within England, America, Rome, Palestine (City of London,Washington DC, Vatican and Tel-Avive). Slavery is always economic and we are all slaves to the private banksters.

  2. DaftAida :

    – Gulag system was for sure a huge slave plantation (Pierre Dockès, Orlando Patterson) , but I’m not sure that Russia Gulags never enslaved 5 millions human beings at the same time like the Nazis, and at the end few of them could recover their freedom. Nazis slaves were freed only because the allies defeated the Germans.

    – Jim Crow laws also allowed the former slave owners to keep our AA ancestors under a new form of slavery (secret relationship by NOI vol II)

    – Afro American (and Euro-Americans) prisoners were virtual slaves (see “Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II ” by Douglas A Blackmon)

    – Africans under the new European colonisation phase (started in 1885) : better to keep the Africans within the continent to work for them (forced labor) , instead of sending them in the new world as slaves

    Semites / Europeans have always been the most genious thinkers (Hammurabi, Greece, Roman Laws : Justinian codes, Visigoths codes, Siete Partidas , Domesday book in UK, Frankish codes etc) , when it was about :

    > How can I make some slaves to work for myself ?

    I read somewhere on the net some guys saying that ” Africans were the best slave traders”, nevertheless in Ancient Sumer , Pheonicia, Babylonia or Europe (Greece, Rome, Middle Age), most of the slaves were whites…Who sold them to these Nations ?

    > In ancient Europe the slave traders/brokers were mainly the Jews, with Germans, Scandinavians, French; Venitians, Genoese, Catalans etc.

    Now some of them may have been blacks since some Europeans were dark skinned (it’s another debate). But the slave system developed in ancient Europe was not present in Africa except during the African Slave Trade.

    It was new customs imported from Europe by European slave traders/Brokers many of them being as said Israelites who organised a huge international slave trade from Cabo Verde, Guinea, Elmina, Sao Taomé, Angola, Senegambia region etc with their brethren in the New world (Brazil, Jamaica, Curaçao, Haiti, Rhode Island, Cuba etc).

    Before creating this new slave network in Africa, an international slave trade was already in place between Caucasus , the Black Sea ( Caffa), Persia, Europe (France, Spain, England, Scandinavia) and Africa (North and Subsahara Africa). For Instance Mansa Musa from Mali had some Turk slaves (surely came from this traffic : see Joseph Ki Zerbo and William D Philips).

    Slave Trade was huge in ancient Babylonia when Sargon (or semites) took power from the black sumerians …Later The Code of Hammurabi was edicted by the semites.

    In ancient Egypt the captive was called “Sekher Ankh” , a term which have no link with slavery since many of the semite or Indo European captives could finish with high positions in this African society (See Donald B Redford)

    Slavery boom up in ancient Egypt during the Greek Area and most of them were semites or Indoeuropean ( see Ian Shaw and Paul Nicholson)

    Now slavery is still present and the Great Bob Marley sang in his song “Slave Driver” :

    “Today they say that we are free,
    Only to be chained in poverty.
    Good God, I think it’s illiteracy;
    It’s only a machine that makes money”

    “Chained in poverty” is the interest system by which billions of human beings are chained. Even if you’re a poor and living in a third world country, if your country owes money to the IMF then you’re also chained in poverty.

    Same reflection for “Modern” countries which are highly indebted (US national debt is scary…) to private/commercial banks: Their government are sucking their blood via taxes (Middle class, and poor) to pay back the accrued interest only . Paying back of the Nominal/Notional debt is not even possible when we have a look at the vicious interest system.

    Now if people knew how they create money… Many of us are slaves without even knowing it !

  3. Germany paid reperations because they were forced to by the United Nations after they were conquered. You want any of those powerful Europeans nations to pay you reperations then conquer them or shut up. The Germans were defeated and conquered, and that is the only reason they stopped attempting to enslave the free people of the Europe. If Germany was the winner in all this they would’ve raped and plundered Europe for a lot longer than they did. Learn how to defend your own nations or just shut up.

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